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Linkfolio Alternatives: These 2 Site Builders Are Better

Linkfolio is shutting down. What’s the best alternative, and why is it not just another ‘link in bio’ tool?

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Linkfolio Alternatives: These 2 Site Builders Are Better

By Juhil Mendpara | Updated Sep 26 2022

A couple of days ago, I received this email from Famepick - the company that owns Linkfolio:

Linkfolio is shutting down, and users (probably you) will lose their bio link pages on the 15th of October.

The best way to tackle this situation is to quickly find a suitable Linkfolio alternative and switch to it. And I am here to help with the “quickly finding” part.

I tested nearly 30 ‘link in bio’ tools some time ago. There sure are quite a few suitable alternatives to Linkfolio, BUT…

…We’ll not look at any of them in this article. (Read our best ‘link in bio tools’ article for those)

Instead, I’ll suggest the two best general ‘link in bio’ tool alternatives, not just Linkfolio alternatives.

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The Two Best Linkfolio Alternatives…

…And Why Are They Website Builders?

General-purpose website builders solve most of the issues associated with a “link in bio website maker”.

  • Most well-established website builders likely won’t go out of business. They already host millions of websites and have been in business for a long time, so your bio page is safe with them. For comparison, Linkfolio hosts only 1000-something bio-link pages.
  • They have a lot more sophisticated customization features (and more features in general).
  • ‘Link in bio’ pages built with a website builder are typically on your domain. This means you’ll get the awareness, branding, and SEO benefits that come with using your website URL in the bio.
  • If you’re already using a website builder, you can add a new page and build your bio-link lander. In other words, it’d be totally free.
  • You have more overall control over your website.
Also, millions of people are using this method.

Also, millions of people are using this method.

The only time a “link in bio tool” makes more sense is when ease of use is your highest priority. Otherwise, website builders (some of which are beginner-friendly) do a better job.

Here are two website builders we recommend in general but would especially recommend for this use case:

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1. Squarespace

Squarespace-made 'link in bio' page

Squarespace-made 'link in bio' page

Squarespace has its own (one of the top) ‘link in bio’ tool, Bio Sites. Yet, I’d recommend Squarespace, the website builder, over it to most people, especially if they already have a Squarespace website.

To make a bio-link page with Squarespace, you just have to add a page and give it a relevant slug (like ‘’ or ‘’).

Things I like about Squarespace:

  • Templates: Most Squarespace websites look fantastic, thanks to their beautiful templates. You can adapt one of the templates for your bio site.
  • Blocks: You can add different blocks to a Squarespace website. For example, headlines, lists, galleries, images, quotes, videos, products, newsletter forms, calendars, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, RSS, etc.
  • For Squarespace website owners, it’s free: You just have to make a new page.

Things I don’t like:

  • Overkill: Squarespace is overkill and not worth the money IF you just need a bio link landing page. However, it’s absolutely worth it if you don’t have a website and want one. [Side Note: Pretty much everyone needs a website. Examples: photographers, copywriters, podcasters, artists, etc.]


Squarespace’s annual plans cost:

  • Personal: $16/month
  • Business: $23/month
  • Basic Commerce: $27/month
  • Advanced Commerce: $49/month

Note: If you want to remove the header and footer of your Squarespace website and create a distraction-free landing page, you need to be on the Business plan or above.

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2. Carrd

Carrd-made 'link in bio' page

Carrd-made 'link in bio' page

Carrd is the perfect combination of a ‘link in bio’ website marker and a general-purpose website builder.

On the one hand, it has the ease-of-use and affordability factors of a ‘link in bio’ tool. And on the other, it has more features and customization options like a website builder.

Things I like:

  • Affordability: Carrd is more affordable than most “link in bio tools.” Its Pro plan costs a mere $19/year. And if you don’t mind using a subdomain, you can use most of the Carrd features for free!
  • Blocks: You can add text, list, image, buttons, video, links, audio, gallery, icons, table, timer, form, slideshow, and custom embeds.
  • Templates: Carrd has awesome templates for most one-page websites, including for profile and landing pages:
Carrd profile templates

Carrd profile templates

Things I don’t like:

  • One page only: Like most ‘link in bio’ website makers, you can only make a one-page website with Carrd.
  • Learning curve: There’s an initial learning curve with Carrd. However, you can create a Carrd website effortlessly if you start with a template.


For annual plans:

  • Pro Lite: $9/year
  • Pro Standard: $19/year
  • Pro Plus: $49/year

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