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The Best Wix Templates For Blogs

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

A good blog design can elevate your content and set your blog apart: A simple, austere tech blog design can communicate seriousness and clarity. A whimsical, cartoonish parenting blog suggests fun and relatability.

Though I am not a fan of Wix for blogging (compared to Squarespace or WordPress), I have to say Wix has some well-designed blog templates, such as the ones below.

Wix (with its free templates) and third-party Wix designers (with paid templates) cover designs for all kinds of blogs, including austere tech blogs, cartoonish parenting blogs, personal blogs, fitness blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, company blogs, and more.

Below are the best (free and paid) Wix blog templates across all categories and different designs.

Note: Some templates are primarily for blog websites, whereas most have a separate blog page.

Turning Heads: a Wix template.

Turning Heads Wix Template

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Train of Thought : a Wix template.

Train of Thought Wix Template

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Flour & Butter: a Wix template.

Flour & Butter Wix Template

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Poise: a Wix template.

Poise Wix Template

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Breathe: a Wix template.

Breathe Wix Template

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On My Screen: a Wix template.

On My Screen Wix Template

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The Global Morning: a Wix template.

The Global Morning Wix Template

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Friends for Dinner: a Wix template.

Friends for Dinner Wix Template

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Going to Places: a Wix template.

Going to Places Wix Template

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Inner Pieces: a Wix template.

Inner Pieces Wix Template

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House of  Keto: a Wix template.

House of Keto Wix Template

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Body Moving: a Wix template.

Body Moving Wix Template

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BellaÖ: a Wix template.

BellaÖ Wix Template

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Your Life Blog: a Wix template.

Your Life Blog Wix Template By YourDreamSite

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Fleurel: a Wix template.

Fleurel Wix Template By Switzer Templates

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Next Travel: a Wix template.

Next Travel Wix Template By WixThemeDesigns

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Zoey - Blog and Shop: a Wix template.

Zoey - Blog and Shop Wix Template By Beyond Muse

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Eucalyptus: a Wix template.

Eucalyptus Wix Template By Thirty One Palms Studio

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Boho Shine: a Wix template.

Boho Shine Wix Template By Pixels Studio Design

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Hanna Rachel: a Wix template.

Hanna Rachel Wix Template By Blog Pixie

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Simone Alexandra: a Wix template.

Simone Alexandra Wix Template By Mmakerr

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Olivia Wilson: a Wix template.

Olivia Wilson Wix Template By Created By Misia

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Lux Agency Paris: a Wix template.

Lux Agency Paris Wix Template By Pixel Design Lab

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