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25 Examples of Great Dentist Websites

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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Nobody loves the dentist— children least of all. So a great dentist website addresses that objection: it positions the dentist as caring and comfortable.

It also should celebrate the outcome of dentistry: smiles. You’ll find smiles a consistent theme across the top dentist websites we’ve curated here.

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One of Seattle's top dental practices is Dental Care Seattle. Consisting of a well rounded team of 5 different dentists that offer both preventative and cosmetic services in a friendly setting.

Located in Maryland, this team of professionals is made up of four different dentists. With a laid back vibe, and an at home welcoming, patients will feel more comfortable receiving care.

Dr. Rebecca Barnes was born and raised in Ohio where she now provides dental care. Friendliness and overall wellness, even beyond dentistry is their commitment.

Spencer Dentistry is located in London Ontario and provides dental care to the entire family. Services also include cosmetic, surgical and dental appliances to cover any of your needs.

Dr. Jacob Williams is the dentist providing many services far beyond simple dentistry. The Arizona based office also offers facial services such as Botox, lip plumping and more.

Pediatrics, Elderly and everyone in between can find treatment at the office of Dr. Joshua McPhee. He offers a sincere, and personal approach full of laughs while being professional.

Dr. Brent and Dr. K offer a wealthy amount of experience in the dental field with a youthful approach. Providing a caring and comfortable experience to their patients is at the top of their priorities.

Dr. Robert Fujii is from California and his practice is located there as well. There are now two offices providing dental care, one in San Francisco and one in Stockton that you can find from this simple and clean site.

Little Happy Tooth is, as you may have guessed, a pediatric specialty office. Located in Australia, a large group of dentists offer gentle, fun and care to even the most anxious child.

Dr. Belinda Song and Dr. Amanda Guerrero provide modern care to their patients in Seattle. Preventative, cosmetic and restorative services are offered, but they also provide care for sleep apnea and Botox as well.

Dr. H first opened his practice in the Bay City area and has since opened other offices located in the same area. The services provided at Total Health Dental Care always take a holistic approach with modern methods.

Bloom Dental Group is located in California and offers full services dentistry to their patients. The approach is always preventative first keeping care as holistic as possible. The three dentists also ensure they are using the best equipment available.

Located in New Hampshire, this dental office is run by Dr. Dimitris Zourdos and Dr. Tarek Shaib. Basic dental services are of course on the menu along with Invisalign, veneers and teeth whitening.

This Colorado based practice takes specific care for the kids, paving the way for years of positive dental care. All of the professionals in the office are experienced with children of all ages making patients confident.

Dr. Rifkin is a very popular dentist providing cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills. He has been featured in the press and media for his expertise and office environment.

Dr. Weisberg is a Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist located in New York. His specialty beyond dentistry is his bedside manner and the time he spends with his patients, both young and old.

Wisdom Dentistry takes delicate care of the mouths of children between the ages of 2 - 17. Preventative care and beyond, the three dentists have something different to offer their patients.

This dental office is super modern and up to date in both its' facility and approach. Located in San Francisco, Dr. Josh Berd and Dr. Helen De Francesco work as a team to provide a caring dental experience.

This dental team is located in Minneapolis and takes a modern and forward-moving approach to care. Dr. Bradford Morse and Dr. Cole Brenny offer preventative dentistry, cosmetic and even care for sleep apnea.

Smile Bar is a team of Orthodontists located in Boston. They've been featured and recognized for their services in magazines that consist of the best Invisalign services at a quick rate.

One of New York's top rated dentist offices is Rossinski Dental. There are three dentists on staff that all implement a holistic approach to dentistry in a spa-like setting.

Dr. Foote can provide preventative, cosmetic and jaw related issues such as TMJ. Aside from her reputation for great care, she also ensures that her practice gives back to the community.

Dr. Justin Yun is located in Ohio and provides full service dentistry to patients and their families. He's inspired by his own anxiety growing up when visits to the dentists made him uneasy, and wants to change that opinion for others.

Dr. Tia Kennedy offers comfortable and calm dental care to patients at any age. Her office is located in Alabama where she has also raised her family. Basic maintenance is offered, as well as surgical procedures that are necessary or elective.

Nadia Winstead is a dentist that has been seeing patients for over 15 years in Salem Oregon. With a small team, they provide a friendly and personalized experience for their patients in a modern setting.

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