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17 Examples of Beautiful Wedding Websites

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

A good wedding website balances aesthetics and function. It should incorporate the wedding theme and colors while also remember that visitors are coming to the website to accomplish a task— RSVPing, accessing the registry or just looking for directions.

This is a collection of 17 wedding websites that we think does a good job. We also include which website builder and template (when possible) was used for it.

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1. Kylla & Mike Made With: Squarespace

Clean, elegant design. A great example of what you want a wedding website to be. Plus: lots of room to showcase engagement photos.

2. Luke & Charlotte Made With: Squarespace

Really like the symmetrical design of this centered navigation. A great example of a wedding website with the classic muted green and pink.

3. Julia & Sam Made With: Squarespace

Sophisticated and elegant. This wedding website example features plenty of whitespace.

4. Anya & Deven Made With: Squarespace

An example of a destination wedding website.

5. Aubrey & Paul Made With: Squarespace

Simple and clean with lot's of white space. The simplicity is also utilitarian: it doesn't overload guests with information. Instead it provides the important details and nothing more.

6. Naomi & Aaron Made With: Squarespace

There's a bit more color in this example than in other Squarespace examples— and bolder typography too. But it still has that classic Squarespace look: clean and contemporary with lots of space to showcase photos.

7. Sarah & Josh Made With: Wix

One of the better examples of a wedding website builder with Wix. The simple floral background can be customized with your graphics (if you have a theme you've already choosen).

8. Suntina & Famico Made With: Wordpress

Interesting video background header with a Save The Date headline. Also includes a wedding countdown, a timeline of the couple courtship and a photo gallery.

9. Sam & Emma Made With: Wordpress

An example of simple watercolor wedding template. Soft greens and lots of floral patterns give it a natural look.

10. The Aisle Made With: Wordpress

Big and beautiful with plenty of room for photography. This example has a lot of space for photos, testimonials and registry.

11. End of the Year Made With: Squarespace

A simple one-page website. Good for wedding announcements.

12. Tanya & Josh Made With: Wix

Very tasteful. Clean and spacious with lots of room for engagement photos.

13. She Said Yes Made With: Wix

This example features big, bold photography (as you scroll along)— so it might be a good fit if you want to showcase your engagement photos. (One note: I ran into some technical issues on my laptop with this website— it seemed to scroll left-to-right on some pages.)

14. Zoe & Amelia Made With: Wix

The animations, bold typography and bright colors make this an example of a fun wedding website.

15. Hayden & Melissa Made With: Wix

This simple one-page wedding website template uses different shades of red throughout. It's a nice effect— but make sure to stick with that format if you decide to change the colors for your own use.

16. Lee & Tom Made With: Wix

A great example of a wedding website. All necessary information is included on one page. It's pretty but to the point.

17. Anna & Ryan Made With: Wix

A great example of a one-pager with lots of opportunities to showcase engagement photos.