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The Best Blog Website Templates

Last Updated February 21 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

A good blog design can elevate your content and set your blog apart from the rest. For example, a simple, austere tech blog can communicate seriousness and clarity. In contrast, a whimsical, cartoonish parenting blog suggests fun and relatability.

One way to ensure your blog design is good is to choose a suitable blog template and then go from there.

To ease some of your burden, I went through hundreds of blog templates across categories (lifestyle blogs, photography blogs, company blogs, ecommerce brand blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, fitness blogs, personal blogs, and more.) for different website builders (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Webflow, etc.).

These are the best blog website templates among them — choose the one that fits your need best. Happy blogging!

Vester: a Squarespace template.

Vester Squarespace Template

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Stanton: a Squarespace template.

Stanton Squarespace Template

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Almar: a Squarespace template.

Almar Squarespace Template

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Rivoli: a Squarespace template.

Rivoli Squarespace Template

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Otroquest: a Squarespace template.

Otroquest Squarespace Template

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Blog Page: a Squarespace template.

Blog Page Squarespace Template By Go Live

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Affiliate Blog - Kadence : a Wordpress template.

Affiliate Blog - Kadence Wordpress Template

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Food Blogger & Influencer -  Astra: a Wordpress template.

Food Blogger & Influencer - Astra Wordpress Template

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Voice - Generatepress: a Wordpress template.

Voice - Generatepress Wordpress Template

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Newspaper : a Wordpress template.

Newspaper Wordpress Template

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Food Blog - Hello Elementor: a Wordpress template.

Food Blog - Hello Elementor Wordpress Template

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Blogger Landing - Divi: a Wordpress template.

Blogger Landing - Divi Wordpress Template

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Essence Pro Theme - StudioPress: a Wordpress template.

Essence Pro Theme - StudioPress Wordpress Template

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Writee: a Wordpress template.

Writee Wordpress Template

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JNews: a Wordpress template.

JNews Wordpress Template By Jegtheme

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Monstroid2: a Wordpress template.

Monstroid2 Wordpress Template

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Train of Thought : a Wix template.

Train of Thought Wix Template

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Turning Heads: a Wix template.

Turning Heads Wix Template

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Poise: a Wix template.

Poise Wix Template

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Going to Places: a Wix template.

Going to Places Wix Template

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Journal : a Webflow template.

Journal Webflow Template By Jonas Arleth

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Blogos: a Webflow template.

Blogos Webflow Template By Fouroom

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The Modern Blog: a Webflow template.

The Modern Blog Webflow Template By Yves Adrales

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Blogsville : a Webflow template.

Blogsville Webflow Template By Leonardo Mattar

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