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28 Well-Designed Webflow Websites

Last Updated June 30 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of well-designed Webflow websites.

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Screenshot of Modash, from the webflow websites collection.

Modash helps marketing teams find, analyze, and monitor influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It lists every influencer with over 1K followers (i.e., 250M+ profiles), allowing users to search by location, niche, or audience size.

Modash’s website focuses on helping potential customers understand the platform, building trust, and eventually getting them to either get on a demo call or start a free trial. It does so with clear copywriting, engaging/informational visuals, and effective web design on all its landing pages.

Here’s how it does it on the homepage:

After making the hero text straightforward and CTAs clearer, the website CTR increased 2x.

To avoid distractions, the elements that make a website “aesthetically pleasing” are kept as minimal as possible. For example, the website uses typical colors and fonts, so they don’t attract any attention (in contrast, the vibrant color in the above example added to the website’s personality).

Screenshot of Pogo, from the webflow websites collection.

Pogo is an app that enables users to earn rewards on their purchases and find savings on their bills, insurance, and bank fees. It also lets users monetize their data for market research and personalized ads. The app is known for its user-friendly interface and secure data handling.

This website aims to help you understand its offering and get you to download the app. And it does both with excellent web design.

  1. You learn how the app works with clear copy and accompanying visuals.
  2. You can download it from the easily visible CTA buttons in the navigation bar and the QR code located front and center.

An app that, as they write, “put your data to work” needs to convince users of privacy and security. The website does it by prominently mentioning “256-bit SSL encryption” and “Data Control Center” + a reviews section that boasts 4.9-star reviews from 30k+ users.

Screenshot of Webflow, from the webflow websites collection.

Over 3.5 million designers and teams use Webflow to create and collaborate on visually stunning websites without coding. It’s one of the best website builders and the platform powering all the sites on this list. The company raised $120M Series C at a $4B valuation just last year.

Being a web design platform, Webflow knows a thing or two about making a visually stunning and functionally perfect website for itself.

Screenshot of Outseta, from the webflow websites collection.

Outseta is an integrated platform offering tools for managing membership sites, SaaS products, or online communities. It combines CRM, billing, email marketing, and help desk functionalities, aiming to streamline operations and speed up time to market for businesses.

Outseta’s website stands out with its dynamic and user-friendly design, featuring bold headers, clear fonts, and custom graphics. Its clean, organized structure makes navigation effortless, while integrated testimonials add a layer of credibility.

Screenshot of Vendr, from the webflow websites collection.

Vendr is a procurement management tool specializing in negotiations and streamlining the purchasing process for businesses. The platform aims to serve as an all-in-one solution for companies’ procurement needs.

Screenshot of January AI, from the webflow websites collection.

January AI is a health technology company that provides users with personalized insights into their metabolic health. The idea is to use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and AI to track and analyze glucose, activity, and food intake data. This information is then used to create a customized health plan with daily targets for managing glucose, gut health, and sleep.

Screenshot of Swan, from the webflow websites collection.

Swan is a licensed financial institution that provides scalable core banking infrastructure and built-in regulatory compliance for businesses. Essentially, the platform handles complex tasks like transaction processing, identity verification, and fraud detection, eliminating the need for a separate compliance team.

Screenshot of MarqVision, from the webflow websites collection.

MarqVision is a Growth Protection Platform that safeguards brands from online counterfeit products, unauthorized sales, and pirated content. They monitor over 1,500 online platforms and use AI technology for fast enforcement and removal of counterfeit and pirated content. The platform also offers integrated legal services and an all-in-one IP management platform for registering, managing, and monitoring trademarks.

Screenshot of Cococart , from the webflow websites collection.

Cococart is an online platform designed to simplify the process of setting up online shops for local businesses. It offers a range of features, including automated order management from social media, multiple payment options, and a user-friendly interface.

Screenshot of FlyCode, from the webflow websites collection.

FlyCode is a product analytics tracking tool that automates the process of defining, implementing, and verifying your analytics tracking. It offers features to prevent data quality issues, ensure faster implementation with developer-first tools, and eliminate human errors. The platform aims to provide a single source of truth for tracking events and maintaining a consistent event naming convention.

Screenshot of Atlist, from the webflow websites collection.

Atlist is a user-friendly tool for crafting custom maps suitable for world maps, store locators, and visualizations.

This website employs a clear and visually appealing layout that immediately communicates its primary function: creating custom Google Maps. The use of a white background that makes the colorful content pop, distinct sections, and relevant visuals—including real-life examples—creates an intuitive user experience, guiding potential users through the features and benefits of the platform.

Screenshot of, from the webflow websites collection. offers a solution aimed at simplifying and speeding up post-production processes with a text-based editor. Users can search the transcript for specific content, find it, cut it, and finalize their edits quickly and efficiently.

Riverside’s design focuses on its core offering: high-quality audio and video recording with fast editing. The dark theme accentuated by pops of color adds a professional and sleek touch. The website cleverly utilizes a hero image showing its platform in action. Additionally, the endorsements and showcases from recognizable figures and brands further boost its credibility and appeal to the target audience of podcasters and content creators.

