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24 Inspiring Examples of Marketing Portfolios

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

No matter what kind of marketer you are— social media, content marketing, print— your portfolio should highlight your best work. At the end of the day, a portfolio is a showcase.

Beyond that, there are practical details to nail: use testimonials to build trust. Ensure contact information is clear and accessible. Get great photography— especially for photos of yourself if this is a personal brand.

But always remember to focus on showcasing the work— that’s what your potential employers and clients are here to see. Notice how the following marketing portfolio examples do it.

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Screenshot of Candy Black, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Candy Black is a boutique style company assisting brands with all things visual design and communication. They have worked with clients from around the world and have a hefty history of clients and successful projects.

Screenshot of Hive Creative Group, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Located in Virginia, the Hive Creative Group is home to several marketing, branding and design specialists. Choose them for a one time business need, or invest in a larger package that will include everything from brand logo design to daily social posts.

Screenshot of Michael Antolak, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Michael Antolak has more than 7 years of experience in the field of creative marketing. His branding, campaign creation and designs continue to evolve with each unique project he works on. This ranges from musicians to restaurants like Pizza Hut.

Screenshot of Jordyn Brenner, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Jordyn Brenner works for Amazon Studios as a Senior Art Director. Her years of experience working on different projects, has put her marketing skills on display in a way that reflects the brand from start to finish.

Screenshot of Troy Hallahan, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Marketing Specialist Troy Hallahan is an expert in creativity, strategy and design. Social media marketing, campaign management and graphic design skills have landed him leading marketing roles for many different brands.

Screenshot of Awe Collective, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Ty James Largo is the founder of Awe Collective. His team can generate high level brand awareness, web services, content creation and beyond. Creative chaos is encouraged and research is required.

Screenshot of Maya Francis, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Maya is both a writer and marketing expert. Her online portfolio includes work for brands such as Netflix, Bayer and Hilton. Maya is confident in her ability to guide and transform brands using her expertise.

Screenshot of Brad Mace, from the marketing portfolios collection.

UK based, Brad Mace creates luxury marketing and branding for high-end automotive clients. His sleek designs and content make-up the face of the Bentley brand. He began his professional career marketing products for brands like Goodyear and Michelin.

Screenshot of 345 Marketing, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Located in Colorado, 345 Marketing has been molding brand identity for over 20 years. Their view is that it’s important to start with the basics of establishing the brand, and let creativity build from there.

Screenshot of Creative House , from the marketing portfolios collection.

Creative House Marketing is a group of design, branding and development professionals that have received numerous awards for their success. Look at their portfolio and you’ll find examples of their work and actual growth statistics for the brands they work with.

Screenshot of Greg Kaplan, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Greg Kaplan has over 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising, and he’s got an impressive resume to show for it. He continues to create eye-catching work for clients as big as Disney, Ford and Microsoft to name just a few.

Screenshot of Leon Hu, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Leon is a photographer and marketing professional based out of Seattle. His portfolio includes apparel and accessory clients, where he adds his skills in business development as a whole.

Screenshot of McMath Creative, from the marketing portfolios collection.

McMath Creative offers marketing services for companies looking to stand out from the crowd. Branding and Strategy, Content Creation and Project Management are services they provide using a holistic approach.

Screenshot of Lisa Hannam, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Content marketing is a very general term for what Lisa Hannam does best. Her talents in marketing and advertising have been used by brands such as Crest. She also has a portfolio for her work in Journalism.

Screenshot of Feeney Marketing, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Nicola Feeney is the creator of Feeney Marketing located in Australia, which now includes several other creative team members. Strategic marketing is applied to brands using the unique skillset of each team member, and therefore creates a well-rounded project.

Screenshot of Matthew Bullard, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Matthew is a design and marketing professional with a passion for illustration. Discovering the authentic view and goal of his clients is an important step in creating successful marketing campaigns.

Screenshot of Perk Marketing Group, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Perk Marketing Group classifies themselves as a boutique marketing company. Their niche is focused in the entertainment and hospitality industry. Within their portfolio, you can find marketing and advertising for events that include celebrities and brands like Red Bull.

Screenshot of Denise Rick, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Denise is a marketing professional from California that has worked within many different industries. Her marketing success in each of those industries, has helped her create a portfolio that emphasizes brand identity through all layers of customer communication.

Screenshot of Michelle Cheney, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Michelle is a Senior Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Market research, branding and special event marketing are all part of the packages she’s worked on for names like The Susan G Komen Foundation.

Screenshot of Lydia Harrell Design , from the marketing portfolios collection.

Lydia is passionate about design, thoughtful marketing and creativity when establishing a brands’ individuality. She is based out of New York and has over 8 years of experience that make her a sought after professional.

Screenshot of Kathryn Hall, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Kathryn is an advertising and marketing specialist with a genuine love for her career choice. She’s already been stacking her client list with brands like Kellogg’s and Toshiba. She’s always eager to learn new skills and create new campaigns that allow her work to feel like play.

Screenshot of Vibrant Marketing, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Vibrant Marketing is seasoned in the world of marketing with several locations in Canada as well as the United States. Creative brand strategy, live event marketing and you can even hire them for sales at in person marketing events as well.

Screenshot of SnuggleMud, from the marketing portfolios collection.

SnuggleMud uses data and creativity to bring success to brands. Marketing campaigns, branding and design support and consistent content work together telling a consistent story of each brand.

Screenshot of Droplet Marketing, from the marketing portfolios collection.

Droplet provides marketing and brand design services for the food industry only. New restaurants or those looking to revamp their brand, can hire them for food photography, web design, social media presence and more.