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20 Examples of Beautiful Wedding Websites

Last Updated January 2 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

A good wedding website balances aesthetics and function. It should incorporate the wedding theme and colors while also remembering that visitors are coming to the website to accomplish a task— RSVPing, accessing the gift registry, or just looking for directions or wedding event details when they don’t have access to the wedding invitation or the save-the-dates card.

This is a collection of 17 wedding websites that we think do a good job. We also include which wedding website builder and template (when possible) was used for it.

Screenshot of Andrew and Delphine, from the wedding websites collection.

Andrew and Delphine created a website that is clean-cut and well-designed. The layout, high-quality pictures, and quirky writing make it a fun reflection of who they are as a couple.

The website is as functional as it is beautiful. The top bar menu has links to all the important pages for wedding guests - Livestream, Wedding day info (dress code, location, etc.), Gift registry, and seating chart (which also serves as a guest list). And, on the opposite side of the menu is an easily visible RSVP button.

Screenshot of Stephen and Olivia, from the wedding websites collection.

Stephen and Olivia are getting married in Virginia. Their website is romantic in font, color, and pictures of the quirky couple. We also love the FAQ section for guests too.

P.S. The website is edited post-wedding and now has a beautiful Thank you message for everyone who attended the wedding. Also, visitors can now see their lovely wedding photos.

Screenshot of Brittany & Nick, from the wedding websites collection.

The site has clean, neutral colors and a splash of fun with candid photo reels. It’s super easy to navigate and full of information for their big day that makes accommodations easy for guests.

The Music Requests! page on the website is a nice touch!

Screenshot of Sonny, from the wedding websites collection.

Clean, elegant design. A great example of what you want a wedding website to be. Plus: lots of room to showcase engagement photos.

Screenshot of Luke & Charlotte, from the wedding websites collection.

Really like the symmetrical design of this centered navigation. A great example of a wedding website with the classic muted green and pink.

The full-width slider with their gorgeous images right at the top look fantastic from both aesthetic and website design viewpoints.

Screenshot of Sarah and Stephen, from the wedding websites collection.

This wedding day website features a single scrolling page broken up into the necessities, and then some. Their bubbly engagement pictures are emphasized with pink tones and a pop quiz for guests to test who knows the couple best.

On tiny criticism: The top menu is not clearly visible, but hey, the loved ones will find it!

Screenshot of Rebekah and JP, from the wedding websites collection.

This wedding website is organized page by page, providing all the necessary information for their guests. Beautiful engagement photos and the website itself, both have a moody ambiance.

The website design is modern…if you can’t tell just by a look at it or the wedding date, the “Join us online via Zoom” might help ;)

Screenshot of Julia & Sam, from the wedding websites collection.

Sophisticated and elegant. This wedding website example features plenty of whitespace.

Screenshot of Anya & Deven, from the wedding websites collection.

An example of a destination wedding website. The Location page is beautifully done with direction guides, where to stay, and things to do around the destination.

Screenshot of Gleb and Charlee, from the wedding websites collection.

This wedding website is one that is continuously updated along the planning process, keeping everyone in the loop. In the meantime, visitors can read about the couples love story and check out their engagement photos that are flattered by the sites color scheme.

Screenshot of Aubrey & Paul, from the wedding websites collection.

Simple and clean with lots of white space. The simplicity is also utilitarian: it doesn’t overload guests with information. Instead, it provides the important details and nothing more. It has only three web pages: wedding details, registry, and online RSVP.

Screenshot of Naomi & Aaron, from the wedding websites collection.

There’s a bit more color in this example than in other Squarespace examples— and bolder typography too. It’s also a one-page website, unlike others you saw up until. But it still has that classic Squarespace look: clean and contemporary with lots of space to showcase photos.

Screenshot of Jennifer and Andrew, from the wedding websites collection.

Before even reading information on the site, you can clearly tell that Jennifer and Andrew will be getting married someplace tropical. Their nuptials will take place in Hawaii, and everything from the font to the engagement photos foreshadow that theme.

Besides, of course, it has gorgeous engagement photos, digital RSVPs, the wedding registry, and the where + when + wear.

Screenshot of Ricky and Silvy, from the wedding websites collection.

Ricky and Silvy have a unique layout and organized information that flows well and navigates easily (thanks to the jum links). The photography is romantic, showing off the couple together and individually.

Screenshot of James and Laura, from the wedding websites collection.

James and Laura show off their eclectic and vintage taste with fun photos of themselves, and of the venue as well. Guests can envision the ambiance for what the wedding itself will be like in beautiful London.

Screenshot of Leanne and Dan, from the wedding websites collection.

I love just how simple and attractive this website is. A landing page that features beautiful photography, nice colors, and fonts. This site provides a lot of information, without seeming cluttered.

Because it is a single-page website, ending the web page with the RSVP form is a great choice.

Screenshot of Jess and Chris, from the wedding websites collection.

Jess and Chris have a bold-colored, somewhat illustrated wedding website. Details from their past, present, and future can be found in high-quality photography.

As an outsider, you might find the details and stories of each bridesmaid and groomsman a bit overwhelming, especially because everything’s on a single page, but there’s sentimental value + quick navigation right at the top for those who want to quickly RSVP or see wedding party details.

Screenshot of Johnny and Christine, from the wedding websites collection.

Site visitors can learn all about the wedding party and the couple’s history that began in their college days. They can also get a better feel for what to expect on the big day, accommodation options, and RSVP.

Screenshot of Elisabeth and Byron, from the wedding websites collection.

Check out this couples wedding website that reflects their destination wedding in Florida. They show off professional photography, romantic details and their love story in a subtle yet charming way.

Screenshot of Tmak and Jimmy, from the wedding websites collection.

This particular site was used for more than just pre-wedding details. They also used it for after the wedding as well, by uploading wedding images and sending thanks to their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put wedding website on Save the Date?

Yes, you should put the wedding website link in the save-the-dates. It helps guests in finding more information about the wedding.

When should I start my wedding website?

You can start creating your wedding website as soon as you have set the wedding date and booked your wedding venue.

What information goes on a wedding website?

From a functional point of view, a good wedding website includes the schedule of events, locations for those events, travel info, dress code details, accommodations, registry, and RSVP. Apart from that, it should have images of the couple and their love story. Everything else is optional.

Which is the best wedding website builder?

From the ones we've tested, Squarespace is the best because of its beautiful templates and ease of use. However, we haven't tested more niche builders like The Knot, WeddingWire, Minted, Zola, etc., so we can't comment on any of those.