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37 Examples of Inspiring Photography Websites

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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A good photography website is a showcase for photos. Take inspiration from real-world photo galleries— your website should be uncluttered and have plenty of whitespace to frame your photos.

More so than any other type of website, a photography website should show rather than tell. So keep text to a minimum.

While a unique look and feel is important, exercise a bit of skepticism about photo galleries that are little too unusual. For example, photo galleries that scroll horizontally (left to right) are unique but can be difficult for visitors to browse. Above all else your website needs to be usable— you don’t want to frustrate your visitors!

See my recommended website builders if you'd like to build your own photography website.

Note: My work is supported by affiliate commissions. Read more »

Levon Biss is a photographer in London. He has some authentic and gorgeous work with people, soccer and insects. His photos of insects are made using Microsculpture which turns out to be a mind-blowing image of the insect!

Peter McKinnon is a photographer, videographer and youtuber based out of Toronto. His channel has some awesome tutorials that help others learn in a fun way. You can also purchase presets, and buy gear from him as well.

Photographer living in California. His specialty is architectural, but he also has some amazing work with air planes. He has provided advertising material for some huge brands like HGTV, and has created resources for other professionals looking to learn about his line of work.

Adrieana is a photographer raised in New Jersey. She has some sharp and breathtaking images of animals, people and more. There are a lot of black and whites for a classic yet loud vibe. She also used to be an opera singer and learned a lot about what it meant to succeed from her years in that field.

Pedro moved from Brazil to the USA when he was 22 years old to further his education. His portfolio is an impressive tribute to his imagery skills. He is unique in his images in that they are not just beautiful, but soulful and emotional as well.

Commercial photographer that provides images that stand for something and accompany important messages. You can check out his "press" tab from the website and see where his images have been featured, and read articles about the photographer and his skills.

Liller Photo is ran by Lauren who is based out of Chicago. She offers weddings, engagements, family sessions and more. She has a fun yet soulful vibe, and appreciates to her core what she gets to capture. Her Mom being an artist, taught and inspired her to follow her artistic ways.

Synnove practices wedding photography, newborns, families and more. Her gorgeous portraits have been featured in Bridal Magazines for other brides to swoon after. She books up sometimes up to 18 months in advance, so you'll need to grab her services quickly!

Brandi is based in New York and works as a wedding photographer. What started as a side job as an assistant at a studio, became and eye opener for her true passion in life. Now 7 years in, she can't imagine doing anything else but wedding photography.

Sanz Lena is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Paris. He has been working since 2012 and has an impressive portfolio. There is also editorial work, still-life, and personal based work in addition to his main focus.

Mathieu Stern was born in Paris and is now a professional photogapher and filmmaker. He loves to experiment with vintage and new age lens. His lens museum page is an awesome exploration of a huge variety of lens options. You can also see where his work has been featured and view his blog.

Grace is a photographer and a creative mind all around working on several different projects. She also works for Gingko Bioworks, using strategies based on Biology as opposed to production.

Will is based in London and has stellar commercial and editorial photography. Take a look at his portfolio and you'll see all sorts of celebs in his lineup. He also offers classes and travels worldwide for his projects.

Kayla is an Arizona based wedding photographer that hopes to push the boundaries with each and every couple she works with. She is willing and loves to travel for work and views it as a non-stop educational journey that's a whole lot of fun!

Nagaoka is a videographer based in Tokyo. He offers freelance services in videography including independent films, hosting workshops and more. You can check out his documentaries and view his commercial work in both video and photography via his site.

Amelia Allen is a photographer based in London. She has beautiful work in fashion, documentaries and portraits. She started out as an assistant and has taken the steps from there to become successful.

CW Management is a talent management organization for models and actors. They are well known, and work closely with some big name casting agencies from around the world.

Cassandra is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, also working in fashion and editorial. Her style is romantic and timeless, being featured in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

Brandon is a photographer based out of New York. Check out his portfolio and his instagram directly from this page. You can also view neat before and afters and learn about the gear he uses to achieve the look.

Julia and Gil are a team of photographers that want to capture any and all versions of two people in love. They travel and work worldwide and have over 7 years of experience. Look to them for presets to assist in your own editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Professional makeup artist that works in commercial, fashion and special effects among others. Her portfolio is so full of variety from clean and fresh, to dark and scary. She has done some very unique makeup for music videos that really bring a theme to life.

Luke is a music and portrait photographer based out of England. Check out his site for awesome photos of bands jamming out, and unique portraits of musicians that have an edgy vibe.

Gubi is a design company with innovative styles that mix modern and traditional. You can find dealers, shop their collection and learn about the designers that contribute to the vibe.

Sharon and Danilo Vasic are a married photography duo based in Europe. They both have experience in fashion and advertising, which over flows into their portfolio of weddings and editorial.

Adam is a wedding and portrait photographer in Birmingham, England. His work is a wide variety of vibes from mystical to fresh and romantic. You can visit his store and purchase presets for use in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Coran started learning about photography at the young age of 15. He has always had a natural zest for the great outdoors and nature based adventures. He combines these two into one beautiful work of art, and has compiled an impressive portfolio.

Sean is an actor, photographer and filmmaker in Washington. He graduated from Boston University, and is extremely well rounded in his skills. He's worked with several popular companies you've heard of such a Banana Republic and is no amateur in the business.

Tomi is a 35 year old photographer that has set out on a 5 year journey to travel the world by bicycle. You can view his glorious adventure on his site and read about why he started the journey. His connection of riding, nature and photography are a fresh outlook on life!

Edgy photographer and videographer that has worked with Reebok, Addidas, musicians and more. Her work is wild, fun and artistic. It's fun to view her portfolio and be a part of the advertising adventure.

Frank Gomez is a wedding photographer serving the San Fransico area. He's got a classic style and has been working for 30 years with a hefty amount of experience. You can also check out his blog and learn new things that might benefit you in your search for a photographer.

Italian artist that lives in California full time. He is the founder of BACCALA' Magazine. You can take a look at his photos of music, view his book that takes a a look at the intimacy of relationships, and check out his general portfolio.

Marvin Lei practices photography in Long Island and NYC. You can contact him for all people related photography. He also has a page for Lens Ball photography which is unlike anything we've seen! Check out his page on what gear he uses, and find the companies he works with for branding specifics.

Unrated is a media production company. They work with other artists in photography, video and graphic design to create amazing new projects and push the limit with their thought process.

Abbi and Callen are a married couple that love to do adventurous elopement photography. They thrive on the great outdoors and their portfolio is fun to view, certainly well off the traditional wedding photography you've seen before.

Deanie Chen is based in Los Angeles. She focuses on portraits, lifestyle, sports and live music. You'll find it all when browsing through her site. She currently attends college as well and is furthering her education in addition to her art skills.

Gemma is a wedding photographer, with experience gaining since she was a child. She also offers family photography and couples images aside from weddings. Look to her blog for advice on photography, venue recommendations and more.

Tayler Smith is a photographer from NYC. You can check out her cool and modern work with dogs, still life, portraits and live events. Her photography is full of life, fun and colorful around.

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