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36 Inspiring Squarespace Portfolio Examples

Last Updated November 4 2022

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

Squarespace Portfolio Sites! Assemble.

Over the past few years, we have created our own little universe of portfolio websites (and websites in general).

The universe has teams like graphic design portfolios, UX portfolios, marketing portfolios, architecture portfolios, and photography portfolios, among others.

And since Squarespace has some of the most beautiful portfolio templates, most of the top websites (members) in each list (team) are Squarespace-built.

This is the collection of the best of the best Squarespace portfolio examples.

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Screenshot of Wild Heart Flowers, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Wild Heart Flowers is a floral design company by Christina Hartman. Gorgeous weddings and unique special events make up her equally gorgeous portfolio. It includes work featured in Bridal and Interior Magazines, among other things.

The Wild Heart official website is elegant, well-structured, and to the point. Overall, it follows all the modern website design trends:

Overall, a great Squarespace portfolio example, indeed!

Screenshot of RyuCreative, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

RyuCreative is a boutique-style marketing agency in Los Angeles. The female-run company has assisted several companies in PR, social branding, and creative design.

How they have gone about their homepage is unique, but it will not alienate potential clients. Firstly, people will know it’s a creative agency from its name. Besides, even if the randomly spread images on the homepage create a mystery about their business, users will find what they do as soon as they scroll.

If we discuss their portfolio page specifically, Ryu has structured it differently than most agencies. First, the visitor has to select the portfolio category from four options (their primary services): Social Elevation, Content Creation, PR + Events, and Graphic Design. Each category page/landing page uses a different but beautiful design template and has excellent images + concise descriptions of all the items in the portfolio.

Screenshot of Mindy Nguyen, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Currently located in Los Angeles, visual artist and designer Mindy Nguyen helps brands with identity, art direction, web design, and everything related. She currently freelances and also works with ilovecreatives Studio.

Her website homepage is her About + Portfolio page. Above the fold, she describes what she does with an awesome font, concise copy, and cool animations.

As soon as the short bio ends, you’ll find her works, i.e., her online portfolio. Each portfolio item includes four things: an image, the company’s name, what she did for the company, and a link to either see the live project or learn more about the project.

Everything is neatly presented with negative space, proper visual hierarchy, and emojis.

Screenshot of Meiwen See, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Meiwen is a professional designer and photographer. He has two different portfolio pages for obvious reasons:

  1. The photography portfolio features travel, people, editorial, and interior photography.
  2. The design portfolio has curated items placed in a three-column grid with plenty of whitespace surrounding it.

His website is minimalistic. On the homepage, he has gone with the two main things: a short bio and his photography and design portfolio with a few featured items. The minimal navigation bar helps visitors find more of his portfolio items, the contact form, or the primary social media profiles (Behance, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Screenshot of Mike Kelley, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Mike Kelley is a photographer located in California. You can view his excellent work that is focused on architecture, as well as his love for airplanes. He loves the world of art and design and merging these into his projects.

The website is clean, with the homepage divided into two columns. The main section showcases his works, whereas the left column helps visitors navigate different parts of the website - work portfolio in a particular sector (residential, civic & cultural, high-rise, hospitality, and advertising), the ecommerce store where he sells portraits, about page, contact page, etc.

The portfolio pages layout is your typical four-column grid where he has uploaded his photographs:

He also has a “Projects” page where he has displayed all the projects he has worked on. Each project has multiple images and a short description.

Screenshot of Rob Jinks Photography, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Rob Jinks offers wedding, engagement, and family photography that captures meaningful moments. This website feels both classy and adventurous. It also showcases his work and clearly defines his services.

The website is sort of a small business website, with service pages, a portfolio, an about page, a blog, lovely testimonials, and a CTA to “Request Pricing + Availability.” Also, of course, the hero of the website ⁠— the photography ⁠— is well highlighted all over landing pages.

I really like Rob’s portfolio arrangement. He has stacked each photo one below the other. This way, the potential client sees not only the photography quality but also the photo quality without having to open each photo for zooming.

Screenshot of Lisa Maltby, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Lisa is an illustrator and artist that has created some truly unique stuff. She loves to be bold and comical in her work and has worked for several companies bringing different projects and ideas to life.

Her portfolio projects are simply yet brilliantly showcased. For example, her illustrative design projects include only three things: 1) Client, 2) Project brief, and 3) Her output (in the form of pictures).

