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45 Examples Of Stunning Artist Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

A good artist website should showcase your art. Think of how art galleries are designed— they are functional and austere with plenty of whitespace on walls. They do this to get out of the way and showcase the art.

Remember, people didn’t come to your website to look at an artistic-looking website— they came to look at art: paintings, sculptures, or photos. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make the website its own piece of art— that rarely goes well.

Note: This article is relevant for people looking for any kind of art/artist websites, including painter websites, sculptor websites, photographer websites, cartoonist websites, etc.

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Screenshot of Samantha Keely Smith, from the artist websites collection.

Samantha is an artist currently working from Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings of people and the world around her have a unique way of connecting with viewers psychologically.

The homepage of the artist’s website features a full-page picture of one of her paintings, which is one of the best ways to showcase art front and center.

Then, on clicking Enter, you’ll find the rest of her portfolio. She presents her best work categorically and structurally. The first portfolio page has her latest works (2015-2022), which you can scroll through or leave to see her older works or works in a particular category (Portraits or Ariel).

Screenshot of Almost Real, from the artist websites collection.

AlmostReal lets you shop for fine art photography from a collective of creatives. It’s a beautiful site that has a gallery feel — simple and austere with plenty of whitespaces.

If you plan to sell your photography or art in general online, Almost Real is an artist’s ecommerce store with a worth-replicating website design.

Screenshot of Benjamin Hardman, from the artist websites collection.

Benjamin is a photographer that captures some amazing images of harsh environments that’ll give you the chills just looking at them. His work is often completed in Iceland; you can find images of beautiful landscapes and animals that live in the wild.

If you visit his website, you’ll immediately notice his photography is the hero of the website. The homepage has nothing but a slideshow of full-size photos he clicked. Besides that, there’s just a small navigation bar that’ll take you to other essential pages.

Overall, the artist’s website is minimal and is built with potential clients in mind. Look at it from his potential clients’ point of view, and you’ll see why I say so: Potential clients of a photographer want to see their work, contact them, or know more about them ⁠— in that order. Benjamin ensures the visual hierarchy takes the clients where they want to go.

Screenshot of Kate Vass, from the artist websites collection.

Kate Vass Gallery is a community of artists that specialize in photography and upcoming technology. You can find the works of these artists in different museums located in London, New York, and locations across the globe.

The website’s goal is to attract people to the exhibitions, so the homepage focuses on that. To view the artists’ works, they have provided a quick link to collections on the navigation bar.

Screenshot of Maegan Guerette, from the artist websites collection.

First and foremost, Maegan is a photographer performing freelance work in weddings, portraits, and travel. As of late, she is also perfecting her skills in watercolor paintings that are inspired by botanicals that are beautiful in a simple way.

Maegan’s website has a no-nonsense design that shows her art wherever you click. The homepage has her featured art, and the navigation bar takes you to photos or paintings in different categories.

In showcasing her art everywhere, Maegan misses one key element, though: the contact form. She has links to her social media but an easily accessible contact page would help potential clients reach out to her.

Screenshot of Mel Volkman, from the artist websites collection.

This website is the portfolio of Mel Volkman, a fine artist based in Maine. It features a clean and simple design, with a focus on showcasing her work and selling prints.

For the ecommerce store, she uses an Instagram profile-like three-column template. She also showcases her photography in the Journal, where the photos are stacked one below another.

Screenshot of Sophie Kahn, from the artist websites collection.

Sophie Kahn is an artist that focuses on the human body by using digital and sculpting techniques. She uses a neat 3D image laser to bring her ideas to life, and you can find these in both print and video formats.

This website’s design is classic — it shows the best work front and center. Plus, it allows visitors to discover more work, learn more about the artist and exhibitions, and contact her through an easy navigation bar.

Screenshot of Jason Arkles, from the artist websites collection.

Jason is a sculptor with skills that accentuate the taste of the 19th century. He also teaches at Studio Della Statua which is located in beautiful Florence. Although his tastes are historical, he loves to apply that in a modernistic and forward-moving manner.

The homepage of this website is beautiful and simple. It has the two main elements: the art and links to important pages. I find the inner pages’ design a bit outdated, though.

Screenshot of Jessica Chou, from the artist websites collection.

Jessica Chou is a photographer serving California. Her work has a documentary vibe to it, and she likes to take a raw approach to her practice. You can find images of some big names within her portrait portfolio.

The site uses a well-built Squarespace photography template, and hence makes the art pop and looks beautiful overall.

Screenshot of Andrea Lawl Manning, from the artist websites collection.

Andrea is an artist that uses paint, beyond its simple form, to create unique and colorful sculptures. This means dried paint, and the various forms that it can take on can create some really incredible stuff!

The website is user-friendly in every sense of the word. It features clear navigation and clickable pictures to see the art in full-screen mode.

Screenshot of Jingna Zhang, from the artist websites collection.

Jingna was born in Beijing and now works out of New York City as well as Seattle. Her photography and directing portfolio consists of high fashion shots that have been featured in magazines as well known as Vogue.

