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29 Examples of Inspiring Small Business Websites

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

A good business website should be a clear reflection of your company and values. You only have a few seconds to demonstrate what your business is about so it’s important your website presents your message with clarity.

In this collection of business websites, I’ve found 27 websites that are suited to different industries and services.

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1. Gym / Personal Trainer Made With: Squarespace

Perfect for gyms, personal trainers or any businesses focused on fitness. Striking motivational images will get customers pumped to join your classes.

2. Ashley Easter Made With: Squarespace

Ashley Easter is an activist, speaker, author, coach, and advocate of abuse survivors. Whether it’s on stage at an event, or in a coaching session, Ashley empowers survivors of abuse to change the world.

3. Agencies Made With: Weebly

Great for creative or public relations businesses bold design and bright photos show that you aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd.

4. Service Provider Made With: Wix

Sunny pictures and bright colors make the pages of this example Wix website to catch the eye of potential clients. A live booking form is incorporated to help readers take advantage of your services.

5. Construction / Carpenter Made With: Squarespace

A good business website example for handymen or contractors. A large amount of space is dedicated to customer testimonials, demonstrating that the work you do is of the highest quality.

6. Hotel / Hospitality Made With: Squarespace

Ideal for boutique hotels or hospitality businesses. Classical typography, subtle transitions and darkened images demonstrate that you run a classy establishment.

7. Services Company Made With: Squarespace

This is a visually striking website the contrast between alternate screen-width image and sparse text panels will help visitors to pick up on your business's unique personality. A centered navigation bar and dark color scheme also provide a stylish touch.

8. Festival / Conference Made With: Squarespace

Full-page images and stunning gallery pages make this a great example business website to use for artisanal crafts and bespoke design business.

9. Salon / Barbershop Made With: Weebly

A gold and black color palette help to bring this business website to life. Works best for businesses operating in the fashion industry or for appealing to style-conscious consumers.

10. Yoga Studio / Therapist Made With: Squarespace

Excellent for therapists, yoga centers and meditation-centric businesses. This example website's peaceful color scheme and minimalist design immediately demonstrate a connection between your business and well-being.

11. Accountant / Service Provider Made With: Squarespace

Bright text and an unusual layout help this responsive business website catch the eye of potential clients. The navigation bar is hidden by default to allow readers to concentrate on the content of your landing page.

12. Real Estate Agent Made With: Squarespace

In real estate, everything is about presentation. With this beautiful Squarespace realtor website example, a professional look is achieved with full-bleed scrolling and striking listing pages.

13. Law / Consulting Made With: Squarespace

A fantastic business website example for legal practices. Uses clean lines and clear typography to communicate your professional nature. You won’t find obtrusive photos or quirky styling here.

14. Upstate Laundromat Made With: Squarespace

Upstate Laundromat is a modern, upscale laundromat based in Greenville, South Carolina. They are on a mission to change the laundromat experience. Their one-page that feels clean, airy, and professional— in order to showcase their unique services and amenities to engage prospective customers.

15. Mechanic Made With: Ucraft

Heavily edited photos and subtle animations make this business Ucraft website example a visual spectacle. The unusual styling doesn't get in the way of functionality though, clients should have no trouble finding important information about your business.

16. Cafe / Restaurant Made With: Ucraft

An attractive coffee business website. Uses an integrated eCommerce store to allow customers to purchase your products directly.

17. Corporate Made With: Wordpress

A professional looking 'testimonials' section will help this example WordPress website give your business a big boost. It uses a wide navigation bar and large font sizes so that every visitor finds it easy to explore your company's history.

18. Agency / Law Made With: Ucraft

Monochrome and attractive but serious photos lend this business website a professional feel. This makes it a great example to follow for legal or financial firms.

19. Apparel / Ecommerce Made With: Ucraft

Excellent for apparel businesses. A screen-width slideshow is placed at the top of the page to help draw customers in. Meanwhile, a clean grid of your various on-sale items makes it easy for readers to find something that suits their tastes.

20. Spa / Well-Being Made With: Weebly

Appropriate for spas or well-being businesses. Whitespace and subtle relaxing imagery are used to great effect in this example site.

21. Corporate / Office Spaces Made With: Wix

Ideal for advertising corporate spaces and offices, uses a wide-set layout to emphasize the spaciousness of your venue. Smooth fade-in animations help relevant pieces of information appear subtly as readers scroll down the landing page.

22. Yoga Studio / Classes Made With: Weebly

Dynamic layouts and an emphasis on using photos instead of boring blocks of text help to keep things exciting with this example Weebly business website.

23. Portfolio / Publication Made With: Wordpress

Lots of exciting collages and large images help the pages of this business website to pop. It's a great choice for design firms with plenty of space to show off your work.

24. Agency / Webinar Made With: Wix

This is a lesson in how to create an effective personal website for small or medium sized business. This example business website places a profile of its founder front and center to help customers feel connected to its brand.

25. Coaching / Services Made With: Wix

Strong animated imagery will help your business to stick in the mind of any reader who opens this example website. A central ‘Book Now’ link will guarantee a high conversion rate from visitors to paying customers.

26. Dentistry Made With: Squarespace

Helps customers get around your site with ease with multiple navigation panels and a convenient search bar.

27. Locally Grown Foods Made With: Wordpress

Uses a warm color scheme and earthy hues to create a welcoming website. A great way to market an organic business or a wholesome product.

28. Publication / Magazine Made With: Wordpress

If you run a corporate magazine or blog page to enhance your business, this example website will show you how to do it well. Clean fonts and responsive animations keep things professional.

29. Corporate / Consulting Made With: Wix

An exemplary example for corporate, consulting or legal practices to follow. This website is serious and sophisticated but also modern and dynamic, thanks to its use of slick full-bleed scrolling animations.