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28 Examples of Inspiring Restaurant Websites

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

Every part of a great restaurant website should communicate what the brand and dining experience is all about.

Mouthwatering food shots are important, but so are color schemes and font choices— bright colors might be appropriate for a juice bar while dark colors might be the right look for your steakhouse.

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1. Tremont Made With: Squarespace

Three centered links are laid over a full-screen image which morphs in response to different cursor positions. This is an extremely visual website you can use to promote your establishment.

2. Hunter Made With: Squarespace

Cursive font and a large header image add visual appeal to the menu in this simple, yet functional, example restaurant website. A white on black menu adds a lot of class.

3. Urbandine Made With: Weebly

An image-heavy restaurant website designed to attract customers with stunning pictures of gourmet dishes. Photos are enhanced with a darkening fade effect.

4. Barney's Made With: Weebly

Employs black and white typography on top of mouth-watering photos to help your messaging standout. A prominent ingredients list tells customers about your food’s journey to their plate.

5. To Thryliko Made With: Ucraft

Is your restaurant located in a picturesque area? Attractive landscape photos and pared-back text make this an excellent website for destination eateries.

6. Basil Made With: Squarespace

Screen-width images and bold but unpretentious text give this example a refreshing, modern look. A ‘news’ section makes this restaurant website particularly apt if you regularly host public events.

7. Margot Made With: Squarespace

With an edge-to-edge picture carousel and a striking testimonial page, this is a good demonstration of how to share your restaurant’s unique personality.

8. Nectur Made With: Weebly

If your restaurant specializes in a unique dish, this example website will give you plenty of room to describe it. Poppy colors and bold text are used to enhance your menu.

9. Yummy Made With: Ucraft

This an ideal website choice for sweet shops, ice cream parlors or any desert-focused restaurant. It uses bright colors and an eye-catching grid layout which alternates between text and images.

10. Foster Juice Co. Made With: Squarespace

If your restaurant produces a unique food or beverage product, consider selling it through a foody eCommerce store like this example. It uses a slick, minimalist design to make the purchase process a simple one.

11. Pacific Made With: Squarespace

There’s a lot going on with this Squarespace example including full-screen images and large text blocks. An intuitive layout and neatly presented menu prevent it from feeling cluttered.

12. Giardino Made With: Wordpress

This restaurant website is a fantastic example of how to present an upmarket dining experience. Darkened images and a well-thought-out combination of different fonts project class.

13. Thelma Made With: Wordpress

An inspiring example for well-established restaurants or eateries to follow– a slideshow of picturesque landscapes shows off your brand’s heritage.

14. Zia Sonia Made With: Wix

If you want to help your culinary business stand out, consider following this website’s example. Rustic and artisan imagery communicate the time and effort put into your dishes.

15. Ravores Made With: Wordpress

Another elegant WordPress example. The screen-width navigation bar contains social media links as well as reservation buttons, leaving plenty of space to share your establishment's story.

16. Burger High Made With: Ucraft

A great example of how to effectively use video on a restaurant website. As readers scroll down the page they’re drawn in by an animation of a gourmet burger that splits apart to reveal its tasty ingredients.

17. Reon Made With: Wordpress

This example is all about motion. Everything, from the lively transition animations to the video backgrounds, is on the move. Finding a menu or making a reservation is still easy though, thanks to a deceptively simple layout.

18. Burger Bar Made With: Ucraft

Large-font bolded text on a darkened background invites readers to explore this example restaurant website. A grid of drawn food and beverage items serves as a hub of links to your various menus, allowing customers to easily find their perfect dish.

19. Chotto Motto Made With: Squarespace

One of the most visually striking examples on this list– this website keeps everything simple with plenty of white space along with large font text that displays address and opening times information.

20. Ice Cream Parlo Made With: Wix

A great ice-cream parlor website. It uses vibrant colors and mouth-watering imagery to entice customers.

21. Thyme Made With: Wix

A food-centric website that’s excellent for sharing your unique culinary story thanks to an emphasis on blog-style pages and space for review excerpts.

22. Mr. Burger Made With: Wix

Possibly the most unique example on this list. Pop-art filters, Instagram integration, and animations are all used to demonstrate that your food business offers something a little different.

23. Blend Made With: Squarespace

Clean and elegant design, like other Squarespace examples. A retro font and features such as a stylish black and white map make this an excellent site for coffee shops with an alternative vibe.

24. 121 Bar Made With: Wix

With this combination restaurant and bar website, a dark blue color scheme and minimal text demonstrate that you run a cool, classy establishment. There’s also a helpful space to display upcoming events.

25. Alex G Made With: Wix

One of the best websites on this list for converting readers to patrons– a prominent reservation booking form will help to increase your business’s footfall. A functional and easy to use online order form will also enhance the take-out side of your operation.

26. White &Yellow Made With: Wix

A quirky layout doesn’t get in the way of functionality with this cafe example website. Menu and booking form links stay visible even when readers begin scrolling.

27. Madre Made With: Wix

The warm color palette and traditional layout of this example website will make diners feel at home before they even set foot in your restaurant.

28. San Garden Made With: Wix

An example to follow if you sell fresh food wholesale as well as serving it. This organic restaurant website includes a fully-featured online eCommerce store to allow customers to order groceries.