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38 Shopify Blog Examples For Design And Content Inspiration

Last Updated October 17 2022

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

An active blog for your Shopify store is a great way to attract organic traffic, engage your audience, promote your products from different angles, and build trust.

Good blogging is storytelling that builds upon your brand by educating, informing, or entertaining. So ensure your Shopify blog does at least one of it.

Moreover, be mindful of your blog design. It adds to the story you tell. For example, a simple, austere tech blog can communicate seriousness and clarity. Similarly, a whimsical, cartoonish parenting blog suggests fun and relatability. Between all of it, don’t forget about readability and user experience.

Below is a collection of Shopify store blogs that get both content and design right. These are blogs built on the Shopify platform and not just blogs by Shopify brands ⁠— some brands use Shopify for ecommerce and go with another platform for their blog. (Discover more blogging platforms in our blog examples article.)

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Screenshot of Recipes by Flourist, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Janna Bishop and Shira McDermott started Flourist in 2013 to celebrate grain and beans in their purest form. They sell fresh flour free of chemicals through a beautiful Shopify store.

On their ‘Our Story’ page, they write: “We share the tools, education and community people need to access, cook and eat nutritious, whole food.”

One of the ways they fulfill their “education” promise is through this recipes blog.

They publish well-written and well-formatted recipes on the beautiful Shopify blog. The blog posts page is a typical two-column web page, with a central part where recipes go and a right sidebar where they have CTAs to related products and recent articles.

Screenshot of Urban Beardsman by Beardbrand, from the shopify blog examples collection.

After finishing his first beard competition, Eric Bandholz started Beardbrand to build a community. Eric started as a blogger to share his knowledge on growing and styling a beard and has since grown to become a Shopify DTC merchant. Now, he (and the Beardbrand team) sell beard grooming items, tools, and gear.

The Urban Beardsman blog is a central hub for anyone interested in growing & styling cool beards. They write high-quality content with expert curations and recommendations at its core.

This Shopify blog nails content marketing and SEO. With proper internal linking, keyword research, and off-page SEO techniques, the Beardsman blog was able to pull over 800k monthly visitors organically at its peak, according to SEMRush data.

Screenshot of United By Blue Journal, from the shopify blog examples collection.

United by Blue sells men’s and women’s fashion items made of sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices. They also have a zero-plastic policy. Not only that, for every product purchased from United by Blue, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways ⁠⁠— the count’s at 4.2 million+ pounds of plastic removed!

Their blog, or “Journal,” as they call it, also promotes sustainable fashion. They publish everything from impact reports to guides and informational content surrounding quality, sustainable products, and lifestyle. For example, they have articles like “How To Repurpose Your Keepsake Candle.”

Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Death Wish Coffee is coffee for coffee aficionados. They claim it to be the world’s strongest coffee ⁠— it’s made from roasting the highest-quality arabica + robusta beans to bold, never-bitter perfection. Overall, it’s a fun-yet-aggressive-looking brand.

I am unsure about their content strategy with the Death Wish Coffee blog. They have a lot of coffee-related blog posts, yes. But, they also have pop-culture, not-relevant-to-coffee posts. Maybe because the coffee-drinking audience is broad and obviously doesn’t read about coffee all day, they’re trying to attract them through things they might be reading.

As for the web design of their Shopify blog, it’s great.

Screenshot of Blog - The Ridge, from the shopify blog examples collection.

One of the most common names I see on social media whenever someone asks for wallet recommendations is “Ridge.” The Ridge sells these premium, slim, RFID-blocking, long-lasting wallets. They also sell travel bags and pens.

The Ridge blog isn’t much extensive but gets key things right. They push out the right content, i.e., their content marketing strategy is solid. The blog is designed well with ample whitespace and easily-readable fonts.

Tip : If you want to win with blogging and on search engines, consistently publish high-quality content around your ecommerce niche.

Screenshot of The BestSelf Hub, from the shopify blog examples collection.

BestSelf sells productivity tools that help you achieve your goals and be your best self. Their products include journals, planners, intimacy decks, action pads, etc.

Naturally, they write about personal development, productivity, journaling, relationships, and work-life balance, among other things. Overall, their blog has great information for people who want to actively better themselves.

Also, it’s a well-designed blog not only for readers but also for conversions and sales:

Screenshot of Luxy Hair Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Luxy believes everyone deserves to have the hair of their dreams. It started as a Shopify store to sell beautiful hair extensions. Now, it also sells other hair care products and accessories.

The Luxy Hair blog has over 700 posts across categories like ‘Hair Care & Advice,’ ‘Wedding,’ ‘Lifestyle,’ ‘Hairstyles,’ and more. They mostly share informational content, which has helped the blog garner approximately 800k+ visitors per month at its peak.

It’s truly a Shopify blog example worth analyzing if attracting inbound traffic is your primary goal.

Screenshot of News by Mondo, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Mondo works with artists to create posters, soundtracks, toys, apparel, books, games, and collectibles. And you can buy them from their Shopify store, Mondo Shop.

