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35 Examples of Inspiring Church Websites

Last Updated May 7 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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Almost all church websites, no matter the denomination, have to deal with a similar challenge: information overload. There’s a lot of information to include on a church website— and different types of visitors to serve.

On one hand, a church website needs to serve visitors who are unfamiliar with the church— location and service information needs to be clear and obvious. On the other hand, a church website also needs to existing members with information on donations, events, small groups, sermons ministries and more. A good church website is often the result of synthesizing all of this information into a coherent whole.

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Church with 6 different locations in the San Francisco area. BACC is a Christian church that is open to a wide variety of individuals.

Grace is an organization that teaches and aids in abuse in the Christian community. Their goal is to teach and bring light to those that have been victims and prevent future occurrences in churches.

One Church is a large organization with many churches and several different locations. The church is informal, and more of a come as you are providing comfort and a laid back approach to God and lessons of the Bible.

Mosaic is a local church with a coffee shop vibe. Their website is colorful with an artistic flair.

Knox Toronto is a Christian based church that believes in the simplicity of believing in Jesus Christ. With that they welcome diversity and hope to change the lives of the people who become members.

This Church encourages a relaxed vibe. They offer programs to appeal and engage people in many different stages. A band is also a part of their services to breathe life and energy into the messages.

Paul and Brooke Pamer are the pastors that run the church in Barberton, Ohio. You can join them every Sunday or watch Live. Their goal is to truly know god, find freedom and make a difference.

A Christian based church located in North San Diego County. You can find all of their values and expectations for their church and the passion for God on the website. They also offer a Preschool programs for children and a blog to stay connected.

This website is for an entire district of 60 churches. Run and organized by Bishop Bledsoe and Rev. Don Boran, all in Lubbock Texas. Find information like forms, church locations and upcoming events here.

Darby Community Church is a Christian church located in Dade City Florida. Their focus is to work with families and shape the future generations of Christ. They follow traditional teachings and offer programs in addition to Sunday Services.

Elevation Church has several different locations in the southern United States. You can read about their 10 values that they keep in delivering the teachings of Jesus Christ. Download their app so you never miss a beat.

The Life Church is based out of San Angelo in Texas. They welcome people of all spiritual stages and offer teachings of the bible every Sunday. They have a live band alongside their worships to keep it fun and engaging.

HTB or Holy Trinity Brompton is an Anglican church based in London. Their focus is to have their beliefs in Jesus, but to be modern and open in regards to questions and evolving as a society.

Christian Church that emphasizes strongly on Heaven and Hell. They follow the Bible and it's scriptures and want to "populate Heaven" in their teachings. Check out their site for information on their leaders and watch live stream media.

Timothy is the founding pastor of a Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. He also holds the title of Chairman and Co-Founder of Redeemer City to City. This organization starts new churches in New York. You can look at his site for books and sermons by him.

Sonship Ministries is based in Brooklyn and run by husband and wife Brian and Terri Martin. Their goal is to continuously build the church and worship of Jesus Christ providing the knowledge and building blocks of the future.

Hope Church strictly follows 16 different doctrines of God. They believe them to be non-negotiable and the core of their church. Pastors are Kayte and Michael Hamilton and they are the founders of the organization.

Pauma Valley Church is a traditional church following the Bible and it's scriptures closely. They have been in service for over 50 years and you'll find their timeline of history on the website in addition to past sermons and future ones as well.

Pathway Church believes that God has always been the same and always will be the same. You can view their Christian services via a media app you can download right to your devices. They are located in Alabama and you can find information on being baptized and much more.

Heritage Church is a non-denominational church. They want to encourage everyone, to find God and feel comfortable in the process. They offer classes and extra activities for both adults and children, and videos to watch live in case you can't make it in physically.

Dax Garlinghouse is the lead pastor for this church located in Oregon. Services are given in both English and in Spanish as they also offer Hispanic Ministries. They welcome all attire and encourage presence more than what you wear as an importance.

This Christian church is located in Washington. They believe in a three in one, father, son and spirit. They practice traditionally and have a strong focus on children and shaping them to love Church and be excited about going every Sunday.

Faith Fellowship is located in Wisconsin and follows the Bible and Glorification of God. You can find an in depth explanation of their beliefs on the website. They have a wide variety of programs available for their members and make it a point to give back to the community in more ways than one.

This church is located in Manhattan. They want to remove the "religion" aspect that separates us from one another and focus on the bigger picture. Diversity is very important and all are welcome here.

Christian based church in North Carolina. They believe in their practices that skepticism and questions are welcome and that sins are a normal part of human life. You can find resources on their pastors, further belief systems and community programs available.

Four Winds Church is a non-denominational Christian church. They are a newer church that is laying the ground work for a relaxed church atmosphere that doesn't feel like a chore to attend. They hope their church will be a break from the stresses of every day life.

Riverside Baptist Church is located in South Carolina. Their website is simple and to the point. You can find information on their schedule, watch them live and reach out directly for more information.

This Community Church believes that your church should be your family. They welcome newcomers and even have a dinner for them to get to know them and feel comfortable. They love to reach new young families and make church services a positive and exciting experience.

Reverend Aristotle Damaskos is the pastor of this traditional Greek Orthodox Church. He has been there since 2014. You can find a ton of resources on the church, their beliefs and even Greek cookbooks!

New Life Community Church is located in Oxnard, California. It started with only 50 people back in 1997 and now has grown to over 4,000 members. Steve and Tami are the founding pastors, who hope to communicate the bible through relative teachings.

Blake Chilton is the lead pastor at Declaration Church. He served in Texas at a church for over 9 years and decided to bring a church to life in his hometown, also in Texas. Their mission is to continuously celebrate God's glory.

Madison Baptist Church offers services with the goal of maintaining and saving faith in Jesus Christ. On their website, you can listen to audio clips and watch videos of what they call an "old fashioned" way of worshiping.

An open arms church, with a modernized approach to the faith in God. They hope to encourage kindness to all people, and to take advantage of the life and lesson God can give. Find cool stuff like podcasts and meet their youthful pastors Josh and Katie Krehbiel.

Located in Florida, this church offers many videos of their services by website. You can get a great feel of what you are getting into before even attending the church. Services are taught by three different pastors with Alfred Adkinson being the senior pastor.

Located in Wisconsin, Downtown Mission Church is run by Pastors Chris Tillman and Charlie Salamone. They believe the Bible is the Word of God and follow a traditional set of beliefs with the use of Gospel.

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