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33 Inspiring Examples Of Graphic Design Portfolios

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

The best graphic design portfolios spotlight the designer’s work. So get out of the way and keep the work front and center when creating yours.

Not everything needs to end up on your portfolio website, of course. Curate your best work and showcase it with plenty of negative space to keep the designs in focus. Always remember: The portfolio isn’t meant to promote you as a designer—instead, the work should speak for who you are as a designer.

Besides, your website should include contact information, an about section, and any case studies or testimonials from past employers you feel like showing. Keep these sections at the obvious places from a visual hierarchy standpoint ⁠— which mostly means you should link to these pages from your header navigation menu or footer.

See the following graphic design portfolio examples to see it in action. I have also dissected a few portfolios to help you with some ideas for your portfolio.

Tip: Use ← and → arrow keys to browse.

Screenshot of RyuCreative, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

RyuCreative is a boutique-style marketing agency in Los Angeles. The female-run company has successfully assisted several different companies in PR, Social Branding and Creative Design.

How they have gone about their portfolio site is unique, but it will not alienate any potential clients as it’s well-structured. The first thing visitors will see is the randomly spread pictures on the homepage, which attracts visitors with its originality. The next thing anyone would do is click on one of the navigation items or scroll; either will expand on what RyuCreative does.

If we discuss their portfolio page specifically, Ryu has structured it differently than most agencies. First, the visitor has to select the portfolio category from four options (their primary services): Social Elevation, Content Creation, PR + Events, and Graphic Design. If you click on Graphic Design, you’ll find their past works uniquely spread throughout the page.

Screenshot of AllieMarie Design, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

AllieMarie Design is a design studio focused on crafting visual branding solutions for mission-led small businesses. This Minnesota-based studio is led by Allison Burns, who brings a unique blend of creative design and strategic insight to help clients visually convey their stories and values.

The website seamlessly reflects the studio’s emphasis on clean and elegant design. Soft pastel tones and gentle fonts create a calming user experience, while the judicious use of visuals and testimonials effectively showcases the brand’s expertise and credibility. And the smiling photos of Allison give it a personal touch.

The portfolio page displays client projects with logos in a 3-column format. Visitors can click on any of them to explore the studio’s work for the client.

Here’s an example of a project page — each such page has a paragraph about the client and the brand + of course, images of everything from the font and textures they help choose to any graphic they designed:

Screenshot of Mindy Nguyen, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Currently located in Los Angeles, visual artist and designer Mindy Nguyen helps brands with identity, art direction, web design, etc. She currently freelances and also works with ilovecreatives Studio.

Her website homepage is her About + Portfolio page. Above the fold, she describes what she does with good typography, concise copy, and cool animations.

As soon as the short bio ends, you’ll find her works, i.e., her online portfolio. Each portfolio item includes four things: an image, the company’s name, what she did for the company, and a link to either see the live project or learn more about the project.

Everything is neatly presented with negative space, proper visual hierarchy, and emojis.

Screenshot of Hom Sweet Hom, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Hom Sweet Hom (nice name!) is the website for showcasing Lauren Hom’s work as a designer and lettering artist specializing in marketing, lettering, murals, and food art.

The website offers a portfolio of her creative work, online courses on topics like mural painting and marketing, and a blog sharing professional advice and personal stories.

The website design has intricate micro-animations, stunning typefaces, and a well-organized layout. The color palette is beautiful too, and so are the professionally shot pictures of the designer.

On the “Work” page, the audience is treated to a visual feast of artworks presented in a mosaic of lively tiles. Hover over any piece, and you get a glimpse of the project details – like “Feed Your Soul, Illustration” – giving insight into the diverse ventures the artist has embarked upon.

Screenshot of Ramone Henry, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Ramone Henry provides his design services to companies that need web design, packaging, and overall branding. Ramone’s portfolio is highly-curated and a great example of showcasing one’s work quality over quantity.

His portfolio includes only four (distinct) items: Ux/UI design for Shleepy; landing page design mockups for Paypal; design system, UI/UX, and web development for AwesomeCare; and abstract typefaces for himself.

Update : Ramone has shifted to front-end and software development, but his website still is an excellent example to explore.

