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Wix Review

Wix is a blank canvas website builder, which means you can drag any element anywhere on your website— like how you would edit a Powerpoint presentation. Blank canvas editors can be complex and disorganized, but not Wix, it's the best I've tried. Watch Video Review »

My work is supported by affiliate commissions. Last Updated May 3 2018

User Experience

Wix is a blank canvas website editor. Which means you can drag any element to any place on the website (like how you would edit a Powerpoint presentation). Blank canvas editors sound good but can occasionally become complex and disorganized— fortunately Wix is the best blank canvas editor I’ve tried.

Right: Website editor

Wix is the best blank canvas editor largely because they use lots of small hacks to corral the chaos of the editor. For example, adding more text to an element will automatically move elements below it further down— unlike most website builders where the elements simply overlap.

Right: If I add another line to the title, the paragraph will simply move down to create space (though if I remove the line from the title, the paragraph will not move back up).

Here’s another small hack: Sometimes the Wix interface can get messy and get in the way of your website. Well Wix added a little arrow button (top, center) that lets you quickly pull away all the menus to preview your website. It’s handy. (Of course it’d be better if the interface just didn't obscure the website so much to begin with.)

This little button is a handy way to pull away interface elements.

Right: This little button is a handy way to pull away interface elements.

I would summarize the Wix philosophy as this: give the user as many options as possible and let them make sense of it. Users who crave control of every detail of their website will love this. Wix is the website builder for them.

Right: There are plenty of navigation options to choose from.

Wix pages are built by adding elements— and there are a ton of elements choose. There’s tons of variations on shapes, icons, buttons, boxes, social bars, different contact forms and audio players (like literally 100’s of options).

Right: A small sample of the decorative shapes.

And if there isn’t enough elements to choose from, Wix also includes a diverse App Market that lets you integrate 3rd party apps. For example, Tint lets you display social feeds (Twitter, Instagram) and Live Chat lets you add a live chat support on your website.

Your experience will differ from app to app— some apps are certainly more in-depth than others (and some are pretty poor). But if you’re patient, you will find some decent apps.

Right: Your experience will differ from app to app— some apps are certainly more in-depth than others (and some are pretty poor). But if you’re patient, you will find some decent apps.

If there’s a downfall it’s that Wix can get cumbersome— choking on all of it’s options. The editor can get plain confusing. It doesn’t help that elements feel scattered throughout the app— for example the restaurant menu editor has two completely different interfaces: one for adding menu items and one for styling the menu.

Unifying everything for the restaurant in one interface would go a long way to making it feel unified.

Right: Unifying everything for the restaurant in one interface would go a long way to making it feel unified.

Overall, it is Wix’s impressive flexibility that will make it worth the choice for some users. Unfortunately, that flexibility is also what keeps it from getting a perfect score from me— Wix has a tendency to get too scattered and unwieldy, lacking the polish of website builders such as Weebly and Squarespace.

Weebly can feel downright Zen-like after using Wix.

Right: Weebly can feel downright Zen-like after using Wix.


  • Blog

    You create a blog by dragging and dropping into a page— there's a couple different blog layouts that you can choose from. The layouts are customizable, but just remember that there are two blog pages (Single Post and Blog) that you'll have to customize so that the blog retains the same look and feel. But overall designing your blog feels pretty good, and there are a number of helpful elements Wix give you to drop into your blog. The post editor is beautiful (see screenshot), you'll enjoy writing in it. Otherwise there are lots of great blogging features: you can schedule posts, tag and categorize posts, save as drafts and add Disqus and Facebook comments.  Show Screenshot

  • Ecommerce

    Wix has included everything you need for ecommerce: you can create flexible coupons codes (for % discounts, free shipping, limited time etc.), set shipping and tax rules, set products options and much more. The only thing missing? There's no way to edit the email receipts customers will receive (Both Weebly and Squarespace allow this— which are Wix's nearest competitors).  Show Screenshot

  • Form Builder

    Wix Forms is a hugely powerful form builder you add from the app store. It even lets you save the data to a database and present it on your website (see this tutorial). There are a wide variety of form field options (including file upload), you can add multiple emails for notifications (amazing how few website builders do this) and customize the success message.  

