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35 Examples Of Squarespace Ecommerce Stores

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

Squarespace is among the best ecommerce website builders, especially for small to mid-sized online stores.

It has all the needed features and gorgeous ecommerce templates to build a beautiful, functional ecommerce website.

How beautiful & functional? See this collection of Squarespace ecommerce store examples to get an idea (and inspiration)!

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Screenshot of Jones Bar-B-Q, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Inspired by and located in Kansas City, Jones Bar-B-Q is famous for its delicious flavors. The restaurant started in 1970 and has since grown to produce sauces that you can purchase online from anywhere in the world.

For the website, they have chosen a red-based color palette for branding, so the visitors instantly connect them with something hot or exciting.

From a hierarchical viewpoint, they have an image of the freshly-made hot sauce and a big, bold text⁠ that reads “SAUCE MADE WITH LOVE IN KANSAS CITY⁠” at the top. Then, there’s a clear navigation bar (with a CTA to their online shop) and a separate highlighted call-to-action button, “Shop Sauces.” In short, the hierarchy leads to their store.

Their store is a typical three-column store made with the Squarespace ecommerce platform:

Screenshot of Supernatural, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

The Supernatural brand features an exciting, plant-based way to get creative in the kitchen. All their powder products and recipes are vibrant in color, better for you, and fun to use in the kitchen!

The no-copy, no-CTA hero section gives the website a clean look. And the yellow-based color scheme matches with their packaging and ad & social media post colors, giving it consistent branding.

Their shop section has a lot of negative space, product image thumbnails that change on hover (i.e., reveal more information about the product), and minimal captions. The product description copy is straightforward and well-structured, and each product has associated customer reviews at the bottom that add social proof.

Screenshot of Melula, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Melula is a children’s fashion line from Denmark focusing on shoes. Their collections are colorful and unique and aim to reflect the fun and imagination of a child.

They show (not tell) their colorfulness and playfulness with their minimal website. For example, the website homepage has a negligible amount of text, only a couple of menu items, and one clear CTA, “Visit our shop.” Apart from that, the page has images that show the personality of the Melula brand.

Their Shop page, like the homepage, is also minimal:

I am unsure how this minimalism affects the store’s conversion rate, but it sure looks good.

Overall, Melula’s is an excellent design inspiration if you want to employ minimalism for your ecommerce store.

Screenshot of Minna, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Minna is an organic tea company selling many different tea flavors in individual cans or a variety packs. Their teas are free of the excessive sugar you’ll find in most teas yet still taste light and delicious.

The full-sized header image, the white space throughout the homepage, the CSS parallax scrolling effect, and the appropriate colorful sections…all are examples of modern-day web design trends. Also, minor details like adding nutritional facts and relevant certificates near the “Order Online” CTAs elevate the visitors’ trust in the brand.

Note: The Minna website is more like a landing page for branding. The CTAs take potential buyers to their Amazon listings. But it still uses the Squarespace ecommerce aesthetics to elevate the brand, and that’s why it’s here on the “Squarespace ecommerce examples” list.

One minor error you should avoid: The navigation text isn’t contrasting enough to the background image, so the visitors will struggle to see the “Shop Tea” link.

Screenshot of Cosmik, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Cosmik sells premium ice cream, and its Squarespace store/website effectively communicates that it’s a premium, high-quality brand.

The homepage has a clear copy, great product photos, social proof in the form of quotes from Huffpost and Mashable, and, my favorite, beautiful colors. It doesn’t use a single color palette, yet the website looks stunning and on-brand.

The Shop page has a wide two-column layout. That’s an excellent choice for their 6-products ecommerce store. If they had more listings, a 3+ column layout would work better — but here, the store landing page will look empty if they showcase items in 3+ columns.

The product pages have to-the-point descriptions. Primarily, the description has two things: 1) what the customer will get in the package and 2) what the ice cream contains, i.e., ingredients & nutritional facts (which, again, is on-brand because they boast about “quality ingredients”)

Screenshot of Oishii, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Oishii is a Japanese-based company featuring the Omakase Berry. The company prides itself on quality over quantity berry farming available at its locations in New York, LA, and New Jersey.