Screenshot of La Playa , from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Náyade is a web designer and front-end developer that works out of an island called Lanzarote. Her Squarespace portfolio features screenshots of projects which she has done design, development, and occasionally, logo design for. She also includes links to her social media.

The portfolio is no-nonsense. Each item just has a screenshot, client name, and what role she played for the client. Since all her work outputs are live websites or a part of it, potential clients can see her work live by clicking on a portfolio item and visiting the client’s website.

Screenshot of Liam Foster, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Liam Foster is a designer with over six years of experience in brand identity, website creation, and packaging. He works as a freelance artist and for a design agency in Margate, Kent.

For each project, he gives a small introduction of the client/company, what he did for them, and multiple high-quality screenshots of his work for the client.

Screenshot of Erica Lauren, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Erica is a plus-sized model with a background in music and business. She has worked with many different companies in their ads and loves to be the face of the future and body acceptance. You can view her Instagram and shop her looks as well!

Her modeling portfolio has gorgeous images presented in a carousel slider for desktops (i.e., you have to scroll horizontally to view it) and regular, vertical presentation for mobile devices. To be honest, I don’t quite like the horizontal carousels, but it’s certainly one way to showcase portfolio items.

Screenshot of Alex McDaris, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Alex is a light-hearted, colorful, fun designer and skilled advertiser. Consider her your girl for anything from album covers to brand packaging that may need illustration design. She has worked for many brands, including Cheetos.

Her portfolio includes nothing but pictures/output of her work. It’s the classic “show, don’t tell” Squarespace portfolio example.

Screenshot of Emilie Druss, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Emilie is a freelance creative director, art director, and designer based in the USA. Her portfolio design is similar to Alex’s — in that she also uses a two-column grid to showcase her work.

Screenshot of Vicky Perry Design, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Vicky Perry is an upbeat and full-of-life designer that works for herself in her own home. Her passion is to help small businesses that have a passion for their company find perfect branding and representation.

Her portfolio website is structured like a typical small business template website but has unique graphics and colors that showcase her skills and personality.

The website’s portfolio section is clean with ample whitespace, and it sort of looks like the Instagram grid view (something on which, I am sure, the best of the designers would have worked).

Screenshot of Charles Daoud, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Charles works globally, applying his skills in graphic design and typography. He’s collaborated with companies like Netflix and continues to develop genius ideas that aid in the advertising of brands.

The opening page of his website is his design portfolio. It’s very simple yet effective.

Screenshot of Samantha Keely Smith, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Samantha is an artist currently working in Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings of people and the world around her have a unique way of connecting with viewers psychologically.

The personal portfolio looks a bit dated but does what a portfolio website should: present her best work categorically and structurally. The first portfolio page has her latest works (2015-2022), which you can scroll through or leave to see her older works or works in a particular category (Portraits or Ariel).

Screenshot of Amy Wu, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Amy is a product designer at Microsoft. She delivers people-first designs and currently leads user research for Money in Excel, a Microsoft 365 solution subscribers can use to manage, track, and analyze money and spending, all in Excel.

Her UX portfolio website’s homepage is an excellent example of showcasing the essential things top of the fold. She introduces herself and sums up her extensive career right at the top in beautiful yet clear typography. She has also added a confident picture of her interacting with her team below the intro. Overall, potential clients will know pretty much everything about the “professional Amy” as soon as they land on her website.

Just like the homepage, she showcases her case studies (i.e., portfolio) perfectly too. Each case study is in-depth with relevant information about the UX project. They include background, timeline, goal, success metric, problem, research, deliverables, prototyping and usability testing, and more. She also uses screenshots and videos to show her work effectively.

Screenshot of Ramone Henry, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Ramone Henry provides his design services to companies that need web design, packaging, and overall branding. Ramone’s portfolio is highly-curated and a great example of showcasing one’s work quality over quantity.

His portfolio includes only four (distinct) items: UX/UI design for Shleepy; landing page design mockups for Paypal; design system, UI/UX, and web development for AwesomeCare; and abstract typefaces for himself.

Screenshot of Steeven Salvat, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Steeven Salvat is a French artist with a unique set of skills. His tool of choice is a Rotring pen, which allows him to create incredibly detailed and almost historical looks of modern art that take many hours to produce.

He has shown his work in different categories like “Artworks,” “Outdoor,” and “Collaborations.” Each category has multiple projects. And each project has little descriptions and photos of the produced works. Plus, if the work is presented in an art show or featured in a magazine, there are pictures of that as well.