Note: Ramone’s contact details are on his Github profile (linked from the header), which might not be a big problem for a developer like him. But you, as a designer, should make your contact details obvious by having a contact page on your website.

Screenshot of Meiwen See, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Meiwen is a professional designer and photographer that features travel, people, editorial, and interior photography. He is also a designer, combining his many artistic talents to help his clients with branding, art direction, and more.

His website is minimalistic. On the homepage, he has gone with the two main things: a short bio and his photography and design portfolio with a few featured items. The minimal navigation bar helps visitors find more of his portfolio items, the contact form, or the primary social media profiles (Behance, Instagram, and Pinterest).

The design portfolio has curated items placed in a three-column grid with plenty of whitespace surrounding it. If you can’t think of any creative ways to showcase your design works, simply copy this format for your own portfolio.

Screenshot of Mel Gardner, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Mel Gardner is a freelance graphic designer with a focus on branding, website creation, and charity work in Ireland. Pick a subcategory on her site, and you’ll see she can do just about anything design-wise.

The website features great micro-animations, awesome fonts, and clear structure. The “My Work” page displays her best works in the form of high-quality pictures in non-symmetric sections. You can hover over the graphic to see the brand name and what she has done for the brand ⁠— for example, “Soap with Soul, Packaging.”

Screenshot of Julie Solvstrom, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Julie Solvstrom is a Danish illustrator and graphic designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. With a playful and colorful style, her work resonates deeply with themes of nature, poetry, and human connection.

You get a taste of her design & illustration style right from the welcome banner on the homepage. Besides, her website has neat portfolios showcasing her expertise in design and illustration.

A portion of her graphic design portfolio

Visitors can click on each portfolio item to explore the brand’s case study.

Julie did visual identity work for Handson Wines. This is its case study page.

She also has a ‘Shop’ to sell her design and a nicely designed About page for her bio.

Screenshot of Vicky Perry Design, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Vicky Perry is an upbeat and full of life designer that works for herself in her own home. Her passion is to help small businesses that have a passion for their company find perfect branding and representation.

Her portfolio website is structured like a typical small business template website but has unique graphics and colors that showcase her skills and personality. The website’s portfolio section is clean with ample whitespace, and it sort of looks like the Instagram grid view (something on which, I am sure, the best of the designers would have worked).

Screenshot of Alex Fisher Design, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Alex Fisher is based in Winnipeg, Canada. She is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator specializing in branding and identity projects.

Her website embodies a delicate, nature-inspired aesthetic, integrating blooming flowers with her design projects. It creates a sense of personal touch and resonates with her emphasis on storytelling.

A small bio alongside a sepia-toned image of Alex on the homepage adds a personal element, allowing visitors to connect with the designer behind the work.

On the portfolio front, Alex showcases her work beautifully throughout the website:

Featured works on the homepage An excerpt from a case study page

Screenshot of Joe Drakeford , from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Joe Drakeford presents himself as a contemporary designer, boasting a diverse range of brand identity, logo design, and illustration work.

From the hero image on his website, it’s clear that he has a talent for seamlessly integrating typography, photography, and graphic elements. Also, featuring your varied work in the hero section puts it front and center—which is the primary element of great graphic design portfolio websites!

The effectiveness of his web design is underscored by its clean layout. The homepage is everything—and it just has a short bio and a small masonry gallery of projects that, on click, open individual case studies like this:

Screenshot of John Williamson, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

John is a brand and identity graphic designer that has worked on some cool projects for all print purposes. Many of his recent projects include those in the music industry.

His portfolio gives the classic Dribbble vibes with the four columns and square column items/portfolio pieces. Though it doesn’t have the aesthetics of the previous examples, it’s still a great graphic design portfolio site with a lot of versatility. Plus, it nails the functionality aspect with a clean header that has links to important pages on one side and social media icons on the other.

Screenshot of by Mark Lange, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Mark presents himself as a multifaceted creator, specializing not just in graphic design but also in art and music. His dynamic skillset showcases a broad spectrum of creative capabilities, from designing logos and websites to creating unique art prints.

They say first impressions last, and boy, does Mark’s website impress as soon as you enter it. The captivating hero image is a testament to his expertise as an artist and graphic designer. Plus, it says “hello,” communicates his passion for creating, and introduces himself as a graphic designer whose client work you can see by clicking on the conveniently placed CTA.