Their website uses a fast-loading, high-quality, full-size background video for the hero section. The video showcases the freshness and the quality of the berry, which demands the visitor to react: ‘Nice! I want that!’. And as soon as you feel “I want that,” the next thing you’ll see is the CTA to their online shop.

Update: You can now buy The Omakase Berry at Whole Foods Market locations throughout New York City and New Jersey.

Screenshot of AAKS, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Akosua Afriyie-Kumi founded AAKS to introduce the world to the weaving techniques of Ghana. They produce ethically made and sustainable fashion.

This store features great photography and a well-thought-out website structure. The product descriptions are pretty solid too.

Screenshot of Soilboy, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

The Soilboy company is obsessed with plants, the benefits of owning them, and the care they require. Those with a green thumb will love the in-depth information they provide and the plants available for purchase from the website.

Screenshot of Ocelot Chocolate, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

In 2013, newlyweds Matt and Ish started the company Ocelot Chocolate from their apartment. Their passion for organic, quality chocolate, combined with their design skills, has helped their company flourish, reaching customers worldwide.

Screenshot of Peter McKinnon, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Peter McKinnon is a photographer, videographer, and a five million+ subscriber YouTuber from Toronto.

We’ve featured his website multiple times on our site (see photography portfolios and personal websites). Here it is again as a Squarespace ecommerce store example.

You can purchase multiple digital products like photo presets, video luts, etc., through his Squarespace Commerce website. The store also has physical products like Peter’s merchandise/gear.

Screenshot of Shhhowercap, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Shhhowercap sells — any guesses? — shower caps! They made a basic product exciting with great designs and brilliant copy. For example, the hero copy reads, “Do you wash your hair every day? Cool. Neither do we. Shop the collection →”. How sharp is that! The whole website features similar creative yet clear texts.

Screenshot of Designova, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Designnova makes use of Squarespace Commerce’s “ download” feature to sell its fonts and typefaces. Plus, they use a beautiful Squarespace template to create a fantastic online store.

Screenshot of THE FANCY FRIEND SHOP, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Antoinette Childs is an artist & a designer. She expresses her creativity through fashion and sells hand-crafted items like clay earrings, cufflinks, and more through The Fancy Friend Shop.

Screenshot of Projekt Glitter, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Projeckt Glitter is a well-branded glitter store. You can buy eco-friendly glitter — kits, pearlescent glitter, fine glitter, glitter gels — through its straightforward ecommerce website.

I love their “Glitter Inspo” section, where they share their relevant YouTube videos. (You can make a similar page with blog posts as well — see these ecommerce blog examples for inspiration.)

Screenshot of Hungry Harvest, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Hungry Harvest’s website looks colorful, just like the veggies and other harvests they sell online. They sell only where they can ship fresh, though — it means only to Maryland, Washington, DC, Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Northern Delaware, South Florida, The Triangle Area & Charlotte in North Carolina & the Detroit Metro Area.

Screenshot of Battle Axe, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Battle Axe creates design & animation tools that you can buy online. So, of course, their store is incredible design-wise: the site is visual (GIFs, nice typography, plenty of whitespaces) yet simple and to the point.

Screenshot of Blink, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Blink makes home automation products that primarily include battery-powered security cameras. The company is now under Amazon and sells through the Amazon ecommerce platform. However, It uses Squarespace for the website (most likely because of Squarespace’s template + ease of use & maintenance).

Screenshot of Conscious Clothing, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Conscious Clothing creates sustainable handmade clothing for women. They use eco-friendly and ethical methods. You can buy dresses, bottoms, jackets, accessories, and more through their Squarespace store.

Screenshot of Blinkers, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Blinkers is a shop that bike owners will appreciate. They sell blinkers for your bike, made for any weather situation that may arise. Just like your car, you can notify people of the left and right turns and create a safe space for your trip.

Screenshot of Kiez Kabinett, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

This online store has unique and cultural pieces from around the world, ready for a spot in your home. You can find furniture, jewelry, and antiques that will surely be different than what’s available locally.

