Squarespace Pricing— 6 Things To Know

I've written before about why I think Squarespace is the best website builder— but one thing I really appreciate is their pricing transparency. There are no hidden costs, limitations or misleading advertisements.

Website Plans

Squarespace offers four plans— two for general websites and two for ecommerce:

Every plan includes unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. There are no hidden limits and they offer a 14 day free trial.

There are term options for each plan: you can pay monthly or annually. Annual plans include a free domain. You can save up to 53% with the right annual plan:

Plan Term Payments Cost Domain Total Savings
Personal Monthly 12 $16.00 $20 $212
Personal Annual 1 $144.00 Free $144 46%
Business Monthly 12 $26.00 $20 $332
Business Annual 1 $216.00 Free $216 53%

To start I'm going to discuss the two general website plans:

Websites.jpg?1539188520?ixlib=rails 1.1

Squarespace plans for general-purpose websites.

Of these two plans, the Personal plan will be good enough for most websites. The more expensive Business plan is something you might want to grow into— it includes:

  • Conversion Metrics — Used for tracking how visitors convert on your goals (example: filling out a contact form, booking a service, joining a mailing list).
  • Various Marketing Tools — Promotional pop-ups, mobile information bars and announcement bars.
  • Basic Ecommerce — Lets you sell products and accept donations— though there is a 3% transaction fee. I recommend this for users who are just trying out ecommerce. If you're doing any volume you'll want to upgrade to Squarespace's ecommerce plans, which have no transaction fee.
  • IntegrationsOpentable, Chownow, Acuity Scheduling and Mailchimp content blocks.

Ecommerce Plans

Squarespace's two ecommerce plans are meant for serious ecommerce. They unlock specific ecommerce metrics, customer accounts and integrations with ShipStation and Xero. There are no transaction fees (though you will pay credit card fees through the credit card provider— this is standard among ecommerce website builders).

Ecommerce.jpg?1539188634?ixlib=rails 1.1

Squarespace plans for ecommerce.

The Advanced plan is meant for growing ecommerce stores— it adds gift cards, more flexible discounts, abandoned cart auto-recovery, real-time shipping rates and an orders API that lets you build custom integrations with 3rd party systems.

Is It Expensive?

If you compare Squarespace's pricing to other website builders such as Wix, at first blush you might think Squarespace is expensive. But it's not the whole truth.

For example, Wix offers cheaper entry level plans— but those plans are quite limited. Wix's Connect Domain is only $7.50 / month but it includes Wix ads on your website— lame!

Wix website pricing.png?1538408244?ixlib=rails 1.1

Wix might offer cheaper plans— but they are quite limited.

Wix's Unlimited plan is the first plan to match Squarespace's Personal plan in terms of bandwidth— and Wix's Unimited plan is actually more expensive on a monthly term.

Beyond Wix, 1&1 advertises a $0.99 monthly rate— but that's actually an introductory rate that jumps after the first year. advertises monthly rates that are actually 28 days long— which means you get charged 13 months in a year. These are some of the more misleading pricing strategies that can make price comparison between website builders tricky.

To be sure, Squarespace is a little more on the expensive side— but they're also the best website builder (tied with Weebly). Plus they're upfront and transparent with their pricing— you can safely assume that what they say they'll charge you is what they'll charge you.


If you sign up for an annual plan, you get the first year of your domain name free.

Otherwise a .com domain costs $20 / year with Squarespace.

You can actually find cheaper deals on .com domain names through a Namecheap— which provides .com domain names for $14.27. The downside is you'll need to do some technical work to connect your Namecheap domain name to your Squarespace hosting.

Squarespace includes free whois privacy— which anonymizes your personal information (domains require public contact information called whois). I appreciate this, as website builders such as Weebly charge you for whois privacy.


Squarespace allows you to setup email addresses for your domain names using G Suite by Google.

G Suite is awesome. It's the only email provider I would recommend. It basically gives you Gmail for your domain name email addresses.

Squarespace offers the standard G Suite pricing, which is based on the number of email addresses:

Term Price Per Email Address
Annual Billing $50 / €40 / £40 / A$66
Monthly Billing $5 / €4 / £4 / A$7

The first year of G Suite is also free for 3 of the 4 plans (the Personal plan is the exception).


I bought and cancelled a Squarespace account with my own credit card to test their billing practices. I'm happy to report that it was an easy, transparent process! Worth checking as some website builders have very poor billing practices.