The website exudes a bold and contemporary vibe, using stark contrasts of colors and large typography. The fusion of art elements, like the paint splatters and the framed artwork, gives a sneak peek into his design style – edgy, vibrant, and inherently artistic.

Screenshot of Mariah Baker, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Mariah Baker is a graphic designer that works with a focus on motion-based designs, meaning video work. She is located in New York and has some other creative personal projects displayed on her site.

I don’t quite like the icon-like thingy located at each joint-sections ⁠— it feels like a scroller but does nothing and messes with the website’s aesthetics. But besides that, the portfolio site is solid.

Screenshot of Simon Horton, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Located in London, Simon Horton has more than eight years of impressive graphic design experience. He has helped both small and large companies define their brand and message to consumers.

His website homepage is his portfolio page ⁠— we recommend you also keep your portfolio page as the website landing page if your main goal is to showcase your work. The design is a typical two-column grid with large images as portfolio items. Personally, I like the three-column or one-column aesthetic over two columns.

Screenshot of Erin Foster, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Erin Foster has many, many years of experience that go back as far as 12 years. Her design skills have landed her jobs working in popular magazines such as People and Redbook. She now works as an art director at a university and does freelance work from home.

Her typical Instagram-like, three-column grid portfolio looks great. An experienced designer choosing this format is also a testament that you can’t go wrong with three column showcase with ample whitespace. In fact, that’s the reason why the top website builders have similar portfolio templates.

Screenshot of Alex McDaris, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Alex is a light-hearted, colorful, fun designer and skilled advertiser. Consider her your girl for anything from album covers to brand packaging that may need illustration design.

Screenshot of Liam Foster, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Liam Foster is a designer with over six years of experience in brand identity, website creation, and packaging. He works as a freelance artist and for a design agency in Margate, Kent.

Screenshot of Kaitlin Elise, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Kaitlin Elisa is a graphic designer as well as a photographer and illustrator. She is currently located in Florida and has provided some beautiful branding designs for big companies like Starbucks.

Screenshot of Jordan Versluis, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Jordan Versluis is a freelance graphic designer based in St. Catharines, Ontario. His profile emphasizes his expertise in helping small businesses craft authentic brand identities.

From a web design perspective, the layout is clean and visually captivating, with a grayscale background effectively drawing attention to the content. The strategic placement of his professional photograph adds a personal touch, while the showcased works (both on the homepage and a separate case studies page) provide a testament to his skills. Clear typography and an organized structure ensure easy navigation, making it an effective portfolio to engage potential clients.

Screenshot of Brave and Co Design, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Kimi Mischke is the designer behind Brave and Co Design. She has over 13 years in the business and started her own brand in 2016. Her work aims to be colorful, clean, and positive, creating an upbeat vibe for clients.

Screenshot of Laura Acton, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

This is the professional portfolio of Laura Acton. It showcases her work across various projects and companies, such as Half Moon Bay Brewing Company and La Petite Baleen, among others. Additionally, the site includes sections on videography and photography and provides links to Laura’s profiles on Behance, LinkedIn, and Dribbble.

I love the simplicity of this website’s design. The featured portfolio items are front and center while the sidebar navigation helps explore more of the work. Everything is just there!

Screenshot of Mallory Blackwell, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Mallory Blackwell introduces herself as an award-winning multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding and art direction. Her portfolio highlights her focus on creative strategy, storytelling, packaging, and continual learning.

In terms of web design, Mallory’s portfolio exudes vibrancy and creativity with its use of bold colors and innovative graphics. The showcased works are diverse, demonstrating her versatility as a designer. The layout is organized and user-friendly, with each project providing a glimpse into her unique design approach. The contact details at the bottom ensure easy accessibility for potential collaborators or clients.

Screenshot of Holly McAlister Design, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Holly McAlister is a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience in design and packaging for brands. She has won countless awards for her work on branding campaigns and product innovation.

Screenshot of Maxine Gregory, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Maxine balances her passion for graphic design with her love of being a mom seamlessly. Through her designs, she promises a blend of creativity and coherence, ensuring the audience understands the intended message.

