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32 Examples of Inspiring Personal Websites

Last Updated May 18 2022

Written By Steve Benjamins

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A personal website is all about you. It should communicate your personality and vibe. It could be fun and bouncy or serious and austere— whatever represents you best.

Above all else: don’t be afraid to be human. Write from the first person and be sure to include photos of yourself. Large photos are always better than small.

Screenshot of Mindy Nguyen, from the personal websites collection.

Currently located in Los Angeles, visual artist and designer Mindy Nguyen helps brands with identity, art direction, web design and much more. She currently freelances and also works with ilovecreatives Studio.

Screenshot of Shane Kinkennon , from the personal websites collection.

Shane Kinkennon helps principled executive leaders untangle impediments through his leadership advising services. This is a clean, professional site that pairs bold colors and unique illustrations to accomplish a sleek, dynamic look and feel.

Screenshot of Josh Rubietta, from the personal websites collection.

Josh is from the Bay Area, but has traveled throughout the years sharing his talents in music, dance and acting. You can find music on his website and links to his YouTube channel as well.

Screenshot of Devon Stank , from the personal websites collection.

Devon is the Squarespace website design guru. If you need an impressive website, this is your guy. Additionally he provides training in these departments and additional plugins that may be needed as well.

Screenshot of Karina Martinez-Carter, from the personal websites collection.

Karina currently works for Google as a Program Manager capitalizing on her journalism skills. By combining beautiful images and unique words to an audience, she loves to create a compelling story.

Screenshot of Rafikah Halim, from the personal websites collection.

Rafikah Halim is a Product Manager and loves to helps his customers from start to finish as they develop their company and products. He’s all about growth and finding what works through data.

Screenshot of Anthony Ferrari, from the personal websites collection.

Anthony graduated from Georgia Tech and now works for a company called Atlassian as technical account manager. His job is to organize big teams and optimizing the systems within them.

Screenshot of Felix Kaiser, from the personal websites collection.

Felix Kaiser has a love and education in formulating the perfect customer experience. He is the founder of a podcast as well as the special story telling event Wahre Geschichten.

Screenshot of Lin-Manual Miranda, from the personal websites collection.

You may have seen Lin-Manual Miranda in the Broadway show “Hamilton”. He is also the creator of that play, and has won a ton of awards including a Grammy and an Emmy.

Screenshot of Peter Mckinnon, from the personal websites collection.

Peter Mckinnon is an expert in photography and film production living in Toronto, Canada. He also has a YouTube channel where he teaches his skills in those fields to others in a fun and upbeat way.

Screenshot of Benedict Evans, from the personal websites collection.

Benedict is a tech analyst working independently. He has spent years evaluating mobile, digital and technology programs and now writes essays and provides a newsletter on these topics.

Screenshot of Andreas Mershin, from the personal websites collection.

Andreas has a PhD in physics and biophysics. He practices endless research and provides teaching at MIT with patents in biosensing. You can see interviews on his website about a variety of scientific topics too!

Screenshot of Kantwon, from the personal websites collection.

Kantwon has a focus in robotics and computer science. His website is super fun and stands out from the crowd, diving deeper into the fun side of what can appear to be complicated topics. At Georgia Tech, he is both a student as well as an instructor.

Screenshot of Gregory Cole, from the personal websites collection.

Gregory is an actor, model and a physique artist. He has completely transformed his body which you can see via the site and competes with his new level of fit. He also has a portfolio featuring lifestyle and bodybuilding shots.

Screenshot of Weston Wagner, from the personal websites collection.

Weston, who goes by “Wes”, is a tech guy who uses his skills in many different fields to help new companies flourish. He is currently working with a company called Align, but has worked with several other companies with the same objectives.

Screenshot of Julia H Grace, from the personal websites collection.

Julia Grace is one of the brains behind our beloved Siri. She’s currently working as an Engineering Director for Apple, but has a long history of working for other companies such as Slack and IBM, where it all began.

Screenshot of David Liljewall, from the personal websites collection.

David is a man of many interests including photography, robotics, space and more. He is currently a student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with hopes of working after graduation in robotic and human space exploring.

Screenshot of Amanjeev Sethi, from the personal websites collection.

Amanjeev Sethi is a programmer, photographer, and fan of science. He has both a blog and a photography portfolio that show off his style which incorporates all of these topics as one. He has also spent time in the past teaching others about Computer Science.

Screenshot of Jordan C.V. Taylor, from the personal websites collection.

Jordan is an instructor from New Zealand. His fields of specialty are philosophy of both psychology and science. Currently he works at the University of Pennsylvania.

Screenshot of Valentin Perez, from the personal websites collection.

Valentin Perez has an education in computer science and math. He is the co-founder of “Monthly” which offers online classes in creativity led by creative geniuses.

Screenshot of Dave Hastie, from the personal websites collection.

Dave is a family man whose professional career includes software development. When working in this field or developing new strategies, he’s passionate about solving the most difficult of problems.

Screenshot of Oliver Anderson, from the personal websites collection.

Oliver Anderson is a photography and film expert as well as Co-founder of Dynamo Films. You can find projects he has worked on with big-names such as Coca-Cola and Macy’s.

Screenshot of Esteve Castells, from the personal websites collection.

Esteve Castells is a growth specialist in terms of SEO and technology. Whatever goal a business has in mind, Esteve can help them achieve it with his skills in education and technology.

Screenshot of Miiro Juuso, from the personal websites collection.

Miiro is an engineer with a high-level resume in the software world. He is the CEO at his company Releaseworks. You can find his work within a variety of different fields from healthcare to travel.

Screenshot of Luana Psaros, from the personal websites collection.

Luana Psaros is an entertainment force with talents as an actor, singer, dancer and musician. She is located in New York and her resume has a large amount of history in Theater.

Screenshot of Katie Schmitz, from the personal websites collection.

Katie is Global Strategist and Branding Professional. Using research, data and personal touch she can navigate through the many aspects of a brand and how to give them the best chance for success.

Screenshot of Samantha Butler, from the personal websites collection.

Samantha’s specialty and education is in the field of Marketing. She helps companies using social media, design, and strategy that grabs the attention of customers and adds value to the experience.

Screenshot of Oz, from the personal websites collection.

Oz is a designer that creates the most innovative products as well as solutions that break through previous barriers. He uses research and strategies that can help businesses have a competitive edge.

Screenshot of Kalina Silverman, from the personal websites collection.

Kalina is an entrepreneur of many kinds. She’s a journalist, a model, an artist and the founder of the media project BigTalk. You can view her wide-range portfolio on her site.

Screenshot of Faraz Jafari, from the personal websites collection.

Faraz is a designer and creative producer who dabbles in many different projects that speak to him. Lifestyle, martial arts and gaming are all on his list of interests. Check out some of his writings and information on the tools he uses to create.

Screenshot of Atulit Kumar, from the personal websites collection.

Atulit is a graphic and video engineer that currently works for Apple. Take a look at his super cool projects animation, gaming and 3D designs.

Screenshot of Chris von Eitzen, from the personal websites collection.

Chris works for Adobe and holds the title of Customer Success Manager. You can find more info from the site on his Linkedin and Twitter accounts. He also has a love for gaming.

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