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33 Inspiring Art Portfolio Website Examples For 2024

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

A good art portfolio is a showcase. The design shouldn’t call attention to itself with flashy colors and novel navigation. Instead, it should use white or dark space to frame portfolio pieces.

Remember: clients are coming to your portfolio to look at your art— not your web design. So keep things simple and focused.

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Screenshot of Samantha Keely Smith, from the art portfolios collection.

Samantha is an artist currently working in Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings of people and the world around her have a unique way of connecting with viewers psychologically.

Screenshot of Seth Clark, from the art portfolios collection.

Seth Clark is from Massachusetts where he studied the arts. He uses both collage and sculpture techniques to create truly unique pieces that have received countless awards, and have been featured at different art exhibitions throughout the US.

Screenshot of Steeven Salvat, from the art portfolios collection.

Steeven Salvat is a French artist with a very unique set of skills. His tool of choice is a Rotring pen, which allows him to create incredibly detailed and almost historical looks of modern art that take many hours to produce.

Screenshot of John David, from the art portfolios collection.

John David is an artist and photographer working out of Vancouver, Canada. His photography and design skills tell a unique story in a way that is unlike other photographers. He also works on media projects such as film and album covers using his design skills.

Screenshot of The Girl Behind the Smock, from the art portfolios collection.

Haley Achler is the artist, creator and girl behind the smock. She has been creating art pieces since she was a very young age and now specializes in printmaking, paintings and drawings fueled by curiosity.

Screenshot of Havana Nguyen, from the art portfolios collection.

Havana is a designer, an illustrator and holds titles in many other areas as well. Her portfolio includes comic design, illustrations and sketches that she creates often based on emotion.

Screenshot of Nick Sheehy, from the art portfolios collection.

Nick Sheehy is an artist that is currently living in London. His drawing skills and wild imagination make for one awesome, dreamy portfolio.

Screenshot of Amber Ma, from the art portfolios collection.

Amber is an illustrator in New York with a beautiful portfolio in storytelling. She is originally from China. Her work is colorful, delicate and unique.

Screenshot of Jo Costello, from the art portfolios collection.

There isn’t much artwork that Jo Costello doesn’t dive into. Her Portfolio is wide ranging from photography to sketches to printmaking and more. She also has graphic design and development skills to help brands in many areas.

Screenshot of Catherine Benny, from the art portfolios collection.

Catherine’s beautiful paintings are created using oil paint and a palette knife. She’s been fine tuning her technique for several years and you can find her work in nature, cityscapes and floral in several art shows each year.

Screenshot of Jenny Lee Fowler, from the art portfolios collection.

Jenny Lee Fowler has some beautiful projects she has created that include silhouettes, paper cuttings and workshops. Her work has been featured in several magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens.

Screenshot of Caroline Torbahn, from the art portfolios collection.

Caroline is a well-known Hair and Makeup artist providing her skills globally. The fashion and photography industries use Caroline to create beautiful looks that take projects to the next level.

Screenshot of Ashley Tarr, from the art portfolios collection.

Ashley Tarr is a San Francisco based artist and creator of editorial content. She has worked with a variety of different clients that fall into the fashion, food, and design industries.

Screenshot of Karl Rothenberger, from the art portfolios collection.

Karl Rothenberger is a seasoned photographer currently based in New York. Most of his work includes women and editorial work both in studio as well as on site. His images are raw and tend to speak for themselves.

Screenshot of Rob Brown Concept Art, from the art portfolios collection.

Robert D Brown is an artist working in the gaming and video industry with imaginative designs in the sci-fi and fantasy world. His portfolio shows off his impressive eye for design and creativity applied to illustration, matte paintings and more.

Screenshot of Marianne Giesemann, from the art portfolios collection.

Marianne Giesemann is working out of Seattle as a designer and illustrator. She works for Facebook as a Product Designer but is constantly creating new things on her own and refuses to stick to one specific style.

Screenshot of Francesca Marino, from the art portfolios collection.

