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25 Well-Designed Photography Portfolio Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

The best photography portfolios are like real-world photo galleries. They are uncluttered and use whitespace to distinctly display each photo.

Of course, since they are digital portfolios for a service, they follow the typical portfolio web design and service website design principles:

Check out the examples of photography portfolios below to see the abovementioned principles in action.

Tip: Use ← and → arrow keys to browse.

Screenshot of Scott Snyder, from the photography portfolios collection.

Scott Snyder is a product/object photographer based in Costa Mesa, California. His photography is clean-cut and top-of-the-line quality, as apparent from his portfolio showcase.

The professional photographer displays his best photos with plenty of negative space on the homepage. You can find more about each photography project by clicking on the associated photo: He mentions his roles in the project, what he did to successfully complete the project, about the client, and more for each photo.

Besides showcasing his work on the homepage, he has a separate Work page (i.e., a dedicated portfolio) where he has displayed more of his works beautifully in a two-column layout.

Even the overall website experience is fantastic. Scott uses easily readable fonts; the scrolling animations are on point; there’s a small ‘about me’ section; there are appropriately placed CTAs (Contact, Instagram); etc.

In short, not only does Scott have a great photography portfolio, but his website is a well-designed photography website as well.

Screenshot of Meiwen See, from the photography portfolios collection.

Meiwen is a professional designer and photographer who features travel, people, editorial, and interior photography.

His site is minimalistic. On the homepage, he has gone with two main things: a short bio and his portfolios with a few featured items. The minimal navigation bar helps visitors find more of his portfolio items, the contact form, or the primary social media profiles (Behance, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Potential clients interested in his photography can click on “photographer” in the navigation bar to see his photography portfolio, where Meiwen has organized his photos in a gorgeous four-column layout:

The masonary layout for the photographer's portfolio.

Screenshot of Levon Biss, from the photography portfolios collection.

Levon Biss is a photographer in London. He has some authentic and gorgeous work with people, soccer, and insects. His work has been published in TIME magazine, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and many other respected international titles.

The homepage of this website is the main portfolio page. It showcases featured photos uniquely yet in an obvious way as far as user experience is concerned. Visitors can click on each image to learn more about the photo project.

The website also has seperate portfolio pages for all the categories of Levon’s work (people, macros, prints, etc.) for visitors wanting to see a specific type of photography.

Levon's 'Macros' photo portfolio

Screenshot of Juno Photo & Film, from the photography portfolios collection.

Juno Photo & Film captures weddings and elopements. And their official website has portfolio pages for both.

The photos are showcased in a sort of pyramid structure (first, a few of the best ones to give a glimpse, then more to explore further.)

Upon landing, the homepage hero section captivates with a selection of stunning wedding photos. These visuals are complemented by a muted color palette and refined typography, contributing to an elegant aura.

As you explore, you’ll find a straightforward navigation bar guiding you to their galleries (weddings, elopements, and latest works):

Then, you can click to view the particular photography portfolio, like this of their wedding photography:

Screenshot of Andrew Heeley Photography, from the photography portfolios collection.

Andrew Heeley Photography caters to unconventional and alternative weddings. Yet, and smartly so, Andrew has kept the portfolio’s (and website’s as a whole) look and feel conventional:

Andrew does couples photos, wedding photos, and family photos. So, the portfolio page first asks visitors to choose the category of photos:

Once chosen, the corresponding portfolio gallery opens:

Example: The wedding photography portfolio page

Screenshot of Sanz Lena Photography, from the photography portfolios collection.

Sanz Lena is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Paris. He has been working since 2012 and has an impressive portfolio. There is also editorial work, still-life, and personal-based work in addition to his main focus.

His website is built using Format, one of the two best website builders for photography portfolios (the other one’s Squarespace).

The website uses a classic ready-to-use Format template and looks awesome. It defies the “have plenty of whitespace like in photo galleries” rule I mentioned earlier, but it works as the thumbnails contrast each other (Side note: You need to know the rules to break them.)

Screenshot of Jonathan Gregson, from the photography portfolios collection.

Jonathan has worked with big brands like Heinz, The Coca Cola Company, Amazon, and small businesses like Ginger & White London cafe (whom we featured in our cafe & coffee shops website examples collection) over his 20+ years of professional photography career. You can categorize Jonathan as a food photographer, though he also has other stunning work.

His website is an excellent example of a photography portfolio website keeping photos front and center. Though, it could use some whitespace.

This website can be a good inspiration for photographers with huge portfolios (like Jonathan’s). Jonathan showcases thumbnails of different projects at the top. People can click the thumbnails to see all the work of that particular project.

Screenshot of Mike Kelley, from the photography portfolios collection.

Mike Kelley is a photographer located in California. You can view his excellent work that is focused on architecture, as well as his love for airplanes. He loves the world of art and design and merging these into his projects.

The website is clean, with the homepage divided into two columns. The main section showcases his works, whereas the left column helps visitors navigate different parts of the website - his work portfolio in a particular sector, the ecommerce store where he sells portraits, the about page, the contact page, etc.

Screenshot of Claire Byrne Photography, from the photography portfolios collection.

Claire Byrne Photography offers an enchanting look into wedding moments filled with timeless romance. The website, designed with sophistication, draws visitors in with full-sized images on the homepage.

