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25 Inspiring Examples of Resume Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

Resume websites have a particular audience: potential employers. So they should warmly introduce you to recruiters and hiring managers.

Choose a minimalist template that is friendly and approachable and has room for some professional photos of you. Make sure contact information is obvious. You should link to any relevant social media— for example, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also include your cover letter and work experience.

This is our curated collection of resume website examples. Hope you find it inspiring!

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Screenshot of Alisha Selena, from the resume websites collection.

Alisha Selena is a copywriter with a fun personality and a passion for the power of words. Her resume includes creating content for projects such as blog writing, radio scripts and advertisement.

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Screenshot of Kristina Plummer, from the resume websites collection.

Kristina Plummer categorizes herself as a boutique branding agency. She created her beloved platform, Your Kompas Inc. She combined her passion for a plant-based lifestyle with design skills and the app allows others to quickly find plant-based options on the go.

Screenshot of Erik Kindel, from the resume websites collection.

Erik is an expert in content creation. His resume includes creative and informative usage of content, with a focus on continuing his education and learning new skills.

Screenshot of Thomas Grangeon, from the resume websites collection.

Thomas is a Junior Art Director who also offers freelance services in User Experience, Art Direction and Motion Design. His studies and experience has led him to help several agencies grow substantially.

Screenshot of Joseph Ali, from the resume websites collection.

Joseph Ali has more than 15 years in the technology industry. He has developed projects from start to finish for different brands, including initial ideas and marketing strategies.

Screenshot of Alexander Naraghi, from the resume websites collection.

Alexander is a software engineer whos’ resume includes creating applications for a variety different platforms. His skills have been applied to personal, small and large sized companies.

Screenshot of Maddie Harris, from the resume websites collection.

Maddie is a UX developer. Her education and bachelors degree furthered her skills in art, design and technology. She has since stacked an impressive resume of projects that make the user experience a seamless one.

Screenshot of Aviva Gomberg, from the resume websites collection.

Aviva Gomberg is an artist in design, photography and video editing. Her resume shows off the creative companies she has worked for, which has ultimately led her to work independently on freelance projects.

Screenshot of Brooke Barker, from the resume websites collection.

Located in Denver, Brooke Barker is a graphic designer and web developer. Aside from design skills, she’s also fluent in photo editing and video editing.

Screenshot of Nate Hinners, from the resume websites collection.

Nate Hinners is an art director with a portfolio and resume featuring lettering and creative design. His website has an entire page dedicated to his resume which includes years of experience and high ratings in his field.

Screenshot of Ryan Parker, from the resume websites collection.

Ryan Parker is a humble creator and marketer that has worked in the business for many years. His passion shines through in his work and the companies he works with, knowing that it takes more than just himself to have a successful team and project.

Screenshot of Will Wetherilt, from the resume websites collection.

Will Wetherilt is a designer for new software and products that provide a top notch user experience. Will has worked on projects in retail, product development, and experience with clients such as Microsoft and Nike.

Screenshot of Allison Driscoll, from the resume websites collection.

Allison or “Ally” earned her degree in communications with a focus in marketing. She is now an experienced marketing strategist with a highlight reel of successful clients.

Screenshot of Emily Sullivan, from the resume websites collection.

Emily Sullivan is an actress with a love for theatre, musical films and the works of Shakespeare. Check out her expanding resume for education and the roles she has been cast to play.

Screenshot of Rosa Chae, from the resume websites collection.

Rosa Chae is a User Experience designer located in Seattle Washington. Her resume includes work that she is passionate about not only in design, but also with empathy. She currently works for the Huffington Post.

Screenshot of Stephanie Zuppo, from the resume websites collection.

Stephanie is an artist with specialties as a cartoonist, designer and education. She hosts several workshops for children and adults, teaching others about her craft.

Screenshot of Aaron Hinton, from the resume websites collection.

Aaron is a filmmaker that has been in love with films since he was very young. He earned a degree in Media Arts from Brigham Young University, and has since won several different awards for his work.

Screenshot of Lara Seuss, from the resume websites collection.

This creative and quirky Art Director is from Dallas Texas. Her portfolio and resume display her special skills in adverting using print, digital and outdoor billboards.

Screenshot of Hayes Nelson, from the resume websites collection.

Hayes Nelson is a sales platform genius that has helped numerous companies and teams skyrocket their income and growth. His combination of customer experience, financials and marketing have brought him success with companies such as Shape Magazine.

Screenshot of Gracie Wilson, from the resume websites collection.

Gracie Wilson is a designer with a bright and colorful way of standing out. She specifically loves lettering, and recently created her own font available for purchase called “Party Wave”.

Screenshot of Elizabeth Carroll, from the resume websites collection.

Elizabeth is a creative with skills in project management, design and technology. Her skillset has expanded over the years, making her a well-rounded team member.

Screenshot of Kate Fitzgibbon, from the resume websites collection.

Kate is now a developer in UX, but she didn’t start in the field. Her resume shows her history that included 7 years of admin and HR experience. Working at a design school made her realize what her true passion was.

Screenshot of Annastina Cleary, from the resume websites collection.

This graphic designer and has major skills creating colorful, eye catching campaigns. She’s the Art Director for Simon & Schuster Publishing and her resume also includes video work and company branding.

Screenshot of Olivia Killingsworth, from the resume websites collection.

Olivia is a New York based actress with a resume loaded with her work in theatre. She is passionate about her craft, always aiming for an emotional reaction from the audience.

Screenshot of Holly Jade, from the resume websites collection.

Mintboxx is the UX Design company featuring the work of Holly Jade. Learn all about her process and the work that’s landed her jobs with Facebook and Apple.

Screenshot of Eldridge Doubleday, from the resume websites collection.

Eldridge is a thoughtful creator and designer that aims to keep projects more authentic and traditional in terms of process. He has a podcast called The Design is Dead where he discuses this and digital design further.