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Jimdo Is SO Simple — But TOO Simple

Jimdo's simplicity makes it good. Jimdo's simplicity makes it bad.

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Jimdo Is SO Simple — But TOO Simple

By Juhil Mendpara | Updated Jul 18 2023

Tooltester awards Jimdo their “Best Website Builder For Ease of Use” badge. In contrast, it’s not even in the top half of our easiest website builders list.

Who is right? Both!

Tooltester just focuses on ‘ease of use.’ Whereas ‘ease of use’ is only the top priority in our list — we considered other things like features and customizability as well.

Jimdo wins in Tooltester’s case because it’s SO SIMPLE. And it isn’t our top recommendation because it’s TOO SIMPLE.

Let’s explore both concepts so you can decide whether Jimdo is the right fit for you.

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Jimdo Is SO Simple 😀

Jimdo is undeniably one of the easiest website builders. It has a block-based editor where you select a pre-made block and edit its content to fit your website.

I tried making a website using everything the Jimdo editor offers, including all Jimdo blocks - Cover, About, Text, Columns, Image, News, Slideshow, List, Banner, Music, Bookings, Menu, Contact, and Smart Apps. And it was one of the fastest website-making experiences.

Jimdo Blocks

Jimdo Blocks

You have multiple versions of each block. Plus, you can edit the color palette, font set, button shape, and basic animations of a Jimdo site.

A combination of rightly-selected blocks, a suitable color palette, and a fitting font set can surely help you make a good, publishable Jimdo website (fast!).

For example, here are a couple of nice-looking Jimdo-made photography websites:

1. Marina Proksch-Park

2. Hej-its-her

Notice how well the Jimdo blocks, combined with selected colors and fonts, work for them. Similarly, they can work for you as well. However…

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Jimdo Is TOO Simple 😞

If you want a bare minimum website (like many do), Jimdo is a good fit! I can imagine having nice personal websites, portfolio websites, service websites, etc., built with Jimdo.

However, Jimdo is too simple to make a unique or even slightly different website.

In fact, it even lacks some VERY BASIC elements. For example, you can’t add a simple text box for a paragraph because all its text blocks have some combination of heading and text — you’ll need to hide the heading part each time to get a simple text box.

Jimdo’s Text Blocks

Jimdo’s Text Blocks

Similarly, Jimdo doesn’t even have a padding/spacing option. This means if you want something as simple as this — with some space above and below the text — you can’t have it with Jimdo:

Forget Jimdo for anything more than basic.

If you move past the basic elements, Jimdo has nothing to offer. (And therefore, a Jimdo website will probably never feature among the top few examples in any of our website inspiration posts.)

For instance, here’s a part of a photography website made with Squarespace:

The images are randomly yet beautifully arranged

The images are randomly yet beautifully arranged

It is only possible because Squarespace has a drag-and-drop editor. Plus, you can resize images as needed.

Something like this is impossible with Jimdo because:

  1. You can’t drag and drop images as you like.
  2. You can’t resize images randomly.

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The Same Goes For Other Simple Website Builders

In the website builders market, simplicity results in simplicity. In simpler words, a simple website builder only builds a simple website.

Jimdo is a prime example. But other website builders like GoDaddy and Square Online fall in the same category. On the value/effort matrix, they are ‘low value, low effort’ website builders.

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