The Top 10 Free Website Builders

This is a whirlwind tour of the 10 most popular free website builders. I cover the limitations of the free plan, whether an ad is included on your free website and whether you can add your own domain name.

  1. Ucraft Recommended

    One of the rare free website builders that lets you can connect your own domain name.

    Their big limit is that free plans can only have one page per website. So you’ll be building more of a landing page.

    • Custom Domain Name
    Ucraft.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    This ad scrolls alongside the website— but it's not as intrusive as other free website builder ads.
  2. Weebly Recommended

    Weebly is a great website builder. I recommend it for people who want something easy to use— it’s somehow manages to have have tons of features without being difficult to use.

    The advertisement they include is wide but it's on the footer.

    Weebly.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    A wide ad is included on the footer— it doesn't scroll alongside visitors.
  3. Strikingly Recommended

    Strikingly was designed to be the best way to create one-page websites. If you want a one-page website just use Strikingly— nothing comes close.

    Strikingly.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    This ad pops in and stays as visitors scrolls.
  4. Zoho Sites

    Zoho Sites used to have the best free plan: it had no ads and you could connect a domain. Unfortunately neither are true anymore. It’s best feature is it’s really powerful form builder.

    Zohosites.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    This small footer ad used to be removable— not so anymore.
  5. Jimdo

    Jimdo is an okay website builder— though I find the templates are outdated.

    Jimdo.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    They include a very mild ad on the footer.
  6. Webstarts

    Webstarts has a drag-and-drop interface similar to Wix. Basically it lets you drag elements anywhere on the page.

    Webstarts.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    This ad scrolls alongside visitors— it’s quite intrusive.
  7. XPRS

    XPRS doesn’t put any advertisements on your website— which is fantastic. The downside is that the subdomain they give free websites is pretty much unusable. Unfortunately there is no way to edit it.

    Xprs.jpeg?ixlib=rails 1.1

    No ad— nice!
  8. Dudaone

    When registering for DudaOne, I was asked whether I was a “web designer building a website for a client” or just “building a website for myself”. This question tells you that DudaOne was at least in part designed for professionals. Because of that it’s not as intuitive as some of the easier website builders (like Weebly).

    Duda.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    This stark ad scrolls alongside your visitors.
  9. & Not Recommended

    So if you do a bit of research, you find that, are actually the same product— just on different domain names. If you have any plans to upgrade in the future, avoid this company.

    Websitebuildercom.png?ixlib=rails 1.1

    This large ad is obnoxious and scrolls alongside visitors.
  10. Wix Not Recommended

    I like Wix. I don't like their free plan. They give you a really bad domain (see below). The random1028 part is randomly generated and added to your domain.

    They also place two ads on your website.


    They include two very obnoxious ads on your website that scroll alongside visitors.

    Wix.png?ixlib=rails 1.1