Her portfolio shows off her beautiful work, which is commonly recognized for its attention to detail and beauty. The web design exudes a clean and modern vibe with vibrant color blocks that segment different sections. The intuitive categorization, combined with illustrative icons, makes it user-friendly. The testimonial section adds a touch of credibility, enhancing the overall user trust.

Screenshot of Morgan McConnell, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

With over ten years of experience in the graphic design field and proficiency in programs such as Photoshop, Morgan brings professionalism to many different brands. He loves logo design, website creation, and more.

Screenshot of Larissa Nahhas, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Larissa Nahhas has a portfolio full of colorful, pretty, and feminine branding and packaging ideas. She has created some sophisticated yet eye-catching designs for big names like MAC Cosmetics.

Screenshot of Luke Meyer, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Luke Meyer is a passionate storyteller, emphasizing the impact of stories through his graphic designs. His projects range from vibrant visuals for studios to pragmatic designs for everyday brands.

His portfolio is vibrant and dynamic, focusing on large-scale images that immediately capture attention. The minimalist black and white background lets the work stand out, while his use of bold fonts for headings gives a modern edge. The visual diversity of his portfolio, from printed materials to digital projects, showcases his versatility and adaptability in the design field.

Screenshot of Karen Moore, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Karen Moore has a passion for creativity that she puts to use each and every day. Her graphic design skills provide logos, print design, and more. She continues to evolve but is currently focused on immersive design.

The website design isn’t “modern,” but it is clean, organized, and segmented by categories, making it easier for visitors to find specific samples.

Screenshot of Jason Newton, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Jason has years of graphic design experience taking brands to the next level, using eye-catching branding designs that are simplistic and professional. He’s worked in many different specialty fields, including technology and web design, leading him to work with large companies like Amazon.

Screenshot of Kenny Bruins, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Kenny has a background in graphics design and is now a visual designer based in California.

His website showcases a variety of his work, including UX and visual design case studies for different projects like the Village Bread app, DTM Website, Rosewater App, and Sunscope.

There are dedicated sections for different types of design work he has done, including branding, email design, presentations, 3D design, photography, and UI and web design. Additionally, the site provides links to Kenny’s Instagram and LinkedIn profiles and offers an option to view his resume for prospective employers or clients interested in working with him.

Screenshot of Kathryn Colton Design, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Kathryn is a graphic designer with over ten years of experience. Most of her work has been in print design and illustrations, where she applies critical thinking and creativity.

The website design adopts a modern and minimalistic approach, letting the work speak for itself. The diverse samples, from storyboards and app interfaces to print advertisements, display her versatility. The user-friendly interface, combined with captivating visuals, makes navigation effortless and engaging.

Moreover, with a straightforward declaration, she establishes her branding and her areas of expertise, making it easy for visitors to gauge her skill set immediately.

Screenshot of Fiona O’Leary Sloan - My Portfolio, from the graphic design portfolios collection.

Fiona O’Leary Sloan is a seasoned web and graphic designer focusing on user-centric designs. His portfolio underscores the significance of human relationships and reflects his dedication to precision and uniqueness.

The design is clean and sophisticated, using a mix of images and concise descriptions to showcase the breadth of his work. The consistent use of laptops to frame website designs offers a realistic perspective of how users would view his projects. Testimonials incorporated throughout the portfolio instill trust and authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a graphic design portfolio?

Most graphic designers use a portfolio website builder like Squarespace to easily design their portfolios.

What should a graphic design portfolio include?

First and foremost, your portfolio must include high-quality images of your best graphic design work. Quality > Quantity.

Then, it must have all the necessary details: contact information, an 'about' section, case studies (if any), client testimonials, etc. All these details must be in obvious places, i.e., your site should be easy to navigate.

How many pages should be in a portfolio?

As many as needed. You can be done with one page or you may need hundreds (if, say, for example, you publish articles on your site).

Tip: If showcasing the portfolio is your goal, make the portfolio page your homepage. Everything else is secondary.

What's the best website buider to buid graphic design portfolio?

There's no one-size-fits-all. However, if you are a non-technical person who wants to build your portfolio fast, Squarespace is probably your best option. It has stunning templates that keep aesthetics over anything, which is the requirement of any good graphic design portfolio.