Screenshot of Janet Echelman, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Janet is an artist with some amazing work at the center of different locations worldwide. She is an absolute master at her craft and continuously pushes the limits in sculpture, architecture, and modern art as a whole.

Each photo item has a detailed description, including what it is, materials used, size of the art, location, press surrounding the work, and credits to people who worked alongside her.

Screenshot of Shawn Weston, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Shawn is an expert in UX design, illustration, writing, and more. He has been creating awesome designs for over 15 years, including some for popular brands like Mastercard and GrubHub.

His website follows the latest minimalist web design practices well. For instance, he uses an easy-to-read font combination and a simple gray (background) and black (text) color palette. Moreover, the site homepage has just two elements:

  1. The central paragraph introduces Shawn, his style, experience, and design thinking process.
  2. The navigation links to crucial pages like his resume and UX portfolio.

The UX portfolio includes some big names and extended case studies of the work he has done for them. Each case study starts with a title and a concise description of the UX project. Then, he conveys everything he and his team did in detail and with relevant visuals.

Screenshot of Mike Wilson, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Mike Wilson is a designer working in the Seattle area. He is an expert in UX research, interaction design, and visual design. His love for figuring out how consumers can easily interact with a platform has landed him projects in many different fields.

I love how Mike has used his photo as the homepage background ⁠— it gives the website an immediate personal touch. Unfortunately, though, I am not a fan of using bare minimum text top of the fold ⁠— “I am Mike Wilson” is good, but some mention of his profession alongside would have been ideal.

Besides that tiny complaint, everything about Mike’s UX portfolio site is superb. Below the image, he does give a short introduction about who he is and what he does. He has also listed three UX case studies right below the ‘About me’ section.

Each UX project case study is well put. Mike mentions his role, who the client was, what the challenges were, what research & planning he or his teammates did, how he designed the solution, etc. He also includes sketches, early prototypes, wireframes, and other visual elements. He ends his case studies with a conclusion wherein he mentions what he’d do differently if he were to take on the same project again ⁠— I love it!

Screenshot of Alexis Johnson Art, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Alexis Johnson is a self-taught artist located in Minnesota. Her illustrations primarily consist of ink, but she occasionally works with other materials like pastels. She continues her own education by exploring different forms of art with every new project she completes.

Her art portfolio website is minimalistic. On the homepage, she has embedded a gallery of her art⁠—you can click on photos to know more about the pieces. Apart from that, you can navigate to the only two pages on the website⁠—About and Contact⁠—from the navigation menu.

Screenshot of Clara De Lorenzi, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Clara is a freelance artist located in Italy. She has helped companies with brand identity, print design, and illustration with her artistic skills that are simplistic and clean-cut.

Each portfolio project has mainly the work speaking for itself + a small description like this one:

“Valentina Solfrini is a food photographer/blogger. She asked me to design a logo in two different versions (one for her blog, the other for her portfolio website). She makes a big (and great) use of flowers in her food photography and she wanted to convey that flowery mood in the logo. I then designed the business cards as well as a wooden stamp.”

Screenshot of Candy Black, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Candy Black is a boutique-style company assisting brands with all things visual design and communication. They have worked with clients worldwide and have a hefty history of clients and successful projects.

Their website features an extensive portfolio, but it’s not overwhelming because of the ample use of whitespace. Moreover, each portfolio item has a minimal description that visitors can reveal on hover.

Besides, it features all the typical clean design elements: clear hierarchy, limited color scheme, no excess details, excellent user experience, etc.

Screenshot of Hive Creative Group, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Located in Virginia, the Hive Creative Group is home to several marketing, branding, and design specialists. Choose them for a one-time business need, or invest in a larger package that will include everything from brand logo design to daily social posts.

Their portfolio simplistically showcases the work they did for different businesses. Plus, it has social proof/testimonials that their creative outputs work:

Screenshot of Jordyn Brenner, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Jordyn Brenner works for Amazon Studios as a Senior Art Director. Her years of experience working on different projects have put her marketing skills on display in a way that reflects the brand from start to finish.

The typical three-column Squarespace portfolio template works perfectly for her super-impressive portfolio.

Screenshot of Douglas Cardinal, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Douglas Cardinal studied at The University of British Columbia before moving to Texas and becoming an architecture student. His love for nature flows through his work and creates a unique design flow.

