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34 Examples of Excellent Real Estate Websites

Last Updated January 2 2023

Steve Benjamins

Written By Steve Benjamins

The best real estate websites are polished and human. The agent should be front and center but content should be focussed on helping potential buyers and sellers.

They’re designed to generate leads but they don’t use invasive pop-ups or demand visitors give up an email address to access content. Instead they are calm and available for whenever the visitor is ready to get in touch.

Great real estate websites know the best form of marketing is education. So they provide resources to help potential buyers and sellers. Photography is deeply important to real estate on the web.

There are conventional features— real estate search, current properties, neighborhood guides— but almost every realtor website has these. The real way to differentiate is by educating and being human.

Screenshot of Michael Calcagno & Nancy Hamilton, from the real estate websites collection.

Michael and Nancy work as a dynamic team in the area of Santa Barbara and Montecito. They’ve been recognized as a top producing team more than once, and believe it’s due to their laid back yet professional approach.

Screenshot of Guy Yarkoni, from the real estate websites collection.

Guy takes a fresh approach to real estate in Toronto with Remax. He’s got over 10 years of experience, and a passion for working from the inside out, and for the long term with his clients. He knows how important it is to be a part of the process be it simple or complicated.

Screenshot of John Flanagan Team, from the real estate websites collection.

John Flanagan is a seasoned vet in real estate that’s located in Philadelphia. It’s not just about the moula, it’s about the relationships in the transaction. John’s been working on the Main Line for over 16 years, and has created great relationships both personally and professionally in the process.

Screenshot of Jennifer Ferland, from the real estate websites collection.

Jennifer is an agent selling properties in San Francisco and Marin. She started over 10 years ago in New York and has been working hard ever since. She strives to make home buying and selling as stress free as possible.

Screenshot of True Homes, from the real estate websites collection.

True Homes property group delivers a variety of real estate services. They specialize in renovations in homes that truly need it and then turn it around for sales in Florida.

Screenshot of Sherrie Couture, from the real estate websites collection.

Sherrie offers a well rounded home buying and selling experience in Durham. On her website, you can learn more about her listings, selling style and find freebies as well.

Screenshot of Ashford Realty Group, from the real estate websites collection.

Ashford Realty Group works in Colorado Springs. Check out their site for plenty of information about their team, blog and testimonials. When thinking of buying and selling with them, they talk about digital advertising and how important it is now days.

Screenshot of Barry Estates, from the real estate websites collection.

Catherine and Barry are a real estate team that has been ranked as a number one team by Wall Street Journal. They’ve lived in Rancho Santa Fe since 1977, and buy and sell homes in San Diego. They place a strong value on their clients entire experience which keeps them highly ranked.

Screenshot of Debra Smalley, from the real estate websites collection.

Debra Smalley is a Los Angeles realtor who has lived in the city her entire life. Before going into residential real estate she was a commercial real estate agent— doing work for Apple Inc, Dreamworks and New Line Cinema.

Screenshot of David Adam Kurz, from the real estate websites collection.

The Kurz Real Estate Corp team is ran by David Kurz in Miami. He’s got 13 years experience and specializes in buying, selling and consulting. He grew up in New York before serving in the marines, and settling in Florida.

Screenshot of Keri White, from the real estate websites collection.

Keri is a California based agent, blogger and vlogger. You can read about her delicacy with her clients and their needs, and watch episodes for “KeriTV” where you can learn new tips and info.

Screenshot of Marci Metzger, from the real estate websites collection.

Marci and Laura are a mother daughter real estate team offering services in Washington. Together they take over 20 years of experience and combine it with a modern and youthful marketing approach, giving a recipe for success.

Screenshot of Anthony West, from the real estate websites collection.

Anthony is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri to assist with your needs. He has resided in Kansas City for over 20 years and knows the market well. His skills in marketing and management give him an edge on the competition.

Screenshot of Matt Epstein, from the real estate websites collection.

Matt is an investment and sales agent based out of California. He has brokered over 1000 property transactions. He is casual in his tone and hopes to find a good fit for all of his clients regardless of price point.

Screenshot of Nieva, Inc, from the real estate websites collection.

Nieva, Inc is a company ran by Christine Nieva. They offer luxury property investments including commercial, residential and even international.