Francesca Marino is a photographer and director merging both ends of creativity seamlessly. Her work features editorial work of both men and women as well as personal projects that she’s enthusiastic about.

Screenshot of Simeon Elson, from the art portfolios collection.

Simeon is an artist of all sorts from London. His portfolio boasts serious wow factor specifically within the sports and entertainment industry.

Screenshot of Leisha Riddel, from the art portfolios collection.

Leisha Riddel is an expert in Visual Development. For Leisha, that means she is seasoned in a variety of different kinds of art. Within her portfolio you will find character, location, background and gaming illustration among others making for a well-rounded portfolio.

Screenshot of BaristArt, from the art portfolios collection.

Michael Breach is the very unique artist behind BaristArt, creating artwork within your morning latte. He has been featured on big networks and has worked with brands around the world promoting brands with his coffee art.

Screenshot of Beth Mitchell, from the art portfolios collection.

Beth Mitchell is an Underwater Fine Art Photographer that has won countless awards for her unique prints. Her love of water began when she was very young and it has continued to grow ever since in her artistic creations.

Screenshot of Shelby Dawn Smith, from the art portfolios collection.

Shelby is an extremely talented artist focusing on abstract paintings. She has had several art shows that she has won awards for based on technique, beautiful color and emotion.

Screenshot of Paolo Ventura, from the art portfolios collection.

Paolo Ventura’s art has been exhibited in museums and private galleries worldwide, including the Italian Pavilion of the 2011 Venice Biennale. You can see his captivating artwork from 2005 up until now on this portfolio site.

Screenshot of Opalmilk, from the art portfolios collection.

Rye is the artist behind the brand Opalmilk, located in Texas. Her art, which includes jewelry, paintings, and home pieces all boast an earthy but feminine vibe perfect boho fanatics.

Screenshot of Jessica Vass, from the art portfolios collection.

Jessica is an artist in many different ways. Photography, design and photo production are all beautifully displayed in her portfolio from start to finish.

Screenshot of Miranda Meeks, from the art portfolios collection.

Miranda is a talented illustrator that’s been inspired by dark art that has the ability to remain soft simultaneously. Since 2013 she has been winning awards for her art and adding to her list of clients rapidly.

Screenshot of Danielle Clough, from the art portfolios collection.

Danielle Clough has a portfolio that is brilliantly unique and colorful. Her talents come from the art of embroidery, and yes that’s with a needle and thread. But it’s much more than that and she’s been noticed for it more than a few times.

Screenshot of Nathalie Lete, from the art portfolios collection.

Nathalie’s website screams it is an artist’s website through and through. Every inch of the website has some or the other form of art – the icons, illustrations, and fonts on the landing pages are Nathalie’s artwork.

However, I won’t put it under “user-friendly art portfolio website” because of some obvious web design mistakes: There’s no navigation bar, clicking on the logo doesn’t take you to the homepage, the custom typography (though art) isn’t legible enough, etc.

Screenshot of Sandra Ly Hoxter, from the art portfolios collection.

Sandra is an illustrator with a unique digital vibe. His paintings mimic digital characters along with his other art and design skills which include merch design.

Screenshot of Kate Smith, from the art portfolios collection.

Kate Smith is an oil painting artist from New Zealand. She creates beautiful paintings of wildlife, animals, people and abstracts that can be purchased online.

Screenshot of Natalie Smith, from the art portfolios collection.

Natalie Smith is an illustrator creating fun and colorful pieces. She is located in England but works locally and globally on characters that are perfect for stories and more.

Screenshot of Dahlsted Art, from the art portfolios collection.

Barbara Dahlsted is the fine art creator behind Dahlsted Art. She has a large amount of education in the art world, specifically in colored pencil created pieces. Her work has won many awards, and you can take workshops and learn her techniques too!

Screenshot of Mary Belcher, from the art portfolios collection.

Mary Belcher is an expert in water color paintings located in Washington, DC. Her pieces typically consist of streetscapes and maps that are full of color and impressive detail.