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41 Beautiful Squarespace Blog Examples

Last Updated January 16 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

Squarespace has some of the most well-designed blog templates. And therefore, some of the most beautiful blogs online are made with Squarespace.

This is a collection of Squarespace blog examples that get blog design right.

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Screenshot of deem, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Deem is an online journal and blog that’s explorative of all topics related to design. They feel that design is everywhere and cover topics that combine design with people, brands, and the world overall.

This website’s planner/designer nails everything about the blog, from the name to the blog landing page and post page design:

Besides, I love how the whole style of the post changes depending on the topic/graphic used.

Screenshot of Journal — Meiwen See, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Meiwen is a professional designer and photographer that features travel, people, editorial, and interior photography. We have featured Meiwen’s website in multiple collections, including photography website examples, service website examples, Squarespace portfolio examples, and more. Here it is once again due to its excellent blog design.

The blog posts don’t follow your typical F-shaped pattern of reading; in fact, there’s no pattern to it. But it’s easily scannable and looks beautiful because of short text blocks and big images sprinkled throughout (for story purposes).

Screenshot of One Magazine, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

The One Magazine blog is focused on fashion and design but in an ethical and green way. You can find posts reflecting the modern woman and her simplistic lifestyle.

Most of One Magazine’s blog posts have negligible text. They are pretty much an image gallery where photos are placed in an aesthetically-pleasing yet random manner. However, in articles where there is text, the text section is in the center with a typical left alignment, which is perfect for readability.

Screenshot of CONCEPTKICKS®, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

CONCEPTKICKS showcases the latest developments in the footwear industry. They spotlight different artists’ designs, concepts, and samples throughout their social media and other communication channels, including blogs.

The blog page, as well as blog post pages, look absolutely stunning. The landing page has a simple three-column grid and minimal descriptions for each post. And each blog post has beautiful photography of the concepts, the craft, the craftsmanship, the branding, etc., of the footwear or the topic at the center:

If the website had gotten the functional aspect of the blog right (by bettering discoverability with a search bar, categories, etc.), this one would definitely have been in the top 5 of this “blog examples worth looking up to” list.

Screenshot of Recipes — Binging With Babish, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Babish Culinary Universe, more popularly known as Binging With Babish, is a popular (almost 10 million subs!) food recipe YouTube channel by Andrew Douglas Rea. They also have a blog where they publish recipes.

The blog posts are well-executed — they are concise yet in-depth with everything written step-by-step:

Screenshot of Lee From America, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Lee is a lifestyle blogger and author who writes about her travel adventures, her love of music, and living in good health. She also has her own recipe book that shares her tips for healthy meal prep.

Screenshot of Hayet Rida, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Hayet Rida started her blog after spending many years in an unhappy space regarding body image. She took a whole new outlook on life, and her blog reflects her unpredictable life and love for fashion, home, self-love, and more.

Screenshot of Traveling Mitch, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Traveling Mitch is a travel blog created by Christopher Mitchell. You can find posts featuring tips, stories, and beautiful photography of the places he visits, including many locations in Canada.

Screenshot of The Good Trade, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

The Good Trade is a lifestyle brand born in Los Angeles in 2014. You can read a ton of their articles on the site that all revolve and echo living an intentional lifestyle.

Screenshot of Quotient Social Influencer Network, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Quotient Social Influencer Network is a platform that connects influencers with compatible brands running advertising campaigns. The network provides insurance for the entire marketing process, including payments, feedback on content, and education on the blog.

Screenshot of All the Pretty Pandas, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Sharleen is an opera singer and a blogger with separate websites for both. She is originally from Canada and now resides in New York and blogs about beauty, fashion, and other topics like her appearance on The Bachelor.

Screenshot of Moore in Dallas, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Brandon Moore is the man behind the blog “Moore in Dallas.” You can follow all of his adventures throughout Dallas, Texas, which include special events, podcast airings, restaurant visits, and other miscellaneous topics reflective of his life.

Screenshot of Benedict Evans, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Benedict Evans is a tech blogger with educational articles on a variety of sub-topics. You can subscribe to his newsletter for weekly updates and notes on his recent posts.

Screenshot of Kelsey O

Kelsey is a copy and brand messaging consultant who also provides done-for-you copywriting services. She started as a newspaper journalist and has borrowed the interview-inspired writing style from there in her copywriting career.

Her website is one of the best copywriter’s portfolio websites, i.e., all elements of her website are well-designed, including her blog, where she shares tips about copywriting, freelancing, etc.

Screenshot of Recipes — Supernatural, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Supernatural has one of the most beautiful Squarespace ecommerce stores. They sell plant-based products. They share recipes that are vibrant in color, better for you, and fun to use in the kitchen through their blog!

Screenshot of News — AAKS, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

AAKS is another Squarespace ecommerce store. They publish the latest news regarding their company, products, and collaboration on the website.

Screenshot of Kisty Mea, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Kisty Mea is a traveling blogger that loves to write about what she sees, among other lifestyle tips. She also has a love for beauty tips and other life hacks that are interesting and fun reads.

This blog hasn’t been updated for a long time, but its web design is excellent.

Screenshot of Ash Owens, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Ash Owens is a content creator who shares her passion for travel, beauty, fashion & lifestyle through her beautiful Squarespace blog.

Screenshot of Taylor Stanford, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Taylor Sanford is a business blogger who simultaneously runs a personal blog website as well. Her personal blog offers a variety of topics, from opinions on travel to beauty routines. The business blog offers courses and posts on marketing and more.

