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22 Examples of Outstanding Fitness Websites

Last Updated July 13 2021

Written By Steve Benjamins

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At the heart of any great fitness website is photography. It shouldn’t matter if it’s pilates, CrossFit, personal training or yoga website— you’ll want to show bodies in motion.

Beyond this, you have a story to tell about your brand. Is your brand gentle? aggressive? soulful? Use that story to distinguish yourself from competitiors.

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Jessica Manning offers at home personal training and nutritional guidance. She offers two different monthly packages that include meeting with her once or twice a week. She also aims to make her training a personal and kind experience that isn't aggressive like other trainers.

Alfonso Iovine is a well-known personal trainer with over 10 years of experience transforming the body and lifestyles of many. He is certified in a variety of different specialties, and his scientific approach shows proof in those he trains.

Kezia Lopez is a certified personal trainer and Nike brand ambassador located in London. She is skilled in transforming the lives of her clients using custom nutrition and fitness plans based on the individual.

Jerrell Hill is a personal trainer, fitness competitor and Chief of the US Navy. He focuses on fitness and health beyond physical appearance, and encourages a vegan dietary lifestyle as well.

The Barre Body Studio is made up of a talented and fit group of women offering classes and training to all levels of students. You can find full programs that will reshape your body and your lifestyle overall.

The gym is located in Austin Texas. You can easily book online to join them in any of their bootcamp courses that promise to push you to the max. You can also hire trainers one on one instead.

The Black Hive gym and fitness community is located in Florida, with four convenient locations for their members. They offer CrossFit classes, personal trainers, and fun fitness courses for kids to encourage a healthy lifestyle from adolescence onward.

Yoga Pod is a franchise yoga community with several locations in Florida, Arizona, Colorado and more. For beginners and advanced yogis, they offer just about any kind of yoga class you can think of.

Sweat Fitness has several locations throughout Philadelphia that offer monthly memberships, small group training, personal training and classes. They have registered dieticians available when creating dietary plans for those interested.

Vigorous Fitness is a community in Australia offering memberships, classes and personal training in a fun atmosphere. Their approach is to allow the client to set the pace and encourage them along the way to meet their goals.

Kit Rich is a high-profile personal trainer and seasoned Pilates instructor that wants her clients to always feel their best during exercise. She has worked with celebrities and been featured in fitness magazines more than once.

LJ Performance Training is both a personal and performance training facility located in Austin Texas. It is known for trainers that have a large amount of experience and can cater programs to personal needs.

Body and Soul has three modern fitness locations in Toronto. They offer all your gym needs from equipment to classes and have a long list of qualified personal trainers to help you train in person or virtually at home.

This popular fitness community is located in Vancouver. Reach, standing for reach your fitness goals can be found here with personal trainers, group classes and lifestyle coaching.

Nuo is the sports conditioning specialist behind the New Jersey based brand Bodhist. Nuo helps blend physical and mental fitness into one and provides a genuine kindness to his clients.

Asta Bazeviciute is the ballet dancer and sculpting professional behind this barre based studio. Her company has been featured in magazines such as Elle for unique programs that transform the body and mind.

Personal Trainers Ben and Scott were friends that were both passionate about their careers. They have since teamed up and created the fitness community BearWolf, where becoming a "strong pack" is the goal.

Brittney is a personal trainer located in California. Her journey began with intense fitness, that actually caused infertility. She has now come full circle, offering gentle fitness for everyone including classes for pre and postnatal.

Karimu Samuels is a personal trainer offering his services in Berlin. He has had a variety of athletic experiences that have led him to rethink his views on health and what that really means.

Rick Evans is a personal trainer that created the company Travel Strong. Specifically, he can be hired to help individuals get into shape and feel good for their next adventure whether it's hiking, site seeing or laying on a beach.

Rose and Stone offers boxing classes and training to stay in shape and improve your health. There are beginner and advanced classes that are said to be great for mental health and stress relief as well.

This fitness center has beautiful amenities that make it easy to meet your health and fitness goals. They offer all of your standard equipment, classes and training as well as a beautiful pool and spa services.

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