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44 Service Websites: The Ultimate List

Last Updated September 25 2022

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is it. This is the ultimate collection of the most beautiful and practical service websites you’ll find online.

Over the last few years, we have analyzed thousands of websites and gathered hundreds of website examples.

Many of these website examples are of businesses that offer services. For instance, we have collections of agency websites, architecture portfolio sites, photography websites, videography websites, copywriters’ websites, consulting websites, UX designer portfolios, and many more.

This list of service websites is an amalgamation of the best of the best.

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Screenshot of RyuCreative, from the service websites collection.

RyuCreative is a boutique-style marketing agency in Los Angeles. The female ran company has successfully assisted several different companies in PR, Social Branding, and Creative Design.

Screenshot of Gretel, from the service websites collection.

The Gretel Agency supports brands in all areas of art direction, design, and content. Smoothing out the kinks for new brands or recreating those that need it, they have helped a variety of different brands become more successful.

Screenshot of Candy Black, from the service websites collection.

Candy Black is a boutique-style company assisting brands with all things visual design and communication. They have worked with clients from around the world and have a hefty history of clients and successful projects.

Screenshot of Janet Hamley, from the service websites collection.

Janet Hamley is a CPA working for the company Prairie Dog Film + Television. It’s a unique industry for a numbers professional. She leads the company in budgeting, planning, and forecasting its financials.

Screenshot of JWL Accounting, from the service websites collection.

Jessica W. Louie is the owner and lead accountant that runs the JWL Accounting firm. She has a passion for the whole business picture when it comes to bookkeeping and tax services, and her team does as well.

Screenshot of Douglas Cardinal, from the service websites collection.

Douglas Cardinal studied at The University of British Columbia before moving to Texas and becoming an architecture student. His love for nature flows through his architectural work and creates a unique flow of design.

Screenshot of Jacob Warhop, from the service websites collection.

A creative at heart, Jacob Warhop offers cartoon design, advertising, and copywriting services. All of which combine seamlessly and have landed him positions with plenty of successful companies to date.

Screenshot of Harper Construction Company, from the service websites collection.

Harper Construction Company has been in the construction industry since 1974. Their website features a wide range of past projects they have worked on. Residential, government, and aviation are just a few specialties on the service menu.

Screenshot of Devon Stank, from the service websites collection.

Devon runs a consulting service for Squarespace, and that’s immediately obvious. He has decided not to put a picture of himself on the homepage, but he has lots of pictures of himself throughout the website.

Screenshot of Samantha Alice, from the service websites collection.

Samantha is an ecommerce consultant with a bright, colorful website. Her main services are administration, creativity, Shopify store building, and events. She includes testimonials, links to her social media (LinkedIn and Instagram) and a portfolio of past projects.

Screenshot of Christopher Boyer, from the service websites collection.

The website design for Christopher Boyer Consulting feels more like a consulting agency than an individual consultant— the stock photo of a city landscape gives the feel of a consulting website template rather than a custom, bespoke website design. But other than that, I like that he has a clear list of services while also sharing a podcast and blog so that you can get to know how he thinks.

Screenshot of Kelsey O

Kelsey is a copy and brand messaging consultant who also provides done-for-you copywriting services. She started as a newspaper journalist and has borrowed the interview-inspired writing style from there in her copywriting career. Her website is the perfect blend of everything a professional copywriter’s website should have.

Screenshot of Shanley Cox, from the service websites collection.

Shanley Cox is the talented writer and photographer behind her company Shanley Cox Creative. Brands can hire Shanley to help form their message using her words in copywriting, blog writing, and social media content.

Screenshot of Dental Care Seattle, from the service websites collection.

One of Seattle’s top dental practices is Dental Care Seattle. Consisting of a well-rounded team of 5 different dentists that offer both preventative and cosmetic services in a friendly setting.

Screenshot of North Beach Dentist, from the service websites collection.

Located in Maryland, this team of professionals is made up of four different dentists. With a laid-back vibe and an at-home welcoming, patients will feel more comfortable receiving care.

Screenshot of La Playa, from the service websites collection.

Náyade is a web designer and front-end developer that works out of an island called Lanzarote. Her Squarespace portfolio features screenshots of projects which she has done design, development, and occasionally, logo design for. She also includes links to her social media.

Screenshot of Dr. Dale Prokupek, from the service websites collection.

Dr. Dale Prokupek is a healthcare provider offering primary care services as well as specializing in issues of gastroenterology. The medical practice is known as one of the best in Los Angeles. The homepage immediately sends the message that overall health begins with the initiative of the patient.

Screenshot of Healthway, from the service websites collection.

Healthway is a corporate medical website that offers a clean, user-friendly web design. With the many different locations and health services offered by Healthway, the website manages to maintain functionality while providing all the necessary information from its directory.

Screenshot of Pilates by Amanda, from the service websites collection.

Pilates instructor Amanda Kassar is a popular fitness guru in Los Angeles. Her approach is personal and customized for her clients, offering both private and online courses.

Her fitness website makes for a great example for one particular reason, if not more: Right at the top of her website is a GIF of women (with flexible bodies, strong core, and perfect posture) doing low-impact pilates. It’s a classic example of show, don’t tell. The GIF shows the results clients will get (strong core, great posture, flexibility) if they take pilates training from Amanda.

Screenshot of Jessica Manning, from the service websites collection.

Jessica Manning is a personal trainer who, as the website mentions, “will get you spending more of your life feeling confident, strong and empowered” with exercise schedules, meal plans, sleep habits, and more. Everything about the website displays her personality and training style, making it among the best fitness websites.

Screenshot of Mindy Nguyen, from the service websites collection.

