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User Experience

I’ve been reviewing Weebly for 4 years now and I’m always impressed by the thoughtfulness behind the product. Weebly manages to balance ease of use and power better than any other website builder. It’s incredible. And their latest release (Weebly 4, September 2016) is no exception— it adds powerful features to Weebly while keeping it incredibly easy to use.

Website Editor

Right: Website Editor

Weebly pages are built by dropping text, images and other elements into the body (or footer) of a page. Elements can be re-arranged around the page and automatically snap into columns and rows. No element ever feels half-baked— there’s always enough customization options. For example, the map element includes options for controlling markers, adjusting the zoom and setting longitude and longitude markers. Handy.

Some website builders cut corners by limiting the customizability of elements— but not Weebly.

Right: Some website builders cut corners by limiting the customizability of elements— but not Weebly.

Sections is a new feature in Weebly 4 (basically the body of every page is now broken into sections). I see two primary benefits to sections: (1) you can set a background color or image to sections for effect and (2) sections have pre-built templates for getting a page designed quickly (for example, a contact form section or a team section).

Example section template.

Right: Example section template.

Weebly is the only website builder to offer an app store (Weebly calls it App Center). App Center lets you install “apps” that add new functionality to your website. For example, Simple Table gives you a table element and Schedulista lets visitors book appointments. App Center is a huge differentiator for Weebly— it’s a great way to keep Weebly’s core clean and focussed, while still giving users the opportunity to add new features.

Some of the apps in App Center.

Right: Some of the apps in App Center.

One of my favourite things about Weebly is how the interface slides in and depending on what you need from it. For example, when editing the background image of a section, most of the editor slides away so you can get an unobstructed view of your website. Smart.

The editor slides out so you can get a full view of your website.

Right: The editor slides out so you can get a full view of your website.

Overall Weebly is an incredibly high value package— and it’s always getting better. I’m continually amazed that Weebly builds on its success by shipping new, high quality features that users love (in the last few years they’ve successfully expanded into ecommerce and email marketing). It’s clear Weebly is committed to building excellent software— I highly recommended it.


  • Blog

    Good blogging. You create posts by dragging and dropping elements (text, galleries, maps, videos, quotes and more). You can create categories, set posts to publish in the future, create an RSS feed and more. You can also add Facebook comments, Disqus or use Weebly's comment system (with built-in moderation settings).  Show Screenshot

  • Ecommerce

    Over the last few years Weebly has been built up ecommerce into an impressive package. The only other website builder with a comparable package is Squarespace— everyone else is left far behind (note: I'm talking about website builders here— not store builders such as Shopify). Weebly 4 introduces an automatic tax calculator, improved shipping rules, gift cards and an abandoned cart recovery system.  Show Screenshot

  • Form Builder

    Great form builder. There are tons of field options: checkboxes, file uploads, addresses, text boxes, dropdowns and more. Form submissions can be confirmed with a message or by sending the user to another URL. Form results are sent to an email address but a database also stores results (so you don't have to worry about accidentally deleting a form submission).  Show Screenshot

  • iOS & Android Apps

    Weebly has iPhone, Android, iPad and Apple Watch apps. The tablet and phone apps are fully featured— meaning you can design your entire website using them. This is awesome— no other website builder offers this on both phones and tablets. The Apple Watch app is mostly for stats and store notifications (new orders, new form entries etc.).  

  • Retina Ready

    Yes— images were sharp and clear on retina devices (such as new iPhones and Macbooks). 

  • Newsletter

    Weebly is aggressively building out it's own newsletter system called Promote. It's a big part of Weebly's vision: fully integrated Websites, eCommerce and Marketing. In the past I've been skeptical of Promote— but it has quickly become really good. Weebly has built out a system of email marketing that covers everything— from lead capture, to marketing automation to newsletter design. The only downside? If you don't want to use Promote, Weebly doesn't have a newsletter signup element for integrating with 3rd party newsletter providers such as Mailchimp (Mailchimp doesn't even have an App Center app which is unusual— Mailchimp is typically included in App Stores.)  Show Screenshot

  • Membership System

    The best membership features of any website builder. If you need to build a membership site, Weebly has you covered. You can create private pages that require people to register with your site (this is handy for creating an intranet, or a conference portal for registered members). Other helpful features include: groups and email customization.  

  • Design from Scratch


  • Multi-lingual

    Yes. The Multilanguage app in the App Center adds a floating icon to your website that allows visitors to change language. It's not a perfect solution— the icon looks more like a chat prompt than a language choice and the interface for setting up Multilanguage is messy.  Show Screenshot

  • Restaurant Menu

    There are two ways to create restaurant menus: (1) Open Menu, an App Centre app and (2) pre-built menu sections. Of the two I would strongly recommend you use the pre-built menu sections— they're clean and relatively easy to edit. Open Menu requires you to register another company in order to even create a menu. Show Screenshot

  • Donations

    Despite having a full ecommerce system Weebly doesn't include official donation support— instead there is a DonorBox app that you can install. The app has received strong reviews and lets you accept recurring donations, set suggested amounts and collect donor information. (DonorBox requires you to register with them.)  

  • Audio Player

    A basic audio player with two skins (light and dark). No support for playlists.  Show Screenshot

  • Podcasts

    There is no way to create a podcast feed. 


Weebly has a wide selection of fresh, modern themes that work variety of purposes (stores, portfolios, business websites, personal blogs etc.). Here’s an example:

Example theme

Right: Example theme

And another example:

Example theme

Right: Example theme

Weebly launched two excellent theme features in Weebly 4: video headers and sections. Video headers are a beautiful way to add subtle video backgrounds to your website. Sections lets you set a background color or image for different sections on a page— this is a popular web design tactic and a great way to bring your pages to life as users scroll.

Sections can be a beautiful way to break up your page.

Right: Sections can be a beautiful way to break up your page.

Weebly includes a fair amount of theme customization options— mostly around changing fonts (colors, sizes and families). Unfortunately you can’t manually edit the themes colors (example: the background color). Instead Weebly typically includes 5-8 color options for themes— but no option for setting a custom color. This may frustrate some users.

Adjusting the default paragraph style.

Right: Adjusting the default paragraph style.

Every theme with Weebly is mobile-friendly but new themes are responsive and older themes have a separate mobile theme. Responsive themes are the better option of the two— and Weebly is up-front about that.

Responsive theme

Right: Responsive theme

Good Billing Practices

I was able to pay and cancel Weebly with ease.

In the past Weebly has experimented with offering no monthly planäóî something I've been critical of. Fortunately Weebly now offers monthly plans.

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