Screenshot of Agua Bonita, from the webflow websites collection.

Agua Bonita is a beverage company that offers a healthier version of traditional agua fresca. Their variety packs are currently available for purchase.

Screenshot of Faircraft, from the webflow websites collection.

Faircraft is a material science startup that produces lab-grown leather. Using cell biology, they create sustainable and versatile materials with low environmental impact. Their technology allows them to fine-tune the properties of their materials to meet specific needs, offering unique possibilities for designers and brands.

Screenshot of Tavus , from the webflow websites collection.

Tavus is a digital platform that automates the creation of personalized videos for various purposes. Aimed at businesses and individuals, the service allows users to send unique video messages without manual production, streamlining the process of engaging with audiences in a more personalized manner.

Screenshot of Glean, from the webflow websites collection.

Glean is a tech company founded by former Google engineers focused on improving workplace search. They offer specialized search tools and solutions to help teams in various sectors efficiently find the information they need.

Screenshot of Artistree Home and Design Studio, from the webflow websites collection.

Artistree Home and Design Studio adds a completely different spin on a typical construction project. One look at their website and you’ll be in awe of all the magical treehouse creations. A guest treehouse, a full resort or just your own little slice of nature can easily be achieved by these professionals.

Screenshot of Moritz Oesterlau, from the webflow websites collection.

Moritz teaches UX design as a tutor at CareerFoundry and also has web design, branding, and UX projects under his cap.

His portfolio website, as he proudly puts it, was reviewed and approved by the grand Ran Segall, the founder of Flux Academy. That’s proof enough that this UX portfolio is on point. Let me just highlight the elements I like:

Screenshot of Rewind AI, from the webflow websites collection.

Rewind is a privacy-first app that (ironically) records what you do, see, speak, and hear and makes it searchable. The Rewind app is available for Mac and iOS and is soon coming to Windows. The company has raised over $33m from big-name investors like Sam Altman, First Round Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and NEA.

Screenshot of Mack & Pouya, from the webflow websites collection.

Mack and Pouya are wedding photographers. And their website design is as beautiful as their photos.

There are lots of colors and micro-animations and sounds and photos and details going on, yet nothing about the website feels overwhelming. The font choices, the icon choices, and the overall design choice is perfect for a modern-day photography portfolio site.

Screenshot of Notarize, from the webflow websites collection.

Notarize is a leading online notary service SaaS. They have completed over 2 million notarizations and can notarize documents online in all 50 states of the US.

This website homepage section beautifully & interactively explains how the platform works:

The website has many more pages and resources dedicated to helping both notaries working/deciding to work with them and individuals/companies wanting their services. For example, Notarize has different landing pages for all the industries they serve - financial services, law firms, real estate, etc., where they share the use cases, partners, and testimonials from people in the industry.

Naturally, Notarize’s website is designed & developed to the pixel by experienced professionals who know how to choose the right colors, typography, spacing, animations, and everything.

Screenshot of Proof, from the webflow websites collection.

There’s a lot that the Proof website homepage gets right:


You can’t possibly know how exactly can Proof “Boost your website conversions by 15% in under 15 minutes” if you don’t know about the platform beforehand. The homepage fails to mention its features; neither does it have a “How It Works” section. If we look at the homepage alone, its copy is a classic example of blindly following “showcase benefits, not features” — I believe it’s necessary to communicate both features and benefits.

Nevertheless, if you don’t isolate the homepage, there’s a separate “How It Works” page that’s easily navigable from the menu bar. And it has all the details. Plus, the menu bar changes with additional links to features, integrations, etc.

Screenshot of Ginventory, from the webflow websites collection.

The five-word heading ⁠— “Find your next favorite Gin” ⁠— tells visitors all about Ginventory’s business. The CTAs to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store suggest Ginventory is an app company, and this is the app’s (minimal) website.

Screenshot of Social Snowball, from the webflow websites collection.

Social Snowball is a Shopify app that automates affiliate and referral programs for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands. It facilitates engaging referral programs, simplifies influencer management, and provides easy payout processes, among other features, to streamline word-of-mouth marketing for businesses​​.

Social Snowball adopts a visually appealing blend of vibrant colors and concise content to highlight its Shopify affiliate app. A prominent display of user interfaces and success metrics immediately conveys the platform’s utility. Testimonials and brand affiliations further reinforce their efficacy in the affiliate marketing domain.

Screenshot of Ramp, from the webflow websites collection.

Ramp updates and automates accounting systems to improve how teams operate in finance. Its website focuses on a smart spending solution for businesses, with a simple layout and realistic design features.

Screenshot of Jack Dalrymple, from the webflow websites collection.

Jack is a marketing consultant who built his online presence on Webflow. His consulting website reads almost like a resume for potential clients.

Screenshot of Jacob Warhop, from the webflow websites collection.

A creative at heart, Jacob Warhop offers cartoon design, advertising, and copywriting services. All of which combine seamlessly and have landed him positions with plenty of successful companies to date.

Screenshot of Mizko, from the webflow websites collection.

Michael is a UX/UI designer who also teaches others to design through courses. He has worked with leading tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. His services include UX/UI design, user research and testing, branding design, Webflow development, and more.