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26 Examples Of Beautiful UX Portfolios

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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User experience (UX) design focusses on the interaction between a real human user and the product. Great UX designers understand that you can’t control an experience— instead you create the conditions for a positive experience through design.

Does this sound too abstract? Well a portfolio is an opportunity to put this theory into practice. A good portfolio should get out of the way and showcase the UX designers work. It should be clean, accessible and easy to use.

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She's based in the UK and excited about each and every project she's given. Kelly Batchelor loves creating and problem solving using design skills that are always completed with energy and art.

Misono is a designer from Virginia. Her works consists of projects in graphic design, user experience and branding. Since she was young, she has had a fascination with design and new ideas.

Mike Wilson is a designer working in the Seattle area. His love for figuring out how the consumers can easily interact with a platform has landed him projects in many different fields.

Mahsa Keyhani has a masters in psychology in addition to being a UX Designer in Australia. The human mind is always at the forefront of her design process.

Sarina is a designer that graduated from the University of Washington. She has a love for each part of the UX design process that stems from research all the way to the art.

Shawn is an expert in UX design, illustration, writing and more. He has been creating awesome designs for over 15 years that include some for popular brands like GrubHub.

Woo Bryant is from the Chicago area where she used to work as a cook before her UX/UI design days. Her outside experiences give her an authentic approach to program design and direction.

Tamila Rostmoff is a detailed UX designer that has been providing tech solutions for over 10 years. The companies that hire her will find her work clean, practical and professional.

Havana Nguyen has some consistent guidelines she follows on the work she creates for UX. It always begins with defining the problem, completing research and thinking of the every possible audience.

Evelyn is an experienced designer providing a seamless user experience for her programs that include "Foodie Friends" and the recruiter tool on Linkedin. She currently holds a role with Intuit that is the back bone for a variety of different platforms.

Jocelyn is located in Washington and is a graduate of the University of Maryland. She treats each of her jobs in a way that combines user needs in a clean and easy to use way.

Originally from Philadelphia, Finna is a UX Designer as well as an interior designer. Architectural components, beautiful design and problem solving are skills she brings to the table.

Kyle Obrock is a photographer as well as a UX designer. His combination of artistry, design and logical thinking have helped developed some great solutions for different brands.

Lisa Labbe is a well-rounded designer currently working on UX Design and Research. Her degrees in both graphic design and psychology give her a unique approach to the user experience.

Batool began utilizing her design skills years ago in animation. This work left her wanting something more. She now focuses on problem solving and a team approach in UX Design.

Sarah Liu began her career originally in accounting and finance. But her creativity needed an outlet and this led her to become a UX Designer. She loves the research aspect as well as design itself.

Jennifer Yoo is a designer with more than 7 years of experience. She started as a graphic designer and learned a variety of different design programs. She seeks out projects that are important to her and her morals.

Julia has a resume featuring her UX Design skills that include programs for companies like American Eagle, PNC Bank and more. Clean, easy to use and smart program development is her passion.

Jess Woods works out of Los Angeles but is originally from Britain. She loves to work on large projects with big brands that solve major problems. She breaks the process down one by one and then builds it back up.

Raquel is a designer and artist of many different kinds. Sculpture, sketching, pottery and UX Design are all skills she has that tend to improve and feed off the other.

Eric William Hanson is a designer and researcher that has worked in photography, film production and graphic design. He now focuses on the user experience aspect and is furthering his education at the University of Toronto.

Graphic Design, UX Design and Branding assistance are all categories that Aaron can help a company with. His passion for all things digital design keep him continuously learning from each job.

Ron Rowland has worked on a variety of UX case studies that have made his clients very satisfied. On his down time, he is also a musician exploring another element of creativity.

John Karl is well versed in the design world with over 20 years of experience. 13 of those years have included UX Design for clients which include both small and large companies. John is capable of both collaborations and solo work.

Sarah Johnson creates sleek and polished designs that have organized healthcare platforms and Amazon just to name a couple. She has even worked abroad in corporate giving her a different type of experience.

Natalia graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta and still resides in the state of Atlanta. Her services include Graphic and UI/UX Design that are appealing to the eye, but also solve problems while being user friendly.

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