Screenshot of Ashley Chloe, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Ashley Chloe sells products that have a seamless merge between technology and fashion. They create sleek pieces like earbuds that won’t throw your entire outfit off while in use and are additionally comfortable.

Screenshot of GearLaunch, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

GearLaunch is a company that allows you to choose from a base idea such as a white t-shirt and then design it completely. Once you are ready to launch, they take care of that and other details, like customer service and orders.

Screenshot of Diva Nova Store, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

This shop is jewelry galore! You can find pieces in gold, silver, and rose gold for reasonable prices and in beautiful styles. They offer necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

Screenshot of rust & may, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Rust & May is your typical clothing store. And they don’t complicate it either. They use a good Squarespace template and focus on showcasing their products in the best light possible.

Screenshot of Deeper Japan, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Deeper Japan is a travel agency that takes travelers a level deeper into the culture by connecting them with local master artisans. Through the Squarespace ecommerce platform, they sell kintsugi gold repair workshops, sumo training sessions, and other authentic experiences. They also sell earrings, kintsugi items (i.e., repaired broken pottery), and knives.

Unrelated: Nerdwriter1’s video on kintsugi is fantastic.

Screenshot of Lightroom Zen, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

You can buy some really well-made Lightroom presets through the Lightroom Zen store.

Screenshot of Samantha Wills, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Samantha is a writer, creator, speaker, and educator, among other things. You can buy her workshop tickets, online courses, prints, and gift cards through her (Squarespace-made) ecommerce website.

Screenshot of SquareStudio, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Naturally, SquareStudio sells its Squarespace plugins and app development services through a Squarespace store.

This website is a combination of your typical small business service website and an ecommerce business.

Screenshot of Shadowfox, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Shadowfox makes beautiful, artistic designs and sells them through a Squarespace website. I don’t quite like the right-side alignment of Shadowfox’s shop page text, but it indeed achieves the page goal, i.e., telling potential customers about the art + selling it.

Screenshot of Good Beer Hunting, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

This is the site for all things beer-related. From apparel to artwork, you can find unique pieces focusing on beer. You can also listen to podcasts and find events to be a part of if you love an ice-cold beer!

They also run a great Squarespace blog documenting their worldwide adventures in beer, food, and travel.

Screenshot of Storysite, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

StorySite has created striking done-for-you Squarespace templates that follow the StoryBrand Marketing Framework. Their simple process makes it easy for consultants, coaches, guides, and small businesses to get a professional site without having to become expert website builders. They also offer a free wireframe tool to help clients build out their content.

Screenshot of Sneaker Shouts, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Find a variety of stylish and up-to-date sneakers to purchase. They carry Nike, Addidas, Pac Sun, and more. They also sell apparel with an urban vibe.

Side Note: This store has third-party ads. I understand the monetization angle, but I absolutely hate it when ecommerce stores have ads. In fact, they even hurt the store’s brand image and conversions.

Screenshot of Black Amir, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

The Black Amir site would look even better if the font size was a bit bigger, but it sure is a good Squarespace ecommerce example to look at from a website structure viewpoint.

Screenshot of Cake

Get plus-size clothing from Cake’s online store. You can buy up to 6XL-sized jackets, blazers, bodysuits, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and more.

Screenshot of Kerin Cunningham, from the squarespace ecommerce examples collection.

Kerin is a freelance illustrator, designer, and creative director who has worked with big names like Warner Brothers Music and The Merch Collective. Her work is available in multiple retail stores. She also sells her designs in the form of accessories, decor, apparel, pins, and stickers through her own store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Squarespace be used for ecommerce?

Absolutely! In fact, some of the most gorgeous stores (like in this article) are made with Squarespace.

How do I build an ecommerce website on Squarespace?

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Is Squarespace better than Shopify for ecommerce?

No. Shopify is a more mature ecommerce platform, but Squarespace does make it easier to build small, beautiful ecommerce stores. Learn more: Squarespace vs Shopify