Again, a website using a classic Squarespace portfolio template to showcase beautiful work beautifully.

Screenshot of Tinika, from the artist websites collection.

Tinneke De Block is the artist and illustrator behind the images at Tinika. You can find interesting drawings of a variety of different items, but many that focus on women and their traits. You can also find floral and product illustrations.

Screenshot of Carmen Hunter, from the artist websites collection.

Carmencita Huter is a world-renowned photographer whose work has been featured in magazines and galleries all over the world. She is best known for her portraits of famous people, which have earned her a reputation as one of the most skilled portrait photographers in the business. In addition to her work in portraiture, Huter is also an accomplished landscape photographer, and her images of natural settings have been praised for their beauty and artistry.

Screenshot of Raul & David, from the artist websites collection.

Raul & David are a team of photographers with a focus on the basics, simple subjects that tell a story. Prints are available via the site and you can also access their blog here.

Screenshot of The Flour Mill Studio, from the artist websites collection.

This studio is a space that is available for a variety of artistic rental uses. There are often exhibitions hosted here and workshops as well. It’s available for half days, full days or hourly.

Screenshot of Andrew L. Shea, from the artist websites collection.

Andrew is a painter as well as a musician. He tries to channel both of those interests when bringing an idea to paper. His recent work has explored the usage of windows and the way it changes the viewers take on it.

Screenshot of Wenting Li, from the artist websites collection.

Wenting Li is an artist located in Toronto. She practices design in comics, paintings and general illustration. Her work is bright and colorful and full of shapes that really draw in attention.

Screenshot of Alex Tran, from the artist websites collection.

Alex is living in Montreal and providing photography services including head-shots and editorial work. He actually has a second website where he shows more of his photography projects. He originally was studying biology and made the switch a couple of years ago.

Screenshot of Caroline Drogo, from the artist websites collection.

Growing up in the wild with beautiful views inspired Caroline to become an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She draws tattoo designs and even does tarot reading. Even more so she has launched a podcast and is certainly well rounded.

Screenshot of Eric Pickersgill, from the artist websites collection.

Eric is both an artist as well as a teacher. His focus is on photography and teaching others to look more deeply beyond the image, and he studies the behavior of his subjects as well.

Screenshot of Herrick Gallery, from the artist websites collection.

Alice Herrick is the talent behind the Herrick Gallery. It started as a gallery in Mayfair, but has now permanently shut down. She is still a busy working artist with exhibitions full of different kinds of work. You can also check her site for upcoming events.

Screenshot of Creature Creature, from the artist websites collection.

Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek are a team of artists in Australia. They create beautiful murals and street based art illustrations that are inspired by the culture of east meets west.

Screenshot of Jeff Heins, from the artist websites collection.

Based out of Utah, Jeff is an artist of many talents. He creates pieces through painting, drawing, sculpture and more. He also offers an apprenticeship for students that would like to learn from him.

Screenshot of Alonsa Guevara, from the artist websites collection.

Alonsa was born and raised in Chile before moving to Brooklyn. Her artwork is beautifully natural, inspired by her upbringing in a tropical rain forest. Her work has been featured in Forbes magazine and many more.

Screenshot of Ben and Julia Studio, from the artist websites collection.

This studio offers some urban and super fun art designs. You can find their work in music videos, advertising and more. Their Maur Gallery features the work of young and upcoming artists with similar tastes.

Screenshot of Elizabeth Mitchell, from the artist websites collection.

Elizabeth creates beautiful silk paintings full of life, color and emotion. She offers classes to teach her methods and appreciation to other artists. Each of her paintings for sale come with a story and explanation of her piece.

Screenshot of Emily Mercedes, from the artist websites collection.

Emily is located in Texas with her two children and husband. She has unique watercolor paintings that she creates time lapse videos of from start to finish. She also has a lineup of greeting cards for sale that are super unique in comparison to store bought cards.

Screenshot of Milkovi, from the artist websites collection.

The website for Milkovi features a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate. The home page features a large header image and links to collections. The site has a simple color scheme of white, black, and gray, with accents of green and blue.

Screenshot of Dan Frantz, from the artist websites collection.

Dan is currently the Director of Photography for The Mill Chicago, where he works on commercial pieces in music videos and more. He has scored gigs with Nike among other well known companies and celebs.

Screenshot of Mario Radev, from the artist websites collection.

Mario Radev is a filmmaker, animator and illustrator in London. He has been honored for his skills in production. In addition, check out his drawings and paintings which often represent the body in an almost animated and exaggerated way.

Screenshot of Philippa Rice, from the artist websites collection.

Phillipa Rice lives in Nottingham and has passion for creating comics first and foremost. She doesn’t limit herself to just that, she loves exploring illustration and animation. You can see her work on the covers of children’s books.

Screenshot of Edzera Gallery, from the artist websites collection.

Edzerza Gallery is a Canadian online art gallery that specializes in Inuit art. The website offers a wide range of Inuit art, from traditional carvings and sculptures to contemporary paintings and prints.

