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43 Excellent Lawyer Websites Examples

Last Updated March 29 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

The best lawyer websites don’t hide behind unnecessary formality and pretense— instead they speak the language of their audience in a clear way.

It’s best to be human, so make sure to use real photos of the lawyer on the homepage. Avoid stale stock photos like shaking hands or a judges gavel.

Above all, a good lawyer website expresses competence. The goal is to build trust with visitors— so it should feel professional and polished.

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Screenshot of John Leader, from the lawyer websites collection.

With over 30 years of experience, John Leader has a wealthy amount of knowledge to apply to his cases. You can view a list of case results to ensure confidence in choosing him as your lawyer for wrongful death and personal injury cases.

Screenshot of DKM Law Group, from the lawyer websites collection.

DKM Law Group provides expert legal representation on complex commercial matters for financial, insurance and real estate institutions. Here’s what the designer said: “we built a simple, classy site that helps them look professional when engaging with prospective clients.”

Screenshot of Graham Deurance, from the lawyer websites collection.

Graham offers legal guidance and services with workers compensation and injury cases. He puts an important emphasis on getting the settlement each of his clients deserve. He also offers an in home consultation on your time, and in your home if needed.

Screenshot of Kaufman Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

Kaufman Law is a boutique firm located in New York City that represents employees, executives, and companies in all types of employment disputes and advisory matters. Knapsack Creative worked with the founder to create a professional, dynamic site that establishes credibility and clearly defines their practice areas.

Screenshot of Allan Rouben, from the lawyer websites collection.

Allan works in several different areas such as appeals, employment law and personal injury. He maintains compassion for his clients, and truly appreciates the relationships he has been able to create with them.

Screenshot of Jessica Norman, from the lawyer websites collection.

Jessica Norman focuses on Canadian immigration law. She has studied at University of Toronto and Acadia University, where her passion grew. She loves to educate her clients and not just defend them during the process.

Screenshot of Page Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

Alana Page specializes in criminal law cases based in Toronto. She has over 18 years experience. On her website you can read in depth material on some of the incredible cases she has won.

Screenshot of Caryma Sa

Caryma is a civil rights lawyer located in Toronto. She works in a variety of areas but specializes in areas pertaining to race and gender issues. She also aims to keep fees low for her clients.

Screenshot of Stohn Hay Cafazzo Dembroski Richmond LLP, from the lawyer websites collection.

This firm specializes in Digital Media and Entertainment legal cases. They are well known for their skills, and have been recognized for them by Lexpert. You can read up on their large team of individuals that make the business go around on their site.

Screenshot of Tamara N. Holder, from the lawyer websites collection.

Tamara helps Chicago clients fight for rights, and creates the voice for sexual abuse and labor issues, among others. She has also worked with Fox News Channel as a host and legal analyst.

Screenshot of Carmen Roe, from the lawyer websites collection.

Carmen is a well known criminal defense lawyer. She is based in Texas, and has a ton of great reviews on her site. You can even view media appearances she has done.

Screenshot of The Pope Law Firm, from the lawyer websites collection.

Located in Texas, this firm specializes in Real Estate Foreclosure and Bankruptcy. They strive to be connected and deeply compassionate with their clients and understand the delicacy of these special circumstances.

Screenshot of Magdalena Fish, from the lawyer websites collection.

Magdalena Fish practices law that supports businesses dealing with drones and cannabis usage. She feels these are two of the biggest industries that will be rapidly growing in the future. She graduated in 2013 from the University of Toronto, and maintains a location nearby.

Screenshot of Ashby Firm, from the lawyer websites collection.

Ashby Firm is a law firm that deal with catastrophic injuries such as car crashes, spinal cord injuries and more. Knapsack Creative worked with their founder to create a professional, friendly site that builds trust and clearly communicates what they do.

Screenshot of Dmitriy Shakhnevich, from the lawyer websites collection.

Dmitriy Shakhnevich grew up in New York and now practices law there. His services in criminal law, among others, are accompanied with empathy and superior communication.

Screenshot of Dadgostar Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

Hirad Dadgostar and Azadeh Dadgostar Gilbert make up this law firm located in LA. They can assist with all things auto, like collisions and motorcycle accidents.

Screenshot of William Kiang, from the lawyer websites collection.

The Law Office of WIlliam Kiang is located in Los Angeles, California. Previously working for the government, in 1994 he started his law firm and has been assisting with immigration law issues successfully since then.

Screenshot of Aaries Family Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

Mark Zamrij and Jason Zhong handle family law and divorce cases. They have two locations, one in Toronto and Kingston. Mark has a family therapist that he works with, that advises and assists providing the best care for family cases.

Screenshot of The Kryder Law Group, from the lawyer websites collection.

Andrew S. Kryder leads this firm located in Illinois. They take on cases that have victims of serious injury such as DUI and Criminal Defense. There are 4 lawyers in addition to Andrew that have many years of experience with cases such as these.

Screenshot of Sean O

Sean is located in Chicago and has extensive experience in criminal law cases like narcotics, search and seizure cases and more. He served as a prosecutor for several years where he learned from hands on experience before branching out to his own firm.

Screenshot of Matrona Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

Matrona Law is a firm in Toronto. It was founded by Niki Kanavas, offering litigation services among others. You can find forms that may be needed and access their blog directly to learn more.

