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Table of Contents

The Grid Is Near Industry-Low In Customer Satisfaction

The Grid recently scored 60% in Wise Buyer's customer satisfaction testing— second lowest among website builders.

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The Grid Is Near Industry-Low In Customer Satisfaction

By Steve Benjamins | Updated May 5 2021

Wise Buyer found the customer satisfaction percentage by talking to 1,571 users of website builders.

Many of The Grid users expressed disappointment and anger:

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, at any time, for anything. It was a complete waste of money - a pure ripoff.”

“It’s a major disappointment in every possible way, in my opinion.”

“I was one of the founding members who paid a year or more in advance and was very excited about the potential but when I finally got access it was like… ok but where is this revolutionary AI tech?”

“I was hoping to build my website as they claimed, automatically via AI … was pretty disappointed and frustrated when I tried it.”

“I bought it originally based on their social media advertising blitz. But when I got to finally use it after months, I was not happy. “

“The system is garbage.”

“I signed up almost a year in advance.. But when I started to make my websites hell begun.”

“I would definitely not recommend it. It just happens that I have (stupidly) paid for it and now i am stuck with it.”

A few years ago The Grid launched with no software or demo— just a marketing campaign promising an AI that could design websites. It generated huge buzz.

Fast Company promised that The Grid was “the website of the future.”

Venture Beat issued a warning to web designers: “Now there is an A.I. that can do your job.”

During this time The Grid collected money from “founding members” by promising them early access to the AI website builder when it launched.

But at this point, it should be pretty clear: The Grid is not satisfying customers.

(Note: Wise Buyer is a separate entity from Site Builder Report— but I run both websites.)

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