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26 Inspiring Examples of Blogs In 2020

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

Blogging is story-telling. A good blog design becomes a part of the stories you tell. A simple, austere tech blog can communicate seriousness and clarity. A whimsical, cartoonish parenting blog suggests fun and relatability.

The storytelling quality of a design should never obscure or get in the way of reading the blog. A good blog design tells a story— but is also be conventional and makes reading comfortable (don’t design something so unusual that it confuses readers!). This is a collection of 26 blogs— spanning multiple industries— that I believe are good examples of good blog designs.

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1. Capture By Lucy Made With: Squarespace

Lucy is a photographer, a mom and creator of backdrops for photography usage. Visit her blog to read about her life, her family and if you'd like to work with her. All of her backdrops are photos that she herself has taken and then had printed.

2. The Good Trade Made With: Squarespace

The Good Trade is a lifestyle brand born in Los Angeles in 2014. You can read a ton of their articles on the site that all revolve and echo living an intentional lifestyle.

3. Benedict Evans Made With: Squarespace

Benedict Evans is a tech blogger with educational articles on a variety of sub-topics. You can subscribe to his newsletter for weekly updates and notes on his recent posts.

4. The Sartoralist Made With: Wordpress

Scott Schuman created this blog that is all about high-end fashion combined with real life. He's been featured in huge fashion magazines such as Vogue. Check out press, articles and even find books using this website.

5. Denver Darling Made With: Squarespace

Lifestyle and fashion blogger named Abby. She's got a bright and cheerful blog that talks about all things related to her hometown in Denver, gift buying guides and shopping her Instagram.

6. Kisty Mea Made With: Squarespace

Kisty Mea is a traveling blogger that loves to write about what she sees among other lifestyle tips. She also has a love for beauty tips and other life hacks that are interesting and fun reads!

7. Create + Cultivate Made With: Squarespace

An online platform specifically for career focused women. Any topic you may want to read about from growing your company to branding ideas, they have it all. The founder, Jaclyn Johnson aims to create an online conference for any woman that needs support growing her brand.

8. The Blog Abroad Made With: Wordpress

Learn about Glo and her travel experiences. From buying a one way trip to Europe and never looking back. She shows you the beauty of the world, provides travel resources and gives information on publications as well.

9. Hopping Heels Made With: Weebly

Niska Ni travels around the world and you'll feel like you're right there with her. Check out highlight reels to inspire your next trip. She even has a tab that's focused on food only that's super interesting.

10. Sincerely Jules Made With: Wordpress

Sincerely Jules is a lifestyle and fashion blogger with a strong reputation as a top influencer on social media. You can shop all of her gorgeous looks in her clothing line "Sincerely Jules."

11. Hint of Vanilla Made With: Squarespace

Pastry cook based out of Vancouver. You can read her blog, access recipes and drool over her pictures of yumminess. She writes for her blog on the weekend only, so she may not be as active as other bloggers.

12. Dan Flying Solo Made With: Wordpress

Dan uses his blog to documents his travels around the world. Check out his beautiful photography, and videography which is at a professional skill. He has combined his love of these hobbies to create a truly unique and inspiring lifestyle.

13. Haute Stock Made With: Squarespace

Stock photography for women building their brand. You can find high quality images that match your business vision. They place an importance on visual content in today's society, and understand how this can make or break your plan.

14. Dad You Geek Made With: Squarespace

A Dad's blog all about his family, tech related posts and photography. You can find reviews on youtubers that are worth tuning into, phone hacks that make family life easier and more!

15. Temporary-House Wifey Made With: Squarespace

Website created by a woman who decided to quit her day job. She now blogs about her personal life, and her fashion choices. You can also purchase items from her closet via the site.

16. Lou & Marks Made With: Squarespace

Photographer's blog that started as wedding photography, but now has branched off into just about any kind of photography. She also creates presets for Lightroom so that other professionals can purchase and use them.

17. Copyblogger Made With: Wordpress

Content marketing company that provides all the tools, coaching and information needed to have a successful media presence. You can purchase a variety of packages as well as free resources from them.

18. Jeremy D. Larson Made With: Squarespace

Jeremy is a writer, editor and photographer currently based out of Brooklyn. You can find articles on these topics in addition to pop culture and music.

19. Victoria's Blog - Victoria Prooday Made With: Squarespace

A blog on parenting, children and teaching. Victoria is an occupational therapist who loves to educate families on ways that they can improve their quality of life and open up doors of potential for your child.

20. Mr. Money Mustache Made With: Wordpress

Mr. Money Mustache is exactly what it sounds like! How to be more wealthy. Find tips on doing it in a laid back and fun teaching manner. They are direct and to the point, but worth it if you have enough discipline to follow their tactics.

21. Lili's Travel Plans Made With: Wordpress

Lili is a travel blogger but different from many of the others. She writes deeply and skips the advice on how you should travel too. More of a psychological approach on how her travels allowed her to really slow down, and feel the moment and reflect.

22. Olivia Bossert Photography Made With: Squarespace

Olivia is a photographer that is based in the UK. She focuses on fashion, and lifestyle. You can also access her blog, listen to her podcast and find some educational resources as well.

23. Reagan Simmons Made With: Squarespace

Reagan Simmons is a great resource for reading reviews on everything in the tech and photography fields. He also talks about marketing strategies and if something else grabs his attention he'll write about that as well because, why not?

24. A Broken Backpack Made With: Wordpress

A Travel Blogger that not only documents her travels, she also provides tips and assistance for your own trip planning. She also encourages others to start blogging and gives advice on how to become a travel blogger in specific.

25. Independent Publisher 2 Made With: Wordpress

Lots of white space and modern typography ensure that your content stands out to the reader. The minimal look will work great for blogs dealing with design, photography or fashion.

26. Stratechery Made With: Wordpress

Ben Thompson is based in Taiwan and highly educated in his writing in business tech and marketing analysis. He's previously worked for companies like Apple and Microsoft before branching on his own. There is a wealth of information available for subscribers and non subscribers alike.