  • iOS & Android Apps

    Wix has an iOS and Android app that lets you manage your online store, chat with visitors and manage your blog.  

  • Retina Ready

    Yes, images appeared sharp and crisp on retina devices (iPhones, MacBooks etc.). 

  • Newsletter

    Yes, but it only works with Wix's email newsletter software (it doesn't integrate with Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc.). It's a nice element and highly customizable though. The only caveat is you have to be fine working with Wix's email newsletter software.  Show Screenshot

  • Membership System

    Adding a Signup / Login element lets you create membership sites. Members can be manually or automatically approved and pages can be set to to Members Only. Unfortunately there is no way to customize the membership sign up form— so it's pretty basic— but Wix and Weebly are really the only website builders that give you solid membership site functionality (of the two, Weebly offers the more powerful membership features).  Show Screenshot

  • Design from Scratch

    Wix is the best design from scratch website builder out there. It's great. The header and footer editors work great— it's simple and easy to understand. There are tons (and tons) of elements you can use to design your website— plenty of navigation options, a huge array of shapes, arrows, lines and icons and lots of buttons. Style customization is broad. You can of course change your background (and even set animated backgrounds), set custom animations, drop-shadows and more. Wix throws everything imaginable at you for designing from scratch. The one downside? There's no way to customize the global styles (for example setting the paragraph text style) which means you'll be stuck doing a lot of individual elements if you want consistent look and feel.  

  • Multi-lingual

    Technically you can create a multilingual site but the instructions are complex and require you to duplicate all the pages on your website— which is a problem if you ever want to update your website (because now you have to update your website in two places). I hesitate to recommend anyone use Wix to build a multilingual site, it's not ideal.  

  • Restaurant Menu

    Yes— Wix even lets your visitors order takeout through a restaurant form! The Menus by Wix app is great. There's 9 different layout options and you can customize all the text settings. Adding menu items is a breeze— the editor is really easy to use.  Show Screenshot

  • Donations

    While Wix offers a Paypal Button and Get Funding apps— both apps just send visitors to Paypal to complete a donation (a full donation system would allow visitors to checkout onsite and allow email customization).  

  • Audio Player

    Wix has a huge selection of audio players (honestly there are about 30 different audio players you can add to a site).  Show Screenshot

  • Podcasts

    While Wix has audio players it does not let you create a podcast feed (required in order to be listed in podcast directories such as iTunes).  


While most website builders let you change your template, Wix does not allow this. Once you choose a template you’re locked into it. (It’s a technical problem that stems from Wix’s blank canvas editor.) This is less than ideal because in the beginning stages it’s not uncommon for users to want to swap between templates until one feels right.

Right: Example theme

Themes are highly customizable and there are a huge amount of design elements you can use: icons, horizontal lines, navigations, buttons, boxes, lists and more. You can even design your own theme from scratch.

Right: Example theme

Because Wix is a blank canvas editor, it sometimes suffers from a lack of structure. For example, if you’d like to customize your blog sidebar you’ll have to do it in two places (you’ll have to edit the Blog page and the Individual Post page). Editting the same page twice is tricky because it can create inconsistencies between the two (it’s hard to get them exactly the same). This lack of structure can get in the way of a consistent look and feel.

Editing the single post page

Right: Editing the single post page

The lack of structure also gets in the way of trying to establish a consistent look for headings and paragraphs. Instead of having a style section where you can set the defaults of headings and paragraphs, Wix requires you to edit each heading and paragraph individually— so if you make a change to one, you’ll have to change every element on the website if you’d like to retain a consistent look and feel.

Styles has to be set for each individual element

Right: Styles has to be set for each individual element

Wix does it’s best to create a mobile theme based on your desktop website— unfortunately it usually requires some touchup (nudging logos etc.). But for the most part it works better than I expect a blank canvas editor’s mobile website to work— and I like the hide element on mobile option— handy!

Mobile site

Right: Mobile site

Good Billing Practices

I was able to pay and cancel Wix with no problems.