Screenshot of Dana Weber, from the lawyer websites collection.

Dana Weber has been in the field of law for more that 25 years. He practices in Chicago, and helps small businesses specifically with real estate and construction trades with their legal matters.

Screenshot of Sanja Mavrak, from the lawyer websites collection.

Sanja Mavrak is a full service lawyer available for compassionate and courteous representation in Toronto. She is kind, passionate and fights for what is right no matter the case. She offers a free consultation making sure clients feel comfortable with her before moving forward.

Screenshot of Paul E. Rupp Jr., from the lawyer websites collection.

Paul practices common law in the state of Massachusetts. Previously, he gained experience with Law Firm of Charmoy, Stolzberg & Holian, LLP. before branching off on his own. He also offers fixed fee services for all real estate transactions.

Screenshot of JBV Law Firm, from the lawyer websites collection.

JBV Law Firm serves the state of California. They pride themselves on being aggressive and dedicated to winning cases. Beyond that, their rates are affordable compared to others in the area.

Screenshot of Eran Regev, Esg., from the lawyer websites collection.

Eran Regev law firm is a family, immigration, and commercial litigation lawyer with an office in Manhasset, NY. They have a large team of lawyers that specialize in these cases but handle many other areas as well.

Screenshot of The Tech Law Firm, from the lawyer websites collection.

This law firm is exactly what it sounds like, legal support for all things tech related. Ran by Donna Chesteen, she was originally a software engineer and decided to support that group with her law degree.

Screenshot of David M. Schlachter, LLC, from the lawyer websites collection.

David’s practice is in New Jersey. They are a small, yet full service law firm. Their focus is on Real Estate and Estate Matters. Offering free consultations to their clients and providing 100% of their attention to each client.

Screenshot of Wilkerson & Rood, from the lawyer websites collection.

John A. Wilkerson and Brandy D. Rood are the attorneys for this firm. For many cases, there is no fee unless the case is won. Motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents are a couple of their specialties, and they understand that these are sensitive and emotional cases.

Screenshot of Westrick Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

The Westrick Law Firm is located in California. Shawn Westrick has been helping clients with employment class action suits for over ten years. He has a solid reputation for getting needed settlements.

Screenshot of Enekwe and Umeh Law Center, LLC., from the lawyer websites collection.

Chika Enekwe and Kaosy Umeh run this firm in Maryland. You can read up on all of their education and experience in personal injury, family law, immigration law and more. They handle cases both large and small at reasonable rates.

Screenshot of Perliss Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

Sanford H. Perliss is a defense attorney that offers an aggressive approach for optimal results for his clients. Previously he was a criminal prosecutor, and has experience from both sides of the case. This gives him the upper hand on securing a win.

Screenshot of Ross D. Gardner, from the lawyer websites collection.

Ross provides legal assistance for immediate and long term business and family assets and estates. He continues to help his clients with reviews yearly, to make sure they are understanding the risk in the moves that they make.

Screenshot of Hernandez Law Office, from the lawyer websites collection.

Hernandez Law has two different office locations in Oregon. They focus on family and immigration law with bilingual capabilities. They have a passion for helping others, and will guide you through the process.

Screenshot of Chorowski & Clary, P.A., from the lawyer websites collection.

5 women make up this team of lawyers in the marital and family law field. They are located in Florida and Rae Chorowski founded the firm back in 1993 setting the tone of the firm.

Screenshot of Cubillos Reed Law, from the lawyer websites collection.

Maria Reed is this firms family and immigration lawyer. She is located in New York, and has a family of her own. Her personal life allows her to have a special appreciation and attitude toward the cases she takes on.

Screenshot of Denis Saklakov , from the lawyer websites collection.

Denis is a lawyer that works in areas that he is truly excited and passionate about. Real Estate, Investment Banking and Investment Protection just to name a few. You can access his blog and read articles relevant to his specialties.

Screenshot of Berke & Berke, from the lawyer websites collection.

Jeffrey Berke and Jason Berke serve those in need of legal representation in New York. They have over 40 years of experience in family and matrimonial law, but offer many other services as well.

Screenshot of Harte Medical Malpractice, from the lawyer websites collection.

Paul Harte and partners Maria Damiano and Giuseppe (Joe) Michelucci make up this team of medical malpractice lawyers. They are located in Canada and have over 20 years of experience and a solid reputation for results in their area.

Screenshot of Truhlar and Truhlar, from the lawyer websites collection.

This law firm is located in Colorado and ran by husband and wife, Doris and Bob Truhlar. They take on cases of all kinds, but have a niche in family and employment law.

Screenshot of Brian O

Brian is a senior partner at O’Dwyer and Bernstein located in New York. His father Paul O’Dwyer is the founder of the firm and Brian has been by his side his entire legal career. He was recognized in the top 5% of lawyers in New York.

Screenshot of McGuire Law Offices, from the lawyer websites collection.

Located in Nebraska, McGuire Law Offices are the experts in bankruptcy cases. They make sure they provide undivided attention to their clients and educate them with necessary resources.

Screenshot of Kerestes Law Firm, from the lawyer websites collection.

This law firm practices in criminal defense, landlord and tenant issues, sealing and expungement and more. Their team is made up of Allison and Steve Kerestes and they are located in Orlando.