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30 Examples of Excellent Architect Websites

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

An architect’s website should showcase their work. Excellent photography is critical. The design should use whitespace to frame photography and avoid clutter. The style of typography and photography can be used to communicate a vibe.

Architect websites are pretty simple— they offer a portfolio and ways to contact the architect. Make sure the contact details are obvious and easy to find.

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1. Douglas Cardinal Made With: Squarespace

Douglas Cardinal studied at The University of British Columbia before moving to Texas and then studying architecture. His love for nature flows through his work and creates a unique flow of design.

2. Sasaki Made With: Wordpress

Sasaki has been in the works for over 65 years and only continues to grow. Their design style blends many different outlooks to create a forward moving design concept with sustainability at the top.

3. Hamilton Snowber Made With: Squarespace

Cynthia Hamilton and Chris Snowber are the brains behind this architectural company. They focus on residential properties that connect the many stages of the building process from architect to builder.

4. EPT Design Made With: Wordpress

EPT Design is a large firm that combines customer service, passion and design for the ultimate delivery of a project. Their passion for creative spaces and unique designs shows through in a variety of different ways including parks and residential.

5. Darra Joinery Made With: Webflow

Darra Joinery, a family ran design firm in Australia, focuses on the details. Their design in residential and commercial projects boast beauty from delicate elements to masculine designs.

6. Arena Made With: Webflow

Arena, it's all in the name. They create stadiums and arenas for sporting facilities around the world. They plan, design and then build.

7. Emmanuelle Moureaux Made With: Squarespace

Emmanuelle Moureaux is an architect, artist and designer that was born in France. Currently living in Tokyo, her studio was born there in 2003. You can find Japanese elements within all of her designs.

8. O'Neil Langan Made With: Squarespace

Steven O'Neil and Mary Langan started their design company in 1996 in Manhattan, which now has over 50 employees. Their impressive profile of work consists of retail projects, residential and hospitality designs.

9. Donna Riley Made With: Wix

Founded in 2002, the Donna Riley Architect firm creates beautiful residential homes. During each and every design, she focuses on going green and maintaining sustainability as one of her top priorities.

10. Huseby Homes Made With: Webflow

Craig and Nichole Huseby started Huseby Homes in 1998. Together they create homes and work on remodels that result in absolutely beautiful spaces with southern style as well as modernistic.

11. K.O.T. Made With: Wix

Located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, K.O.T. Architects specialize in a variety of designs beyond architecture. They use research and fresh concepts to create beautiful buildings as well as furniture to be purchased.

12. Simon Aldridge Made With: Squarespace

Simon Aldridge is the designer who started ALDRIDGE ATELIER which is a company that offers design services in the USA as well as the UK. Visit his site for the long list of awards he's received over the years for his work.

13. Creative Windows Made With: Weebly

Creative Windows does just that, create unique windows made of aluminium and steel framing windows as well as doors. Check out their portfolio with some cool options such as descending and sky frame windows.

14. Sonder Creative Made With: Squarespace

Usman Dawood and Anete Lusina are the two photographers behind the brand. With a focus in architectural photography, you can find both beautiful and breathtaking images from previous projects that consist of residential to commercial properties.

15. SRA Made With: Squarespace

SRA Architects is composed of many different designers. Each designer within the group has a strong desire to create solutions for commercial purposes such as educational and research buildings.

16. AOA Made With: Wix

AOA is a unique design company with some amazing and wild projects. Their resume includes roller coasters and other theme park attractions as well as full out resorts.

17. Lex Bell Made With: Carrd

Lex Bell is from London where he works on both high-end designs as well as residential. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of other start up companies.

18. ISSHO Made With: Wix

Okinawa is home to ISSHO Architects. Their design results in buildings, spaces and furniture that is sleek and maintains an urban feel all around.

19. Clever Architecture Made With: Weebly

Marcia and Russ studied architecture in college. They both had different ideas and styles that they have since decided to merge together for some amazing designs. This allows them to take on many different kinds of projects.

20. Craiker Architects & Planners Made With: Wix

Chris Craiker has been president of this company for 30 years now. They operate out of California and have received numerous awards for their work and craftsmanship in design.

21. CODG Made With: Weebly

CODG can assist in the design and build side of projects as well as the construction itself. Their portfolio of absolutely stunning home designs with gorgeous cottage style details making each one unique.

22. Sighte Studio Made With: Squarespace

Sighte Studio are the architectural experts in all things related to lighting. They collaborate with other design professionals using not only lighting that is beautiful but is also sustainable.

23. LERA Made With: Wix

LERA is a huge constructional engineer firm that has worked on many high profile jobs. Beyond designing itself, they also offer consulting services and investigations.

24. JJ Design Studio Made With: Wix

JJ Design Studio contains a beautiful collection of interior designs projects. Julia, who has a masters in architecture is the creator of JJ Design Studio in London. She combines design and function seamlessly.

25. Butz and Klug Made With: Webflow

Butz and Klug architecture strives to create unique buildings. No set style is required, they are excited to work and create concepts that work for that project and customer specifically.

26. Fernando Daher Alvarenga Made With: Wix

Fernando works for Zaha Hadid Architects. He has an education and work history in design that deals with the entirety of a project. With an urban design vibe, he handles project management to 3D imaging.

27. REFIN Made With: Wordpress

Born in Italy, this company has beautiful projects around the globe. They sell pBorn in Italy, this company has beautiful projects around the globe. They sell porcelain tiles for purchase that they include in their projects which include restaurants and retail designs.orcelain tiles for purchase that they include in their projects which include restaurants and retail designs.

28. Valerio Dewalt Train Associates Made With: Squarespace

This design company consists of many individuals each with a different niche focus. They operate as a powerhouse assembly line that offers architecture, interior design, programming and more.

29. o2 Made With: Wix

You can find super sleek designs from o2 Architects. Ranging from residential to hospitality to full out remodels, you can see a modernized theme throughout all of their projects in California.

30. J.Rameau Made With: Webflow

The motto for this design and strategy company is to consider more of a holistic tone within their projects. People come first and foremost in their designs and understanding their needs.