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Is Weebly a Dead Product?

Weebly is not being actively developed. They'll still take your money but it's a website builder that hasn't had a new feature in over a year.

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By Steve Benjamins | Updated Jan 5 2024

TL;DR: Weebly is not being actively developed. They’ll still take your money but it’s a website builder that hasn’t had a new feature in over a year. You’re better off with a website builder like Squarespace.

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What Happened to Weebly?

Weebly was acquired by Square in 2018 (note: Square and Squarespace are separate companies). Since then the Weebly product has been in steady decline and Square has been migrating Weebly users to Square Online — their own website builder.

The problem is Square Online lacks many of Weebly’s features and so many Weebly users have been hesitant to migrate over.

But over the last year it’s become apparent that Square is no longer interested in maintaining Weebly.

Signs are everywhere:

  • Bugs — The Weebly subreddit is full of bug reports.
  • No New Features — Weebly hasn’t launched a feature in over a year.
  • No New Themes — Weebly hasn’t launched a new theme in years. (And the one’s that remain feel outdated.)
  • Closed the Forum — They’ve removed the Weebly community forum and asked users to migrate to Square’s forum.
  • Abandoned Social Media — Weebly’s Twitter, Instagram and YouTube haven’t posted anything in the last 6 months.

This all feels pretty unfair to Weebly’s existing users: they signed up for Weebly and are being asked to migrate to Square Online — a completely different website builder. That sucks.