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27 Inspirational Examples of Podcast Websites

Last Updated May 19 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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The best podcast websites communicate a feel and brand but also make it easy for visitors to discover your podcast. This means having a good audio player, making your archive accessible (and searchable!) and clearly labeling past episodes.

The most popular tools to build podcast websites are Squarespace and Wordpress— in part because they can also host a podcast RSS feed (necessary for submitting to directories like Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts). This is a collection of 27 podcast websites that I thought were well designed— enjoy!

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Note: My work is supported by affiliate commissions. Read more »

Duncan Trusell is a comedic podcast host. He has episodes that discuss and explore spirituality and debatable topics like after life and reincarnation for example.

The Friday Habit is a system to help entrepreneurs to grow their business by intentionally setting aside time on Fridays.

Dallas Taylor is the man behind the episodes on Twenty Thousand Hertz. He has many years of experience working in the digital sounds industry working for industries like Fox. His podcast talks about sounds and how they affect brands as much as images do.

Do you love beer? This podcast is all things beer so you can live vicariously through them, their tastings and findings. On a weekly basis they try out 5 new types of beer and have a hysterical time talking about.

Ash Thorp is the director of this podcast. With a passion for discussing life and balancing work and your creativity, he aims to create episodes that are entertaining and educational for listeners.

Join Bandrew Scott every Sunday as he discusses the latest YouTube, Social Media, and Streaming news. Bandrew is also the man behind the Podcastage YouTube channel which has over 130,000 subscribers and 25 Million views.

This podcast is to the point, upbeat and a fun take on the news which can be boring at times. They cover it all in a short amount of time taking up less of your time while still keeping you in the loop!

Everything related to love and the many places it can take place in life is discussed on Essie's Hour of Love. Love is anything but basic and can be raunchy and intense, this podcast goes deep into it with a raw touch.

Chris is a comedian and YouTube personality that loves to talk randomness sprouted from his own personal life. On his podcast, you can find all sorts of different topics and episodes that make you laugh like getting into fights with Mark Wahlberg.

This podcast is focused on the hit TV show The West Wing. It's hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina where they dive in episode by episode for discussion. Accessing episodes is simple with the index they make available.

Philip Brett & Joshua Hanlin are the founders of Angle Magazine which includes magazines, videos and podcast episodes. Each is focused on artists in Southern Korea such as musicians, dancers and more.

Brett Deister is the man behind this podcast. Listen to the Digital Coffee podcast every Friday when Brett dives into the latest video games updates, reviews, gaming marketing strategies and more.

This podcast is entitled "Truth About Muslims." It brings light to some of the stereotypical impressions that are created by history and media coverage of events involving Muslims.

Dj Rahdu creates sounds for the soulful, hip hop and R&B fans. He worked on Throwback Lunch & Classic Hip Hop Show mixing beats that were extremely popular before launching his own podcast series where he discusses it all and interviews other musical geniuses.

Megan Batoon is the fun, colorful and energetic host behind the podcast entitled "Just a Tip." Her and her guests give tips on a wide variety of topics and laugh at mistakes they've made inviting you to do the same and learn from it!

Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt work together on podcasts, books and lectures. They talk education, economics, healthcare and more. Their projects are endless and best selling in their field.

Dr. Stephen Nichols discusses Christianity, and the history that has brought it to it's point today. His podcast episodes hope to modernize and educate in an easy to understand manner.

Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein have a long standing podcast discussing college football. It runs all year long, and there's a ton of creative show themes that keep you just as jacked about football as the first game of the season.

Niche Podcast is entirely what you would imagine. Discussions of extremely niche topics. From art work to games, Joey Lovato is inspired by bringing light to topics you may not have ever heard about.

Unladylike is a podcast and YouTube series focusing on gender as a whole. Cristen and Caroline have been working together for years providing material that focuses on hot topics as well as simple ones like skincare issues!

From the edges of the spectrum. Team Contrast, two young upstarts from Cape Town bring you their unique view on life on the road and everything in-between.

Robert Vore & Dr. Holly Oxhandler host CXMH where mental health and having faith are at the top of conversations. They discuss the balance of it all and often bring on guest speakers that are also professionals in the field.

Kurt Schmidt is the host of the Schmidt List podcast that brings on other leaders and discusses business moves in the technology field. It's meant to be educational, but more importantly inspiring for like minded individuals.

Dr. Jason A. Staples discusses Florida State Football. He has years of experience working in the field and learning from the absolute best. You can expect more than stats, as he dives into deeper behind the scenes issues.

Jimmy is an author and speaker with a huge successful weight loss journey. Dr. Will Cole joins him on their podcast series as a functional medicine physician. Together they investigate and continue to learn about the ins and outs of keto.

Jen Briney gets into the nitty gritty of Congress and the political system. The approach is investigative and ignores specific parties but focuses on money and the American people, all while having a light-hearted laughable vibe.

Stassi is tons of fun chatting about pop culture and all sorts of entertaining topics. She is to the point and brings in quite an audience, allowing her to go on tour with her show live. She also wrote the book "Next Level Basic."

Cast of Wonders offers short fiction based stories written by different authors. Witchcraft, horror stories and even super hero adventures can be found here but with a very mature and adult feel not suitable for children.

Pernod Ricard is a company based on wine and spirits. Their podcast focuses on these subjects and the business that surrounds them. Business owners in the hospitality and restaurant interest will love how they discuss the market as a whole.

Lee R. Heisman and Ted Jenkin are the founders and masterminds behind this podcast. Operating out of several cities in the US, they teach other goal oriented entrepreneurs how to dominate their field and become successful.

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