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17 Examples Of Beautiful Author Websites

Last Updated May 19 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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Websites have become more important as the job an author now often includes cultivating a deeper relationship with their audience beyond books. The website is also a chance to sell books directly, build a mailing list and much more.

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Kylie Howarth is an author from Australia. Her long list of children's books are both written and illustrated by her. In addition to her books, she offers school visits and hosts fun workshops for children.

This author and illustrator adds a fun and sassy twist to classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood. She has won several awards for her illustrations and unique storylines overall.

Based out of Columbia, Claudia has more than 30 books that have been translated and sold at a global level. She acts as author and illustrator on most of her books, but also collaborates with other writers as well.

Hyewon Yum is living in New York as an author and illustrator. She has 12 published books currently, and has several more colorful and heart felt stories on their way to completion.

Connor Grayson is a kids book author with a wild imagination. He has two book series, one of which is called Magic Eaters and the other Boss Monster Wannabe.

Debbie is the author and illustrator behind the books that are made for middle grade kids. She is originally from Florida but has lived in 5 different states pulling inspiration from each one.

Katie Petrinec writes a series of children's books called Mya and Crash, based on a little girl and her pup. These books have a scientific and educational tone with fun and colorful illustrations.

Making books for young people is the goal of author Stacy McAnulty. She has published dozens of successful books, while still being a busy wife and mother.

Many different awards have been given to Jory John for his brilliant books and writing abilities. He has been on the NY Times best selling list time after time, and also writes here and there for big name publication companies.

From Springfield Ohio, David Catrow has a long list of over 70 children's books that he has written and illustrated. He has made the NY Times Best Selling list more than a couple of times.

Maryann has 60 plus books and counting that feature her writing and illustrating expertise. Among her books, a common theme is seen that recognizes the struggles in a child's mind.

Robert Scully and his wife Anne Scully often work hand in hand on their many book creations. Currently living in New York, his love of creation continues to unfold and grow with each new project.

Jennifer is an author with a degree in psychology. Her books are made for children and emphasize a child's curiosity and hope to make learning fun and silly.

Eunice and Sabrina Moyle are the sisters that make up this popular team of book creators. Sabrina is the author and Eunice is the illustrator. They have successfully sold over 700,000 copies of their publishings.

Jose Lucio has three colorful children's books that he as written and illustrated. He has won awards for best local book and best local author in his hometown of Savannah Georgia.

James is the man behind the popular book series Bird and Squirrel, which is known and translated world-wide. He has other publishing's beyond this series and his illustration skills were even used in some animated films prior to writing books.

Paul Meisel is the proud author and illustrator of 10 different books with even more on the way. He has also illustrated over 80 different books and does editorial and educational work.

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