The website also features a blog, which offers news and information about Inuit art and culture. In addition, the Edzerza Gallery website provides educational resources, including a glossary of Inuit terms and a brief history of Inuit art.

Screenshot of Alison Lyons, from the artist websites collection.

Alison Lyons is a photographer living in Sydney and she also holds the title of Creative Director for an Advertising agency. You can check out her portfolio which contains work in weddings, food and more. She’s won several impressive awards for her work.

Screenshot of Steven Kozar, from the artist websites collection.

Steven’s artwork consists of watercolors, oils and acrylics. His paintings are inspired by images he has taken, and look amazingly similar to the actual photo. He’s been working successfully since 1986 and his work has been featured in galleries throughout the U.S.

Screenshot of The Tokyoiter, from the artist websites collection.

The Tokyoiter is a collection of artists and their work created in Tokyo. It continues to grow so that artists and non-artists alike can view and appreciate the pieces that are here.

Screenshot of Nancy Taylor Stonington, from the artist websites collection.

Nancy has sold over 2,600 of her own beautiful water color paintings, many of which were inspired by her early travels throughout Alaska. She currently resides in Oregon where she continues to work, but is the founder of other galleries that are located in Idaho and feature the work of other artists as well.

Screenshot of Susan Woodford, from the artist websites collection.

Susan uses the molds from her own body to create big and beautiful statement pieces using sculpture art. She also teaches art, and the amazing connection of art with healing, growth and strength as an individual and artist.

Screenshot of Denisa Prochazka, from the artist websites collection.

Denisa is a sculpture artist in Canada. Her pieces reflect women, the body and female empowerment. She loves to create pieces that speak for themselves, and often takes her earnings and donates them to women’s shelters and charities.

Screenshot of Beti Kristof, from the artist websites collection.

Beti is absolutely in love with art in all it’s forms and has studied it for years in different locations globally. You can find her colorful and eye catching paintings on her site, and also view sculptures she has done in addition to books and more!

Screenshot of Mountain Galleries, from the artist websites collection.

Wendy Wacko founded Mountain Galleries in Canada over 28 years ago. The gallery, which now has four locations, features impressive work from Canadian artists. They also have a program that provides a space to work for the artists they choose to represent.

Screenshot of Robert Wilson, from the artist websites collection.

Robert Wilson applies his talents to the world of theater. By using light, he has a unique way of adding to shows and the pieces he creates. He also has work that has been put to paper, and works with design of spaces and furniture.

Screenshot of Rick Kennington, from the artist websites collection.

Ricks love for oil paintings and the western style shines through in his paintings. His outdoor based childhood in Wyoming led him to specialize in these subjects, and he’s had the opportunity of learning from other great artists along the road.

Screenshot of Surreal Fashion, from the artist websites collection.

Miss Aniela is the genius behind the art that comes from Surreal Fashion. As you may be able to guess, it combines fashion with an imaginative idea that creates a unique and almost fairy tale type vibe.

Screenshot of Guy Gilray, from the artist websites collection.

Guy Gilray began painting with oil paintings which were featured in galleries. He’s also a musician who has recorded 8 different albums. At the moment he is now focusing on drawings and sketches only.

Screenshot of Juan Logan, from the artist websites collection.

Juan Logan’s paintings, digital prints and full series can be be seen in exhibitions and museums within the U.S. His work is often inspired by race and power.

Screenshot of Luke Adam Hawker, from the artist websites collection.

After studying interior architecture, Luke uses pen and paper to create some amazing drawings with a focus on these skills. He resides in London and has some beautiful exhibitions full of his work in illustration and design.

Screenshot of Jay Adan, from the artist websites collection.

Jay Adan is model builder and painter who has had a love for the field for many years. He has a Youtube channel with thousands of followers that watch and learn from his specialty. You can also visit his shop where items are for sale.

Screenshot of Dan Katcher, from the artist websites collection.

Check out Dan’s site for awesome digital and sculpting artwork featuring all things monster related. From characters you may know like the hulk, to other fantasy based creatures. He resides in LA and works in film and television most commonly.

Screenshot of Brinzart, from the artist websites collection.

Istvan Brinza is talented in many different areas. He can draw, sculpt, create furniture and much more. While he served in the Hungarian Army, he created many paintings for the military.

Screenshot of Rose Datoc Dall, from the artist websites collection.

Rose is a contemporary artist that creates paintings often inspired by religion. Her work has been recognized for this specialty and featured with churches and other public and private facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What website do most artists use?

Squarespace is perhaps the most popular website builders among artists. The website builder has clean and modern templates to showcase art in the best possible light.

What is the best online store for artists?

Etsy is very popular among artists, but artists wanting to sell art on their own and not pay the big Etsy fees prefer Shopify.

Check out the pricing difference between Shopify and Etsy.

What should an artist website include?

First and foremost, an artist's website should include art. The art is central, and so it should be showcased front and center or at least be accessible.

Besides, an artist's website should have an about page and a contact page. Other good-to-haves include a blog, store, exhibition page, etc.