Her galleries vividly showcase her ability to capture both candid emotions and scenic beauty. Simple navigation guides visitors through her expansive portfolio, touching testimonials, and comprehensive photography packages.

Here’s a look at her portfolio. It uses a beautiful two-column layout and a nice cream background to showcase her amazing work:

Screenshot of Adrieana Blazin, from the photography portfolios collection.

Adrieana is a photographer raised in New Jersey. She has some sharp and breathtaking images of animals, people, and more. There are a lot of black and whites for a classic yet loud vibe. She also used to be an opera singer and learned a lot about what it meant to succeed from her years in that field.

She uses a slider to show her beautiful photography in the portfolio section. I love the images but am not a fan of the portfolio design choice here. It isn’t bad per se but looks very 2015ish ⁠— but it sure is a way to showcase photography in case you are looking for something that isn’t just photos stacked in columns.

Screenshot of Pedro N The World, from the photography portfolios collection.

Pedro moved from Brazil to the USA when he was 22 years old to further his education. His portfolio is an impressive tribute to his imagery skills. He is unique in his images in that they are not just beautiful but soulful and emotional as well.

His portfolio with images in three columns looks like an Instagram profile, which is great because a) it looks beautiful, and b) Instagram would have tested a lot of options and found a three-column design is the best.

Screenshot of Haris Nukem, from the photography portfolios collection.

Commercial photographer that provides images that stand for something and accompany important messages. You can check out his “press” tab on the website and see where his images have been featured and read articles about the photographer and his skills.

The horizontally scrolling portfolio looks a bit weird, but you’ll know that it scrolls horizontally anytime you enter the website.

Screenshot of Lieben Photography, from the photography portfolios collection.

Lieben practices wedding photography, newborns, families, and more. Her gorgeous portraits have been featured in Bridal Magazines for other brides to swoon after. She books up sometimes up to 18 months in advance, so you’ll need to grab her services quickly!

I am not sure, but her beautiful photography might have featured on one of the wedding websites we came across.

Screenshot of Jessica Chou, from the photography portfolios collection.

Jessica Chou is a photographer serving California. Her work has a documentary vibe to it, and she likes to take a raw approach to her practice. You can find images of some big names within her portrait portfolio.

The site uses a well-built Squarespace photography template that showcases her work in a single-column layout, which makes the photos pop and gives the website a minimal look.

Screenshot of Alex Tran Photography, from the photography portfolios collection.

Alex is living in Montreal and providing photography services, including headshots and editorial work.

The website uses a nice masonry gallery with ample whitespace as borders to display all gorgeous photos.

Screenshot of Mathieu Stern, from the photography portfolios collection.

Mathieu Stern was born in Paris and is now a professional photographer and filmmaker. He loves to experiment with vintage and new-age lens. His lens museum page is an awesome exploration of a huge variety of lens options. You can also see where his work has been featured and view his blog.

Screenshot of Kayla Fisher Photography, from the photography portfolios collection.

Kayla is an Arizona-based wedding photographer that hopes to push the boundaries with each and every couple she works with. She is willing and loves to travel for work and views it as a non-stop educational journey that’s a whole lot of fun!

Screenshot of Amelia Allen, from the photography portfolios collection.

Amelia Allen is a photographer based in London. She has beautiful work in fashion, documentaries, and portraits. She started out as an assistant and has taken steps from there to become successful.

Screenshot of Cassandra Ladru, from the photography portfolios collection.

Cassandra is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, also working in fashion and editorial. Her style is romantic and timeless, and has been featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

The website showcases beautiful full-sized pictures on the homepage. Plus, there are different portfolio pages for each project she has undertaken.

An example of her wedding photography portfolio.

Screenshot of Julia & Gil, from the photography portfolios collection.

Julia and Gil are a team of photographers that want to capture any and all versions of two people in love. They travel and work worldwide and have over 7 years of experience. Look to them for presets to assist in your own editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Screenshot of Danilo and Sharon, from the photography portfolios collection.

Sharon and Danilo Vasic are a married photography duo based in Europe. They both have experience in fashion and advertising, which overflows into their portfolio of weddings and editorial.

Screenshot of Adam Bird Photography, from the photography portfolios collection.

Adam is a wedding and portrait photographer in Birmingham, England. His work is a wide variety of vibes from mystical to fresh and romantic. You can visit his store and purchase presets for use in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Screenshot of Alessandro Casagrande, from the photography portfolios collection.

Italian artist that lives in California full time. He is the founder of BACCALA Magazine. You can take a look at his photos of music, view his book that takes a look at the intimacy of relationships, and check out his general portfolio.

Screenshot of Marvin Lei, from the photography portfolios collection.

Marvin Lei practices photography in Long Island and NYC. You can contact him for all people-related photography. He also has a page for Lens Ball photography which is unlike anything we’ve seen! Check out his page on what gear he uses, and find the companies he works with for branding specifics.

Screenshot of Deanie Chen, from the photography portfolios collection.

Deanie Chen is based in Los Angeles. She focuses on portraits, lifestyle, sports, and live music. You’ll find it all when browsing through her site. She currently attends college as well and is furthering her education in addition to her art skills.