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17 Examples of One Page Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

A one page website forces you to be disciplined— there’s only room for what needs to be there. This is good because small business websites often have too much content!

Most of the examples are built with Strikingly and Carrd, the two most well-known one page website builders. Of the two, I’d recommend Carrd as it’s easier to use and much, much cheaper.

Tip: Use ← and → arrow keys to browse.

Screenshot of Philip Källberg, from the one page websites collection.

Philip Källberg’s single-page website is an excellent example of a concise personal/professional résumé website. The whole website has just two things:

  1. A great, smiling photo of Philip
  2. And a less-than-100-word description of his profession, his projects, and his past professional experiences.

There’s no “CTA” because a personal website doesn’t need one, but he has linked to his important social media profiles ⁠- LinkedIn, Twitter, and ProductHunt. 

Screenshot of Chris Monnat, from the one page websites collection.

Located in Virginia, Chris is a professional web application developer. In his personal, one-page website, he mentions, “I have an appreciation for the design side as well.” ⁠— and it’s clear from the simple, everything-centered web design format he chose.

Screenshot of Erik Brits, from the one page websites collection.

Erik consults, advises, and invests in companies to make the world a more businessier place. And his single-page website tells you exactly that. The website also acts as a center for people to find his LinkedIn or email to reach out with business ideas.

Screenshot of No-Code MVP, from the one page websites collection.

No-Code MVP teaches entrepreneurs to build minimum viable products with no-code tools. And its landing page ⁠— designed with the no-code website building platform, Carrd ⁠— is an excellent example of a long one-page website.

The website has a great copy, an intro video, a massive reviews section, a “who it’s for” and “what’s included in the course” section, an “about the course creator” segment, a contact form, and more.

Screenshot of Tatu Digital Media, from the one page websites collection.

This media company was created by Janet, who supports companies by coaching them in social media, marketing, and mindfulness.

It’s a standard small business website but a great single-page website example for one reason: Jump Links! It has a top bar menu with jump links to different sections of the website for easier navigation.

Screenshot of Mingjie, from the one page websites collection.

Mingjie Jiang builds digital products in the education niche. Everything about his one-page “about me” website ⁠— from font and color choice to the all-in-the-center design approach ⁠— is aesthetically-pleasing.

Also, when you hover over “Ender,” the theme completely changes, which is pretty cool:

Screenshot of Cory Checketts, from the one page websites collection.

Cory specializes in copywriting, digital strategy, growth, and inbound marketing. His one-page website acts as a sort of online resume. The jump links to the two most important sections ⁠— My Work and Contact ⁠— are fantastic for a great user experience.

Screenshot of Leanne and Dan, from the one page websites collection.

Leanne and Dan’s wedding website is both beautiful and functional. On the one hand, the landing page features beautiful photography, nice colors, and fonts. On the other, this site provides a lot of information without seeming cluttered.

And since it’s a single-page website, adding the RSVP form at the end as a sort of CTA is a nice touch.

Screenshot of Roma, from the one page websites collection.

The Roma website aims to teach visitors how to make a difference for women like Cleo, the housekeeper at the center of the film Roma. This single-page website displays the sad reality of domestic workers’ lives.

From a pure website design perspective, it uses the black & white color palette and big fonts beautifully. At the top-right of the website is a CTA, which is a jump link to the section about how you can support in making the lives of domestic workers better.

Screenshot of Smart Diet, from the one page websites collection.

Smart Diet provides personalized nutrition consultancy services.

You can learn many excellent web design elements from its (likely professionally-designed) single-page Wix website. For example, see how they use animation, font size variations, whitespace, etc.

Screenshot of Geoli, from the one page websites collection.

Geoli serves authentic Korean street food in London. Its one-page site is both beautiful and functional.

For aesthetics, Geoli uses high-quality, colorful pictures of their famous dishes and has adapted an all-centered design approach. And for people visiting for information, they’ve added their menu, address (along with Get Directions link), and timing.

Screenshot of Cook Collective, from the one page websites collection.

Cook Collective is a New York-based shared kitchen facility.

Food entrepreneurs can get all the information they need from its beautiful one-page website. They can also book a tour by filling out a short form embedded at the end of the website.

Screenshot of Ginventory, from the one page websites collection.

The five-word heading ⁠— “Find your next favorite Gin” ⁠— tells visitors all about Ginventory’s business. The CTAs to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store suggest Ginventory is an app company, and this is the app’s website.

Just below the hero section, they have explained how the app works in five precise steps (with app screenshots).

*By this time, visitors know what the app is and how it works*

Then, there are some numbers for social proof. And, in the end, the CTAs to install their app…again. Simple, effective, and a perfect example of a one-pager.

Screenshot of SaaSHook, from the one page websites collection.

SaaSHook is a newsletter by Rohit Chavane. He shares informational content for SaaS founders on reducing churn and increasing conversions.

Obviously, he knows the fundamental principle for building a high-converting landing page, and you can see all principles applied on his site if you look. For instance, the site has a persuasive copy, good hooks, solid social proof, and well-placed CTAs.

Screenshot of Aaron Payne, from the one page websites collection.

Aaron Payne’s homepage seems like a simple “about me” website at first. It has a short bio, a cool shot of Aaron doing what he does professionally (i.e., photography), and a few call-to-actions.

But that’s not the entire website! The Portfolio CTA is a jump link to a hidden section on the same page⁠. Similarly, clicking the Contact button takes you to the hidden contact form on the page.

If Aaron had not hidden the photography portfolio section (which is further divided into two sections accessible through jump links), the one-pager could’ve overwhelmed visitors. Therefore, the website makes for great inspiration if you plan on adding a lot of content ⁠— especially visual content ⁠— to your single-page site. It also shows that you can do a lot even on a one-page website.

Screenshot of JAPHLET BIRE ATTIAS, from the one page websites collection.

Japhlet Bire Attias is a Chapman Stick artist based in Mexico.

The website has all the elements of a good personal-professional one-pager: quality photos, an about section, some work samples, and contact information.

From a UX viewpoint, the jump links, animations, fonts…everything’s on-point.

Screenshot of YST Tuning, from the one page websites collection.

YST Tuning uses a typical Weebly template well to present all the needed information. If you have the content ready, you can have such a site up and running in under 30 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one page website?

As the name suggests, a one-page website has only one page and no additional pages. All the content of a one-page website sits on the same webpage.

What is a multi-page website?

Multi-page websites have multiple pages and subpages on the same domain/IP address. You can't access all the content of a multi-page website with a single scroll (like in a single-page website); you'll have to click on links (typically from the top menu bar) to explore an entire multi-page website.

Are one page websites a good idea?

The answer to this question is subjective. If you don't have a lot to share and just want to showcase your work, have a simple contact form, etc., then one-page websites are a good idea. But if you want to share a lot of information — which if fitted on a single page will require users to scroll a lot — then probably dividing it into multiple pages is better.

Which is the best website builder for a one page website?

Though you can create a one-page website with all website builders, Carrd is the most suited for the task. Carrd is focused on the niche of one-page websites. Every feature and template of its is built for building great one-page websites. And it is a lot cheaper.

How much does a one page website cost?

If you build it yourself, you can make a one-page website for as little as $9/year with Carrd. On the other hand, hiring a professional to build and maintain it will cost at least $100 + maintenance charges. This is excluding all the graphics design, copywriting, and strategy charges.