Currently located in Los Angeles, visual artist and designer Mindy Nguyen helps brands with identity, art direction, web design, etc. She currently freelances and also works with ilovecreatives Studio.

Screenshot of Alice Zhang, from the service websites collection.

Bright, colorful, and bold could accurately describe the illustrations and art from Alice Zhang. Her services also include graphic design, mural paintings, and motion design.

Screenshot of Studio Bramble, from the service websites collection.

Studio Bramble is a one-stop shop for brand direction, starting from the ground up. Interior design, fabrication, custom furniture, and product design are some of the services they offer.

Screenshot of John Leader, from the service websites collection.

With over 30 years of experience, John Leader has a wealthy amount of knowledge to apply to his cases. You can view a list of case results on his website to ensure confidence in choosing him as your lawyer for wrongful death and personal injury cases.

Screenshot of DKM Law Group, from the service websites collection.

DKM Law Group provides expert legal representation on complex commercial matters for financial, insurance, and real estate institutions. Here’s what the designer said: “we built a simple, classy site that helps them look professional when engaging with prospective clients.”

Screenshot of McMath Creative, from the service websites collection.

McMath Creative offers marketing services for companies looking to stand out from the crowd. Branding and Strategy, Content Creation, and Project Management are services they provide using a holistic approach.

Screenshot of Saltwater Massage Studio, from the service websites collection.

Gretchen Lee is the founder of this boutique-style massage studio in Massachusetts. They host many therapists that provide a more modern massage services such as cupping, CBD-based sessions, and more.

Screenshot of Meiwen See, from the service websites collection.

Meiwen is a professional designer and photographer that features travel, people, editorial, and interior photography. He is also a designer, combining his many artistic talents to help his clients with branding, art direction, and more. If you plan on selling other complimentary services alongside your photography business, see Meiwen’s website.

Screenshot of Michael Calcagno & Nancy Hamilton, from the service websites collection.

Michael and Nancy work as a dynamic team in the area of Santa Barbara and Montecito. They’ve been recognized as a top-producing team more than once, and I believe it’s due to their laid-back yet professional approach.

Screenshot of Guy Yarkoni, from the service websites collection.

Guy takes a fresh approach to real estate in Toronto with Remax. He’s got over 10 years of experience and a passion for working from the inside out and for the long term with his clients. He knows how important it is to be a part of the process, be it simple or complicated.

Screenshot of Sawmill Brewery, from the service websites collection.

This is a mature, sophisticated restaurant website with rich interiors. It has amazing images and a calming dark color scheme. It includes contact info, lets you order online, and purchases gift cards. This is one of the best restaurant websites on this list!

Screenshot of Forever Young Spa, from the service websites collection.

In 2001, the Forever Young Spa was created. Sisters Casey and Jennifer Subject took over the business in 2019, and the spa has been booming ever since.

Screenshot of Spa Belles, from the service websites collection.

Spa Belles is located in New York and offers a large menu of spa services. Their focus began with manicures and pedicures, but with their success, it has since flourished into massages, facials, and body treatments too!

Screenshot of In8love Wellness, from the service websites collection.

Self-care with a holistic approach can be found in the practice of In8love Wellness. Located in LA, patients will find services in chiropractic care, massage therapy, cupping, and more.

Screenshot of Minaa B., from the service websites collection.

Minaa is a professional in the mental health field that is truly passionate about what she does. Aside from her general services, she puts a focus on self-care and learning tools that support a better quality of life.

Screenshot of Pack Up + Go, from the service websites collection.

Pack Up + Go is a travel agency that specializes in surprise vacations. Travelers fill out a survey about their travel preferences, budget, etc. The travel agent will then plan every aspect of the trip accordingly. This type of vacation is perfect for those who love to travel and be spontaneous but don’t like creative travel planning. It’s also a great way to explore new places without any preconceived notions or expectations.

Screenshot of The Global Nomad, from the service websites collection.

Established in 2015, The Global Nomad is a full-service travel agency website that specializes in international travel. They offer a wide range of services, from booking flights and hotels to organizing car rentals. Their goal in the travel industry is to make international travel easy and accessible for everyone.

Screenshot of Paradise, from the service websites collection.

ZAPATA started Paradise in 2012. It’s a full service video production company that creates commercial work from pre-production through post.

Screenshot of Weddings by Lisa Nicole, from the service websites collection.

Lisa Friesen is the owner of Weddings by Lisa Nicole, working primarily in San Diego. In 2013 she began her own company. Since then, she has managed over 300 weddings!

Screenshot of Engaged and Inspired, from the service websites collection.

Michaela is the creator of Engaged and Inspired, which has been featured in many different bridal magazines. She is located in California but works worldwide, offering a variety of different planning services in addition to rentals for the big day, such as dessert tables.

Screenshot of ProgressPlay, from the service websites collection.

Solutions for casino gaming operators that work on a PC as well as mobile devices. They also offer services for CRM, such as Player Retention Services.

Screenshot of Yoga Off East, from the service websites collection.

Yoga Off East is in North Carolina and offers classes, retreats, and teacher training. The small studio was created by Kathryn Sell Smith, a tennis competitor that transitioned to yoga and invites others to discover its benefits as well.

Screenshot of Feel Good Yoga, from the service websites collection.

Located in Switzerland, this yoga studio offers both in-person classes as well as virtual classes. Sophie D’Avenia started Feel Good Yoga many years ago after she fell in love with the practice, she has since created this studio with many different instructors and types of classes.

Screenshot of Mizko, from the service websites collection.

Michael is a UX/UI designer who also teaches others to design through courses. He has worked with leading tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. His services include UX/UI design, user research and testing, branding design, Webflow development, and more.