Screenshot of Create + Cultivate, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

An online platform specifically for career-focused women. Any topic you may want to read about, from growing your company to branding ideas, they have it all. The founder, Jaclyn Johnson, aims to create an online conference for any woman that needs support growing her brand.

Screenshot of Kendra, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Kendra shares her family life and day-to-day things on her blog. Her blog categories include Business, Decor, Essential Oils, Food, Friday Favorites, Holidays, Kids, Life, Marriage, Motherhood, Nursery, Parenting, Pregnancy, Shopping, Vacation, Work Out, and pretty much everything that’s a part of her life.

Screenshot of Haute Stock, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Stock photography for women building their brand. You can find high-quality images that match your business vision. They place importance on visual content in today’s society and understand how this can make or break your plan.

Screenshot of Temporary-House Wifey, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Website created by a woman who decided to quit her day job. She now blogs about her personal life and her fashion choices. You can also purchase items from her closet via the site.

Screenshot of Lou & Marks, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Photographer’s blog that started as a blog about wedding photography but now has branched off into just about any kind of photography. She also creates presets for Lightroom so that other professionals can purchase and use them.

Screenshot of Jeremy D. Larson, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Jeremy is a writer, editor, and photographer currently based out of Brooklyn. You can find articles on these topics in addition to pop culture and music.

Screenshot of Unlikely Dad, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Tom is the man and writer who speaks openly about his long journey with the adoption process. His experiences and posts have since branched far beyond just adoption, and he’s collaborated with many big companies like Amazon.

Screenshot of Victoria

A blog on parenting, children, and teaching. Victoria is an occupational therapist who loves to educate families on ways that they can improve their quality of life and open up doors of potential for their children.

Screenshot of Olivia Bossert Photography, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Olivia is a photographer based in the UK. She focuses on fashion and lifestyle. You can also access her blog, listen to her podcast, and find some educational resources.

Screenshot of KatyKatiKate, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Katie Anthony is the passionate blogger behind the site. Her topics include all things related to feminism, family, and social justice. Her blog is not hateful, nor is it super sweet. You can find her posts to be somewhere in the middle.

Screenshot of Simply, Liv, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Olivia is a lifestyle blogger. Her blog is all about living more simply and implementing a sustainable lifestyle all the way down to the clothing she puts on her body. Her blog posts are a reflection of this general idea.

Screenshot of Selective Potential, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Tieka is the blogger behind Selective Potential, and she’s located in Michigan. She is a Graphic Designer during the day and a traveler/blogger by night. Her posts consist of trips to various Michigan locations focusing on lighthouses.

Screenshot of West Coast Aesthetic, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

West Coast Aesthetic is an artsy blog written but Allison Wagner. She is a colorful blogger focusing on fashion, travel excursions, and lifestyle. By day, she is an Art Director for Amazon.

Screenshot of The Sorry Girls, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

The Sorry Girls is one of the most beautiful Squarespace websites overall. And this website’s blog page and post pages are as well-designed as any of its other pages.

Screenshot of Go Fit Jo, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Joanne Portia is the blogger and coach behind Go Fit Jo. Her posts are a reflection of her values in self-love and feeling liberated in all aspects of the female psyche. You can find a variety of posts from beauty to her adventures as a Mom.

Screenshot of Floral Compass, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Klair McDermott has channeled her love for flowers and design into both her career and her lifestyle. Through the Floral Compass blog, she shares tips and information about flower features, floral care, floral design, etc.

Screenshot of Hôtel Weekend, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Natalia Swarz started the online magazine Hôtel Weekend in 2015. The company blog shares travel diaries and lifestyle tips.

Screenshot of Rachael Kable, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Rachael Kable is an award-winning blogger for her content on mindfulness and the management of stress. She offers coaching on her practices as well, in addition to a successful podcast.

Screenshot of Peter Darker, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Peter Darker is a web designer that offers those services via the site. He also has an active blog with a ton of content on business tips, technology advice, and more.

Screenshot of Cover Mum, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Cover Mum is a blog from a busy mom living in London that features style, travel, kids, and mom life. The vibe for her readers is to write about being a busy mom while maintaining your other passions and to look great doing it.

Screenshot of Blender Guru, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Blender Guru is a blog about Blender, the free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D-printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, etc.

This simple-looking Squarespace blog gets an estimated 180k visitors monthly with its SEO content

Screenshot of News — Vermintide, from the squarespace blog examples collection.

Vermintide is a co-op-focused first-person shooter action video game set within the Warhammer universe. The company has made the website to give game info and links to buy for new players, plus give news on the game updates and sell merch to fans.

The blog keeps fans updated about all things Vermintide 2. The blog design, with its Caslon family fonts and dark/eerie background, gives Warhammer universe feel. Plus, the blog is very functional: there’s a search bar, categories, and archive dropdown at the top to make discovering blog posts easy. The blog posts are well structured with minimal text and corresponding character and game element photos.

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Is Squarespace good for blog?

Squarespace not only has beautiful blog templates, but it also has outstanding blogging features.

Here's an excerpt from our Squarespace review:

Squarespace is the only website builder that competes with WordPress on blogging. If you’re a blogger and you want to use a website builder— definitely check out Squarespace.

There’s a long list of features:

  • Markdown support
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Is WordPress or Squarespace better for a blog?

It depends, but if you want a blogging platform that's easy to use, secure, and has beautiful templates, Squarespace is better.

Can a Squarespace blog make money?

Yes, you can monetize a Squarespace blog with ads, affiliate links, ecommerce, sponsorships, etc.