Hi, I’m Steve. I try every website builder so you don't have to.

My full-time job is covering the world of website builders and this is my definitive guide to choosing the best one. My work is supported by affiliate commissions. More Info

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Who are you?

I’m Steve Benjamins and I’ve designed and coded websites for the last 20 years (since I was 10 years old). My websites have been featured in Wired, The Next Web, Smashing Magazine, The Huffington Post and Forbes.

Read more about me here.

Which website builder has the best free plan?

I did a deep dive on the best free website builders here. I recommend Ucraft's free plan because it allows custom domain names.

Most website builders include an advertisement on free websites and some offer very long, free subdomains.

Which website builder is best for podcasting?

Squarespace is the only website builder that let's you syndicate a podcast— which is required for submitting to iTunes.

How does this site make money?

My work is supported by earning an affiliate commission when readers choose a website builder based on my reviews.

Which website builder do you use?

I do not use a website builder for Site Builder Report. Instead I designed it myself and coded it in Ruby on Rails— a popular programming framework.

I do use Squarespace for my band's website though.

What about Webflow?

I hear great things about Webflow. The reason it’s not on Site Builder Report is because I only review website builders and Webflow feels more like a tool for designers. While Webflow doesn’t require you to learn how to code, it has a code-like environment— similar in complexity to Photoshop.

What about Wordpress?

Most people know Wordpress as, the self-hosted, content management system (CMS). I don't review it because it's not a website builder.

I do review because it is significantly different from and is very much like a website builder.

Wordpress is a good option for building a website— the key is to know when to use it instead of a website builder. I wrote a blog post about this here.

What's the cheapest website builder?

I did an in-depth comparison of 131 pricing plans here.

Which website builder supports (blank) feature?

See my feature comparison table.

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