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Why Wix Makes a Lot of Sense for Global Users

For many non-US users, Wix may be a better website builder choice than our #1 recommendation, Squarespace.

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Why Wix Makes a Lot of Sense for Global Users

By Juhil Mendpara | Updated Jan 5 2024

Three facts you should know:

  1. Site Builder Report’s primary audience is from the US (and our articles, though globally relevant, are written with US readers in mind).
  2. In our best website builders testing for 2024, Squarespace came out as the “best website builder,” and Wix was slightly below it as a “great website builder.”
  3. Our Wix vs Squarespace comparison concluded with us recommending Squarespace over Wix because of Squarespace’s better templates, easier editor, and higher quality features.

In general, Squarespace is a better website builder for most in the US and other first-world countries. But Wix has an advantage over Squarespace when it comes to global users.

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Why Wix Is Better For Non-US Users: The Value For Money Factor

In the US and some other first-world countries, Squarespace and Wix are priced similarly — both start at $16/month for annual plans. Therefore, the ‘value for money’ factor — an otherwise very significant factor — doesn’t influence the outcome of the comparison; only the quality of website builders does.


Regardless of the country, Squarespace’s pricing is the same. In contrast, Wix’s pricing changes depending on the country (and, seemingly, is tied to the country’s cost of living), making it much more accessible to the wider global audience.

For example, the same Wix plan (Combo) that costs $16/month in the US costs $1.5/month in India. So, the Squarespace vs Wix comparison in India will have a completely different conclusion: Though Squarespace offers a better website builder, Wix offers a MUCH BETTER value for money ($1.5/month vs $16/month).

Wix Plan Pricing Depending On Countries

Here’s the Wix plan pricing breakdown of the top 15 countries our visitors visit from:

Country Per month price of Wix’s Combo plan (Annually)* Approx. price in USD
United States $16 $16
India 125 INR $1.5
United Kingdom £7.50 $9
Canada $16 $16
Philippines 199 PHP $4
Australia AU$15 $10.5
Pakistan PKR249 $1
Germany €11.90 $13
Malaysia US$8.50 $8.50
France €12 $13
Nigeria 3,000 NGN $6.50
Netherlands €11.90 $13
Indonesia US$8.50 $8.50
Bangladesh 299 BDT $3
Spain €11.90 $13

*Wix shows its pricing page based on your IP address/geolocation. I used a VPN to confirm the pricing in each country, but I had to trust third-party data in a couple of places because the VPN didn’t have servers there.

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Wix Mini Review: A Great Website Builder

Squarespace is a better website builder than Wix, but not by much. Both have features and templates for most types of websites. Plus, Wix even has the upper hand in some aspects.

So, if Wix offers much better pricing than Squarespace in your country and the slight extra effort for the value doesn’t seem daunting, go with Wix!

Here’s our mini-review of Wix (Read full Wix review here):

What We Like

  • Drag and Drop Editor — Wix has an unstructured editor that lets you drag and drop elements anywhere you want on a page—even by a pixel.
  • Tons Of Functionality — Wix has more features than any website builder: forums, ticket sales, restaurant ordering, music distribution, appointment scheduling, and more.
  • 800+ Themes — Wix offers more themes than most website builders—though the quality is inconsistent. Of course, you need just one template at the end of the day, and Wix will likely have one good theme for you!
  • Template Customization — Wix’s unstructured editor means you can make significant changes to your Wix template.
  • Plugins & Apps — The Wix App Market include 500+ apps.
  • Small Business Tools — Wix includes several small business and marketing tools for managing online presence: CRM, social posts, email marketing, live chat, and more.

What We Don’t Like

  • Drag and Drop Editor — Wix’s drag-and-drop is both a Pro and a Con. Here’s why: while the unstructured editor gives users freedom, it also introduces bugs and workarounds that can get very frustrating. See more here.
  • Learning Curve — This is a question of tradeoffs. Wix is featured on our easiest website builders list, but it’s among the most difficult ones on the list. There are easier website builders out there—but those website builders don’t have as much functionality as Wix.
  • Bandwidth Limits — A portion of your bandwidth is used up every time a visitor comes to your website. Wix’s two cheapest plans (Combo and Connect Domain) put limits on your monthly bandwidth— which is unfortunate. You shouldn’t have to worry about bandwidth in 2024, and every other website builder on this list includes unlimited bandwidth.

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