Finding The Right Website Builder Is... Confusing

My name is Steve and I'm here to help. This is my guide to the world of website builders. I’ve been building websites since I was 10 years old and along the way have been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and Wired.

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Stop The Endless Feature Comparison

I know the feeling. Hours spent cross-matching features, desperately Googling around for the tool that fits you perfectly.

Here’s the truth: most tools involve tradeoffs. Some are easy to use but lack customization. Others are difficult to use but highly customizable.

At a high level tools for building small websites can be broken into these categories— each with unique strengths:

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Within this, you'll find that there are variations. For example, Carrd is a website builder for one page website builders, Format is for portfolio websites and Webflow is really it's own thing entirely.

Learning To Code Isn’t Required

I'm a professional web developer and I don't code small websites by hand anymore. It's stupid. It's overkill. You don't need to code to build a website in 2020— and this guide can show you how.

Guide To Making A Website

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Collections of beautiful website examples— made with Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly and other top website builders.

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