Screenshot of BK Staging, from the real estate websites collection.

BK Staging stages your listing images virtually. You can send them images of homes that need a little extra something to appeal to buyers, they can add furniture and decor to really bring it to life.

Screenshot of Cindy Bond, from the real estate websites collection.

Cindy is a luxury real estate agent that works in Idaho and Washington, and has a love for the beautiful scenery. With many years and a solid reputation under her belt, clients can expect top notch customer service throughout their experience.

Screenshot of Strait Luxury-Tamara Straight, from the real estate websites collection.

Tamara Straight is based out of Boerne, Texas. She doesn’t just sell Luxury homes as the name would imply, she teaches that any home is considered a luxury. You can count on her for an importance placed on client confidentiality.

Screenshot of Cindy Lin Realty Team, from the real estate websites collection.

Cindy Lin provides a variety of real estate services in Silicon Valley, with an emphasis on trust. Check out her site for some interesting and educational reads that will help buyers and sellers feel more at ease with the process.

Screenshot of Debra Dobbs, from the real estate websites collection.

Debra Dobbs is a Chicago based realtor. Her website is unique and showcases her background and listings in a unique and fresh way. You can checkout her page “by the numbers” to see up to date data on her sales success.

Screenshot of Grist Realty, from the real estate websites collection.

Grist Realty is made up of Hugh and Hilary, a dynamic team of agents. They both reside and work in North Carolina and offer specialties that compliment one another and make for a great company to do business with.

Screenshot of Spring Condos of Austin, from the real estate websites collection.

Luxury high-rise condos that are located by Lady Bird Lake. Aside from the chic condo styles, you can view all of their amenities and find an agent that can look into what’s available in this location.


Screenshot of Forest View Realty, from the real estate websites collection.

All things real estate in Arizona. Not just buying and selling but rental services as well. They hope to provide an educational experience whether you’re ready to jump in or not.

Screenshot of David Coffey, from the real estate websites collection.

David Coffey offers buying and selling services in the Toronto area. David is business minded, and avoids being a typical salesman. He knows that each situation is different and needs to be handled and catered to in a unique manner.

Screenshot of The Malibu Life, from the real estate websites collection.

The Malibu Life is a team of real estate specialists founded by Madison Hildebrand. He has many years of experience and has brought his years of knowledge and expertise into this now large group. You can read their blog and access press and media articles through their website.

Screenshot of Susan Smith Realty, from the real estate websites collection.

Susan Smith started out in law school and while practicing real estate and immigration law, she realized her love of real estate and knew she needed to be in sales as well. She has since been recognized for some of the largest sales in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.

Screenshot of MGM Signature Residences, from the real estate websites collection.

There are 576 high rise condos available in the MGM Residences of Las Vegas. You can rent them nightly or for longer extended stays. Bill Zinnser is the agent who can help guests and buyers find a spot to call home.


Screenshot of Rachel Bernhardt, from the real estate websites collection.

Rachel was born and raised in Oregon and now sells real estate there for Cooper Realty. She has a fun and laid back vibe about the way she promotes her business and her lifestyle in general. Reach her blog, access real estate info and contact her through her website.

Screenshot of Nancy Saedi, from the real estate websites collection.

Nancy Saedi is a Toronto agent providing complimentary home evaluations and a personable sales tactic. She wants clients to trust her and has no problem working until they are 100% satisfied.

Screenshot of Alvares Estates Ltd, from the real estate websites collection.

Alvares Estates is an agency that offers buying, selling and renting assistance. Located in Brixton, they’ve been in operations since 1993.

Screenshot of Pates Properties Online, from the real estate websites collection.

Pates Properties is ran by Susan Pates and Anne Morgan Pates in Virginia. The company was created in 1954 by James Scott Pates who passed in 1989. You can check out all their listings, look at the blog and read about all the history on their site.


Screenshot of Big Sound Homes, from the real estate websites collection.

Big Sound Homes is a Keller Williams team buying and selling in Seattle. Shawn Lee is the broker, and you can read all about him and his teams passion for finding the perfect home for any stage home buyer.

Screenshot of Ricky Sells Holly Springs, from the real estate websites collection.

Ricky sells any type of home and property being sought after. From start to finish he can assist with all the details of the process from legal matters to price negotiations.