Their blog is called “News.” True to its name, Mondo only shares news about products in its store. That’s one way to go about your Shopify store blog, but with this strategy, you can’t expect any traffic (let alone Luxy-level traffic).

Screenshot of It

Another haircare brand with a solid Shopify blog both from a design and content viewpoint. It’s A 10 blog is information-dense. And seemingly, their best content is published with search engine optimization in mind ⁠— that’s why they get over 60k organic monthly visitors.

I love the “Search Blog” search bar on the blog landing page. However, I would’ve loved it even more if they had divided their blog content into categories or tags and shown them on the blog page. For example, they could have tags like “Shampoo tips,” “Curly hair,” “Dry hair,” etc.

Screenshot of The Leesa Resource Guide, from the shopify blog examples collection.

You can buy comfy mattresses and bedding items from the Leesa store. The people at Leesa are so confident in their product that they offer a 100-night free trial!

The Leesa blog is very well-organized:

The blog posts web design is a bit wide for my liking, but I have nothing to critique about the top-notch, relevant blog content.

Screenshot of Purrr Blog by Modkat, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Modkat sells litter boxes, liners, and other accessories to cat owners. Entrepreneurs Rich and Brett launched Modkat in 2009 with the original Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box.

The Modkat blog, titled “Purrr blog,” is heavenly for cat owners and people wanting to get a cat. You can find everything from a “cat adoption guide” to a “survival guide for people working from home with cats:”

This Shopify blog attracts a whooping 66k+ organic, targeted visitors every month! Some read and leave, some read and buy from them, and some read and subscribe to their email list to learn more (and ultimately make a purchase sometime in the future).

Screenshot of Maiden Home Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

You can buy sofas, chairs, beds, dining tables, and other similar items from Maiden Home. And you can learn about how to place all those things, decorate your place, and make it beautiful from their premium-looking, ‘built with Shopify’ blog.

Screenshot of Between the Sheets by Au Lit Fine Linens, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Au Lit sells bedding, bath, loungewear, and decor items through its Shopify store.

The Between the Sheets blog by Au Lit publishes good educational content and content around product updates and company updates.

On the “educational” side, they publish content about beautiful beds, color combinations, gift ideas, etc. And all these articles combined help them attract over 30k visits from search engines.

Screenshot of The Squeeze Magazine by PRESS Healthfoods, from the shopify blog examples collection.

While living in the US, Georgie and Ed drank healthy cold-pressed juice. They loved it. So they brought the concept back to London and started selling cold-pressed juice there. The outlet name? PRESS.

Soon, they launched a Shopify store and started selling healthy juice and other plant-based, healthy food online.

The Squeeze Magazine is their attempt to connect with the audience and build authority by publishing quality health, nutrition, lifestyle, and sustainability-related articles.

Screenshot of Brookliving by Brooklinen, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Brooklinen has a beautifully-designed Shopify store through which they sell bedding, bath, decor, and loungewear items.

The Brookliving Blog is equally gorgeous. They publish relevant listicles, guides, etc., with beautiful photos and click-to-a-store-product-focused content.

Screenshot of The Wire - ALEX AND ANI Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Alex and Ani (pronounced AH-KNEE) started ALEX AND ANI (a very creative name choice here! ⁠— just kidding, it gives the small business a personal feel). They sell bangles, bracelets, and other jewelry items.

The store’s blog, The Wire, is well-designed and has content that once can divide into two parts:

  1. Your typical, relevant SEO content: gift ideas, how-to guides, etc.
  2. Articles that depict the history, meaning, and symbolism of elements they use in their jewelry. This is good stuff!

Screenshot of Adored Vintage Shop Journal, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Adored Vintage is this cute store to buy dresses, tops, skirts, and other similar items. Their Shopify blog called “Our Journal’’ is just that: a journal.

Primarily meant to be read by their fans and customers, the journal is designed like a lovely online journal. And the content on it includes product updates, company updates, customer stories, and thoughts that connect with the customer.

Screenshot of B.spoke by Briogeo, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Nancy’s Briogeo is a passion project that turned into this incredible online business.

Briogeo sells a range of hair care products for all types of hair. And the Briogeo blog, B.spoke, provides hair care information for people with any type of hair. They have a beautiful blog page, with categories (Dry Damaged Split Ends, Dry Flaky Scalp, Frizzy Curls, etc.) beautifully displayed at the top.

Screenshot of Beard Education by Fresh Heritage, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Gamal, with his brothers, started Fresh Heritage to bring their African tradition of using natural oils for beard care to the world. They also launched the Bear Education blog to educate people about beard care and style.

Screenshot of Partake Foods Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Partake offers a selection of delicious, allergy-friendly foods that anyone would love. All their items are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and free of the top allergens.

Their nice-looking blog is filled with recipes and informational content around food allergies.

Screenshot of The Posterior by TUSHY, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Very aptly named, The Posterior blog by TUSHY has content around butt health, gut health, bidet, etc. From there, they direct users to their online store.

Screenshot of Alo Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Aloyoga started as a yoga clothing brand and has now expanded to selling some other related products. Professional yoga instructors and Instagram influencers highly promote it.