Right as you enter his website, the tagline “Without any preconceptions, I evolve a design from the inside out, open to all possibilities.” mesmerizes you. His philosophy page is equally impressive, with mentions of his “signature style of harmonious curvilinear forms,” “understanding of architecture as a tool to better the world,” and more.

The central part: His portfolio items are placed a bit deep into the website under Work > Categories (Spiritual, Educational, Health, Museums, Masterplans, Housing, Lodging, Civic, Commercial) > Pages, but each portfolio piece is well presented with great pictures. We’d recommend keeping the portfolio items as easily accessible as possible.

Screenshot of Akasha Michelle, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Akasha Michelle is a developer and UX designer located in South Dakota. She includes links to GitHub, Dribble, Vimeo, and social media. She also has a blog and an eye-catching color scheme on her portfolio!

She uses the Tepito template Squarespace has designed for portfolios. All projects are well-presented with plenty of details, including position statements, about competitors, target audience, user personas, and more.

Screenshot of Devon Stank, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Devon lives in Pennsylvania as a web developer. He works specifically with Squarespace — so he helps companies and startups take a Squarespace template to the next level. His portfolio includes clean, minimal animations.

He obviously has implemented all modern web design principles for this website. For proof, notice the high-quality background video, font hierarchy, use of animation, and the way his works are presented.

Screenshot of Will McPhail, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

‘Sophisticated yet fun’ can be words to describe Will McPhail and his artistry skills. As a cartoonist, his resume is stacked — it includes names like The New Yorker! Also, he’s an author!

He uses a carousel that requires horizontal scroll — as I mentioned in one of the other Squarespace portfolio examples, I am not a fan of this particular web design aspect.

Screenshot of Isabella Bannerman, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Isabella Bannerman is a seasoned cartoonist with gigs on MTV, Magazines, and Newspaper publishings. Beyond short cartoon strips, she also enjoys longer storytelling and delivering messages about the health industry through her art.

Her portfolio pages are quite simple: They showcase her cartoons in a vertical stack — that’s it.

Screenshot of Gina Kirlew, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Gina Kirlew is a bubbly cartoon artist and illustrator that adores her career. Her work is cute yet defined and certainly full of color. Exactly what you’d expect from a cartoonist.

Her art speaks for itself in the portfolio sections. The only details she adds are the title of the cartoon, the size of the canvas, the canvas type, and whether it’s available or sold — those, too, in a small, light font.

Screenshot of Scott Snyder, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Scott Snyder is a product/object photographer based in Costa Mesa, California. His photography is clean-cut and top-of-the-line quality, as apparent from his minimal photography portfolio website.

The professional photographer showcases his best photos with plenty of negative space on the homepage. You can find more about each photography project by clicking on the associated photo: He mentions his roles in the project, what he did to successfully complete the project, about the client, and more for each photo.

Besides showcasing his work on the homepage, he has a separate Work page where he has displayed more of his works beautifully in a two-column layout.

Screenshot of Kenneth Reitz, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Kenneth Reitz is a well-rounded guy. He’s a photographer, writes essays and blog posts, and also has podcasts. He tackles all of his crafts on a deeper level and invites you to join him on his road of exploration worldwide.

Screenshot of Studio Bramble, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Studio Bramble is a one-stop shop for brand direction, starting from the ground up. Interior design, fabrication, custom furniture, and product design are some of the services they offer.

The official portfolio is filled with case studies - a combination of text describing their work & about the client + awesome pictures showcasing the work.

Screenshot of Avery Cox Design, from the squarespace portfolio examples collection.

Avery Cox is located in Texas, where she adds a unique style that is colorful and bold to the spaces she designs. She gained experience working in New York with some big-name designers, allowing her to take what she learned and apply that to her own business.

The colorful image of a well-designed sitting room right at the top immediately captures visitors’ attention. As you scroll down, there’s some text that can do better from font size and hierarchy viewpoint, but it’s nothing major.

Below that, she has added a lot of images of her interior design work, which is fantastic for leads and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Squarespace templates for a portfolio website?

I really like the Tepito, Kester, Novo, and Beaumont Squarespace templates.

Is Squarespace good for portfolios?

Absolutely! It's one of the best to showcase any work, especially if visuals (photos, screenshots, art, etc.) are central.

Who can ues Squarspace for building a portfolio?

Almost all professionals, including but not limited to graphic designers, photographers, artists, authors, interior designers, marketing professionals, web developers, cartoonists, and UX/UI designers.