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30 Inspiring Examples Of Graphic Design Portfolios

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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Great graphic design portfolios are a showcase for your work. So get out of the way and make sure the work is front and center.

Not everything needs to end up in your portfolio. Instead choose to showcase your best work. Don’t feel like you need to “fill out” your portfolio. Always remember the portfolio isn’t meant to promote you as the designer— instead the work should speak for who you are as a designer.

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Ramone Henry provides his design services to companies that need web design, packaging and overall branding. Within his portfolio, you'll see work he's done with popular brands such as Schick Razors.

John is a brand and identity graphic designer that has worked on some really cool projects for all print purposes. Many of his recent projects include those in the music industry.

Vicky Perry is an upbeat and full of life designer that works for herself in her own home. Her passion is to help small businesses that have a passion for their company find perfect branding and representation.

Mel Gardner is a freelance graphic designer with a focus in branding, website creation and charity work in Ireland. Pick a subcategory on her site and you'll see she can do just about anything design wise.

Mariah Baker is a graphic designer that works with a focus on motion based designs, meaning video work. She is located in NYC and also has some other creative personal projects displayed on her site.

Kaitlin Elisa is a graphic designer as well as a photographer and illustrator. She is currently located in Florida and has provided some beautiful branding designs for big companies like Starbucks.

Located in London, Simon Horton has more than 8 years of impressive graphic design experience. He has helped both small and large companies define their brand and message to consumers.

Erin Foster has many, many years of experience that go back as far as 12 years. Her design skills have landed her jobs working on popular magazines such as People and Redbook. She now works as an art director at a university and does freelance work from home.

Kevin Lewis has been a graphic designer for over 14 years and also a photographer. Merging these two skills and adding in the goal of his client, has earned him a solid reputation as a designer.

With over 10 years of experience in the graphic design field and proficiency in programs such as Photoshop, Morgan brings professionalism to many different brands. He loves logo design, website creation and more.

Alex is a light-hearted, colorful, fun designer and skilled advertiser. Consider her your girl for anything from album covers to brand packaging that may need illustration design.

Liam Foster is a designer with over 6 years of experience in brand identity, website creation and packaging. He works as a freelance artist as well as for a design agency in Margate, Kent.

Kimi Mischke is the designer behind Brave and Co Design. She has over 13 years in the business and started her own brand in 2016. Her work aims to be colorful, clean and positive creating an upbeat vibe for clients.

John Sim is located in the UK. His portfolio shows the eye-catching designs he's created that are colorful, bold and simplistic. Brand identity and perfecting the user interface is his expertise.

Holly McAlister is a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience in design and packaging for brands. She has won countless awards for her work on branding campaigns and product innovation..

Maxine balances her passion for graphic design with her love of being a mom seamlessly. Her portfolio shows off her beautiful work that is commonly recognized for its attention to detail and beauty.

Ashley is a freelance graphic designer with over 8 years of experience working for many brands you've seen and heard about. Her design skills focus on branding, improving workflow and appealing to the consumer all in one.

Colleen enjoys working with smaller companies and design agencies. She is well rounded as a graphic designer providing skills in illustrations, photoshop, and animations to name a few.

Sarah Zanon is located in Toronto and works as a graphic designer in film and television primarily. She also has photography skills and enjoys working with other creatives to make some awesome designs.

Joseph Ripienski is the graphic designer and all around brand consultant for many companies. His goal is to create designs for companies that wish to execute design with a message consistently.

Taylor Huizenga is a designer located in New Jersey. Her passion for graphic design has stemmed back many years to when she was eager to problem solve in a creative and beautiful way. Her portfolio is well rounded from event design to magazine print.

Larissa Nahhas has a portfolio full or colorful, pretty and feminine branding and packaging ideas. She has created some sophisticated, yet eye catching designs for big names like MAC Cosmetics.

Heather Sears Design is the creative design company that provides graphic design services including logo, packaging and marketing design to big name companies. She has over 20 years of experience and a resume that will wow prospects.

Karen Moore has a passion for creativity that she puts to use each and every day. Her graphic design skills provide logos, print design and more. She continues to evolve but is currently focused on immersive design.

Jason has years of graphic design experience taking brands to the next level, using eye catching branding designs that are simplistic and professional. He's worked in many different specialty fields including technology and web design, leading him to work with large companies like Amazon.

As a designer, Kathryn now loves to work in front end development for users and their brands. Most of her work has been in print design where she applies critical thinking and creativity.

Gareth has created a huge following on Youtube from the many years of design experience he has shown. He teaches those skills to other professionals or those interested in the field. His ability to represent brands has landed him jobs with Amazon, Shell and BBC among others.

JulieAnn Larson is a Senior Graphic Design Artist with more than 16 years experience. She assists companies with their branding and advertising needs that include real estate, fitness and beauty brands.

Paula is her own boss working as a freelance graphic designer and snagging awards for her work in branding, packaging and affordability. Her love for helping brands blossom shows through in her portfolio.

Chantelle Ivanisevic is the owner and graphic designer within Designs by Chantelle. Her work focuses on branding from a start to finish perspective that is catered to the company and its ideal consumer.

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