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30 Beautiful Examples of Squarespace Websites

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

Squarespace templates share a similar look and feel: big photos, clean design and bold typography. The most inspiring Squarespace websites work with this aesthetic.

In this collection, I’ve included which Squarespace template the example website is using— though templates are de-emphasized in Squarespace 7.1 so this is beginning to matter less.

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1. Knapsack Creative Made With: Squarespace

Knapsack Creative Co. is a website design company that designs exclusively on Squarespace.

2. Devon Stank Made With: Squarespace

Devon Stank is a web developer based out of Harrisburg PA. This is his portfolio.

3. Spoken Layer Made With: Squarespace

Spoken Layer is changing the game collaborating as a voice provider to Amazon, Google and other voice companies. They're able to take your voice content and edit it, making it professional and distributing it to other voice assistants. Your then able to target real audiences.

4. EST Creative Made With: Squarespace

Provides content strategy and copywriting to brands big and small. Knapsack Creative worked with the founder, Emily, to build a site that feels professional but also displays her fun, creative personality.

5. Fighting Eel Made With: Squarespace

Fashion retailer located in Hawaii. Their collections feel feminine, easy and suitable for the stylish woman that spends her day in the sun.

6. Kipferl Made With: Squarespace

Austrian coffeehouse and kitchen that is known for cakes, sausages, coffee and more. Kipferl is located in London, some of their goods are available to order online as well.

7. TinySeed Made With: Squarespace

TinySeed is a year-long, remote accelerator designed for bootstrappers. They provide mentorship, community, and funding to their clients. We worked with their team to build a site that was sleek, friendly, and professional.

8. Beta Takaki Made With: Squarespace

Vancouver based UI/UX designer that spends time working with businesses that can benefit from innovative ideas. She focuses on research and applies that to her creations to maintain results and productivity.

9. Be Aligned Made With: Squarespace

Copywriting, web design and branding in St. Louis, Missouri.

10. Studio Joho Made With: Squarespace

Studio Juho is an animation company that works on apps, animated series, movies and more. Their team is made up of impressive individuals with a wide range of experience in the field of animation.

11. Architecture In Formation Made With: Squarespace

A NYC architecture firm that works on high-end apartments, houses and multi-family units. The company uses top of the line technology to take new ideas and bring them to light in an impressive way.

12. SJK Audio Made With: Squarespace

SJK Audio is a Toronto-based music producer names Stephen. He produces music with a close attention to detail from the beginning to the end creating powerful sounds.

13. Blue Dog Made With: Squarespace

A modern NYC restaurant located in Chelsea, that offers healthy dining options. Blue Dog sources ingredients locally and stresses attention on the nutrients they serve their customers regularly.

14. Musician: Steve Benjamins Made With: Squarespace

Singer-Songwriter based in Toronto that focuses on writing music that a variety of individuals and emotional states can connect with. You can access his blog, listen to his music and learn about upcoming events on his site.

15. White Bear Yard Made With: Squarespace

Coworking space in London that offers a variety of amenities based on the monthly plan chosen. It's also in an ideal location close to lunch hot spots and more.

16. Citrasolv Made With: Squarespace

Citrasolv offers natural home cleaning products, avoiding all the harsh stuff that's put in traditional cleaners. You can find their line at your local stores or order it online as well. Visit this website for cleaning tips and solutions too!

17. Good, Cheap and Fast Made With: Squarespace

John spends his time doing research on products, focusing on price and the accuracy of reviews. This takes a ton of decision making out of the shopping process for consumers. Items include everything from tools to air filters.

18. Automata Made With: Squarespace

Fine dining Australian restaurant that's located in Chippendale. They offer a variety of fine dining options from 5 to 7 courses making it a truly unique experience.

19. Ruben Stom Design Made With: Squarespace

Ruben Stom Design is an online design studio with the main focus on creating and selling design templates. The current collection consists of a variety of products ranging from InDesign templates such as magazines and business cards to Photoshop templates such as mockups and social media packs.

20. St Roch Market Made With: Squarespace

Contemporary, multi-vendor food hall that's located in Miami. Perfect for whatever your needs are be it casual, quick or work related. There's a bar located right in the center of it, if it happens to be happy hour for you as well.

21. Edible Boston Made With: Squarespace

Edible Boston is a food-scene publication based in Boston and surrounding areas. Visit the blog for recipes and other information all based around yummy food from the local areas.

22. Quantic Made With: Squarespace

Quantic is a musician and DJ based in New York. This is a simple website that is to the point, providing listening options for the sounds and vibes they create. There's also information on Tour Dates.

23. Julia Kuzmenko Mckim Made With: Squarespace

LA-based photographer and retoucher that works with all things beauty and skin care related. She has several big name clients like Smashbox Cosmetics and Urban Decay, providing top of the line and often celebrity based photography and retouching.

24. Mike Kelley Made With: Squarespace

Massachusetts based photographer specializing in architecture, interiors and air portraits. Mike Kelly has been recognized by countless organizations for his work and excellent imagery.

25. JQB Therapy Made With: Squarespace

Judy is a therapist in Kitchener-Waterloo. She can provide a variety of therapy methods for a wide array of life experiences. She has a passion and sincerity that she hopes is helpful in her sessions.

26. Sanara Made With: Squarespace

Sanara is a luxury hotel based in Tulum, Mexico. The goal of the retreat is not just relaxation and fun, but also a time for healing both physically and spiritually. Even their menu is meant to be equally delicious, yet gut healthy.

27. Always Bring Sunscreen Made With: Squarespace

This New York based family takes vacations and then blogs about it, so you can read up and then learn from their experiences. They also enjoy the art of photography and document their excursions in a fun and kid friendly way.

28. Randy Rogers Band Made With: Squarespace

This 7 man band is based out of Texas and has been together for about 17 years. They are a lot of country and rock and roll and you can use this site to listen to music, find tour dates and purchase gear.

29. Doctor Raw Made With: Squarespace

Doctor Raw provides fashion and commercial high-end retouching services. Visit their site for a long list of all the brands and magazines they have worked with.

30. Maker City LA Made With: Squarespace

LA Coworking space where you can pay to have a simple desk space, or a larger space for more creative and hands on projects. There are several amenities and they always have people on site that can help make sure your day goes according to plan.