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The Best Free Website Builders

A roundup of the strengths and weakness of the best free website builders.

By Steve Benjamins,
Juhil Mendpara

Steve Benjamins

Jan 5 2024

It is definitely possible to use a free website builder in 2024—if you are okay with some tradeoffs.

We spent the last month testing the free plans of website builders (and have been testing & reviewing website builders and their free plans in general for nearly a decade), and here’s the truth:

Website builders aren’t scrambling to give away something for free, but with a little research, you can make it work.


Website Builders Rankings

Bandwidth & Storage Limits

To the best of our knowledge, these are the bandwidth and storage limits for each website builder’s free plan as of January 2024.

Website Builder Bandwidth Storage Other relevant limits
Square Online Not Known 500 MB
Webflow 1 GB Not Known 50 CMS items
Carrd Not Known Not Known 50 blocks
Google Sites Unlimited Unlimited
Jimdo 2 GB 500 MB 5 website pages
GoDaddy Not Known Not Known
Ucraft Unlimited Not Known
IM Creator 100 visits per day 50 MB
Strikingly 5 GB / month 500 MB
Wix 500 MB 500 MB Unlimited 1 GB
Site123 250 MB 250 MB Horrible, unchangeable URL
Hubspot Not Known Not Known Horrible, unchangeable URL
Webnode 1 GB 100 MB

About Free Niche Website Builders

All the website builders we tested are general-purpose website builders with free plans. However, depending on what you need the website for, you might find a good free niche website builder.

Here are some examples:

Tip: Custom Domain Name

This is a hack to add a custom domain name to your free website builder— even if it doesn’t allow them. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it gets you some of the way there.

Let’s say you built a free website on Square Online at

You can actually register with a domain name provider such as Namecheap and set it to redirect to

Now when visitors type in they are automatically forwarded to

This isn’t a perfect solution— observant visitors will definitely notice the URL change in their browser— but it would let you put a domain name on your business card or Twitter bio.

Note: You will need to pay somewhere between $10 and $15 to get a domain name.

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