Their blog mostly covers product updates, but they occasionally have articles that just emit positive vibes. In addition, their blog design is gorgeous, and each blog post has suitable beautiful photos, setting the whole vibe of the blog itself perfect.

Screenshot of The Pursuit by Rhone, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Rhone creates “performance-driven clothing” for people with an active lifestyle. Its blog, The Pursuit, has inspirational posts, posts on fitness, articles on nutrition, and more.

Screenshot of Guides & Articles – Huel, from the shopify blog examples collection.

The Huel blog page is very simple: It has no visuals, just links to its posts. However, its blog page web design is excellent - great fonts, compact width, and everything around is on-brand. How they embed Huel-branded fitness product images and links in the posts is excellent too.

Screenshot of Master It Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

MasterBuilt sells grills, smokers, fryers, and related accessories. And its Master It blog drives a lot of organic traffic (over 30k monthly!) to these product pages.

On the blog, they publish informational articles like recipes, grill maintenance tips, charcoal guides, etc.

Screenshot of Breazy Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

This Shopify blog web design is meh. However, I feel its affiliate blog-style content marketing/SEO strategy is worth understanding for your store blog: The store sells vape-related items and its blog is focused on “commercial keywords” around vaping and e-cigarettes.

Screenshot of Eagle Creek Travel Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

This is another example of an online store doing content marketing in the style of a typical content blog (something like, say, a travel blogger would publish). It looks like one, too ⁠— not stylish like other Shopify blog examples, but it gets the traffic.

Screenshot of MegaBlog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

MegaFood sells premium food that has high nutritional value. And the MegaBlog has excellent, expert-written content around nutrition, wellness, and recipes with MegFood products at the center.

Screenshot of August Smart Home Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

August sells smart home supplies - Wi-Fi smart lock, smart keypad, etc.

You can divide their blog into two parts:

  1. A niche home improvement blog that functions as a center for home improvement recommendations, information, gift ideas, and other articles.
  2. August News, where they share company and August products-related updates. These are short posts.

Screenshot of Meet Circle Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Circle enables parents to control their kids’ smartphone activities.

Their blog, as they precisely and concisely describe, publishes “thoughts, ideas, and ideals for 21st century parents.” The blog includes tips around internet safety, decreasing screen time, and overall digital wellness.

Screenshot of Meow Meow Tweet Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Meow Meow Tweet blog primarily publishes about Meow Meow tweet items. But I like this Shopify blog because it’s colorful and simply-yet-beautifully designed.

Screenshot of Blog | Kirrin Finch, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Kirrin Finch is a menswear Shopify DTC brand that sells suits, blazers, shirts, jackets, and more. Their blog includes style guides, product stories, customer stories, and other informational content.

Screenshot of Bésame Cosmetics | The Official Blog, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Bésame is a cosmetics brand. And they share good inspirational and informational content around makeup, creams, lipsticks, and everything else they sell.

Their cover photos are fantastic product photos. If you want similar photos for your brand blog, you can find some great photographers in our photography portfolio examples ;)

Screenshot of News from Tsuno, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Tsuno’s Shopify blog looks gorgeous. I am not sure how attractive its content is to the target audience, though.

Screenshot of Stories by Give Me Tap!, from the shopify blog examples collection.

GiveMeTap is a social enterprise aiming to make clean drinking water available to everyone, everywhere. They sell bottles through their online store, and every bottle purchased gives 5 years of clean drinking water to someone in Africa.

The GiveMeTap blog is super-relevant: It focuses on spreading awareness around water crises across the globe and how we can solve it.

Screenshot of The SmartyPits Scoop, from the shopify blog examples collection.

SmartyPits sells deodorants and bath & body products. The site is designed beautifully, and the same translates to its well-designed blog, The SmartyPits Scoop. I especially love the font SmartyPits uses.

Screenshot of No New Things – Goodfair, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Goodfair provides an online thrift store experience for sustainability-conscious consumers.

Their blog, brilliantly titled “No New Things,” is a place for discussion around clothes in pop culture, the environment, and sustainability.

Screenshot of Blog – LastObject, from the shopify blog examples collection.

Very “creatively,” I thought, it’d be cool to list “Last Object” as the last Shopify blog example. It’s a sustainability brand, and they publish about sustainability, going zero waste, and taking positive action on their blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shopify be used for blogging?

100%. All the blogs in this Shopify blog examples piece are made with Shopify.

How do I write a blog post on Shopify?

Go to your Shopify dashboard. Under Sales Channel, go to Online Store, and locate Blog posts. Click on it and add a blog. Now start writing!

Can you monetize a Shopify blog?

In most cases, you are already monetizing your Shopify blog by promoting your own products. At its core, the reason for building a Shopify store blog is to build awareness and trust for your store products. But if you want (and I don't recommend it), yes, you can add ads and affiliate links to your blog.

What's the best Shopify app for blogging?

Shopify has its own blogging platform, but you can also add a third-party app for more blogging functionality. For example, stores use blog-specific apps like DropInBlog or page builders like PageFly or Shogun to build beautiful blog pages.