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Squarespace Promo Code 2024

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Squarespace Promo Code 2024

By Juhil Mendpara | Updated Jan 26 2024

I have two reasons to believe you’re smart:

  1. You decided to build your website with our most recommended website builder, Squarespace.
  2. You came looking for this page ⁠— the Squarespace Coupon Code page. Hey, why let go of the free money, right?!

I also like to believe I am a fairly smart person who knows not getting to the point will lead to someone breaking my belief. So…

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1. SBR10: Save 10% on Squarespace annual plans

Squarespace is “The Apple Of Website Builders,” as mentioned in our comprehensive Squarespace review. And just like Apple, they rarely offer any discounts.

However, Squarespace gave us a special discount to share with our readers.

You can use SBR10 to get an extra 10% off of whatever deal's going on on their site. This promo code is applicable for first-time users opting for the annual plans.

Here’s a little table to show you how much you’ll save:

Plan Monthly Plans Annual Plans Annual Plans + SBR10 code
Personal $16/month $12/month $10.8/month
Business $26/month $18/month $16.2/month
Basic Commerce $35/month $26/month $23.4/month
Advanced Commerce $54/month $40/month $36.0/month

You can basically save up to $18/month if compared to Squarespace monthly packages or up to $4/month on annual plans if you use SBR10.

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2. 50% off for students

Squarespace has partnered with Student Beans to offer a 50% discount to current full-time students on its Personal, Business, and Commerce plans.

You can get the discount only if you are a first-time user choosing the annual plan. Also, you can’t combine it with any other offers.

Squarespace has partnered with Student Beans to offer a 50% discount.

Squarespace has partnered with Student Beans to offer a 50% discount.

To receive the discount, you have to:

  1. Be a current full-time student.
  2. Register with Student Beans and prove you are an eligible student by completing the verification process.
  3. Go to the Student Beans Squarespace page & get the code.

The code you get is a single-use offer code that can be generated every 12 months.

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3. Get up to 30% off by choosing to pay annually

Unless you are just trying to test the full capacity of Squarespace after their 14-day trial (we found it’s the best fit for almost everything from a simple photography website to a business site), there’s no reason to get a monthly plan.

On the contrary, getting an annual package can help you save up to 30%!

Plan Monthly Plans Annual Plans Savings
Personal $16/month $12/month 25%
Business $26/month $18/month 30%
Basic Commerce $35/month $26/month 25%
Advanced Commerce $54/month $40/month 25%

Moreover, unlike the Squarespace student discounts, you can combine the SBR10 code with these annual plans and get an additional 10% off. Of course, the student discount code is still much better, but guess what? You likely aren’t a student!

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Other Discounts

If you sign up for Squarespace’s free trial and don’t upgrade to premium once the trial ends, you may get a 20% off coupon code in your email. You may also see the same coupon code in the announcement bar of the official Squarespace site/dashboard.

I got this email when I didn't upgrade to a premium plan for one of the test sites.

I got this email when I didn't upgrade to a premium plan for one of the test sites.

However, this 20% off coupon isn’t always available. You are better off using one of the above methods to get the maximum possible discount if you don’t get it.

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How to apply the Squarespace Promo Code?

It’s pretty straightforward but a bit different than your usual e-commerce purchase. To apply the Squarespace promo code:

  1. Sign up and start building your website (you get a 14-day free trial!).
  2. At the bottom of the editor, you’ll see the Subscribe button.
  3. Click it, and you’ll be asked to select a plan.
  4. Choose your preferred plan & enter all the billing information on the next page.
  5. Then comes the Review Order panel, where there’s an option to add a promo code.

That’s it. Add SBR10 or any discount code. Enjoy the savings!

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About Squarespace — And Our Mini Review

Squarespace is the best all-around website builder. It is an excellent choice for all types of websites: small businesses, bloggers, portfolios, online stores, and more.

In a sense, Squarespace is like the Apple of website builders — it’s intuitive and thoughtfully designed; all features are polished; the templates are beautiful; it’s a secure platform; and the editor is flexible and customizable enough to meet most people’s needs.


  • The Best Templates

    Squarespace is known for its clean, modern, and mobile-friendly templates. They have nearly 160 of them—all free, all beautiful. I think Squarespace has the best templates of any DIY website builder—\\look at them\

  • Powerful Features & Functionality

    It’s not just beauty! Squarespace has lots of features—many of which are better and more powerful than competitors. For example, Squarespace has the best template customization, blogging, scheduling software, donation system, photo galleries, restaurant menus, podcasting features, and more. Squarespace also has Squarespace Extensions, a marketplace where you can find a select few third-party extensions to add functionalities to your site.

  • Structured Drag and Drop Editor

    The new Squarespace editor, Fluid Engine (launched July 2022), lets you drag and drop blocks anywhere in a section. The blocks snap to an underlying grid. It’s much more customizable than its predecessor yet equally intuitive and easy to use. You can also edit the mobile website using the same editor (just switch to mobile view when editing)

  • Business and Marketing Tools

    Beyond websites, Squarespace also includes marketing and business tools for managing your online presence. For example: scheduling software, email marketing, social media tools, SEO tools, memberships, and more. Having all these tools managed by Squarespace means the integrations work seamlessly.

  • Easy To Use Ecommerce

    The most powerful ecommerce website builder is \Shopify— but Squarespace is easier to use. Squarespace’s ecommerce is a good alternative for users intimidated by Shopify and looking to build a small-mid-sized online store. \\Read our Squarespace vs Shopify comparison\.

  • Intuitive Website Building Experience

    Squarespace is like the Apple of website builders—it is intuitive and thoughtfully designed. There’s a certain focus on user experience, even with the tiny things. For example, Squarespace includes a handy tool that lets users adjust the focal point of an image. Another example: Squarespace elevates the page by placing the toolbar below, ensuring you have a full view of the web page when editing.

  • Fast, Well-Versed Customer Support

    Squarespace offers 24/7/365 email support and live chat support from Monday to Friday, 4:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET. In my experience and from people I’ve chatted with, live chat support responds almost instantly and is well-versed. I also reached out to their email support a couple of times—they responded in under 30 minutes and gave excellent, detailed answers. In fact, one of the times, they shared a screen recording of them solving a problem on my test site—which was very helpful. They also have super-quick social media support—I was looking at the \@SquarespaceHelp Twitter replies, and they had replied to each relevant tweet in under an hour.

  • Honest Pricing

    This shouldn’t be a point, but unfortunately, some website builders have misleading pricing (example: \ Squarespace does not have misleading pricing. You should expect that the advertised price is the same price you’ll find on your invoice. I appreciate that.


  • Learning Curve

    One way to make software easy to use is to make it simple and not very customizable. That’s not Squarespace. While Squarespace is not “difficult to use”, it does have too many features to be the \“easiest” website builder— the easiest website builder is \Square Online which is more simple but also less powerful. You should expect a small learning curve with Squarespace— similar to learning Microsoft Word or Google Docs for the first time.

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