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27 Beautiful Wedding Photography Websites

Last Updated August 25 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

The best wedding photography websites answer these repeated questions people have when inquiring about capturing their magical day:

And they do it with the help of effective web design.

Below is a collection of well-designed wedding photography websites. Notice how they combine content and web design and build your beautiful photography portfolio website!

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Screenshot of Juno Photo & Film, from the wedding photography websites collection.

The website of Juno Photo & Film displays the photographer’s beautiful work nicely. Upon landing, the homepage hero section captivates with a selection of stunning wedding photos. These visuals are complemented by a muted color palette and refined typography, contributing to an elegant aura.

The design leans towards minimalism, ensuring that the photographs remain the focal point.

As you explore, you’ll find a straightforward navigation bar guiding you to various galleries. Each gallery, whether it features weddings, elopements, engagements, or the latest work, showcases the photographer’s knack for capturing moments with precision.

Adding a personal touch, an ‘About’ section delves into Juno’s journey and vision. For those wishing to connect, a user-friendly contact page facilitates easy inquiries. Juno also has a separate “Investment” page listing all his photography and videography packages.

Overall, the website provides an uninterrupted viewing experience on both desktop and mobile. Juno Photo & Film masterfully blends artistic display with user-centric design, making it a worthy wedding photography website to look up to.

Side Note: This website is built using one of our favorite third-party Squarespace photography templates, Apache by Brittamade.

Screenshot of Claire Byrne Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Claire Byrne Photography offers an enchanting look into wedding moments filled with timeless romance. The website, designed with sophistication, draws visitors in with full-sized images on the homepage. Dreamy hues and a refined font enhance the allure of Claire’s photographic artistry.

Her galleries vividly showcase her ability to capture both candid emotions and scenic beauty. Simple navigation guides visitors through her expansive portfolio, touching testimonials, and comprehensive photography packages. In the ‘About’ section, Claire’s passion for capturing love stories shines.

Overall, the website stands as an invitation to a world where love stories are artfully immortalized, making Claire a prime choice for couples wanting lasting wedding memories.

Screenshot of One Focus Photos, from the wedding photography websites collection.

While not the most aesthetically pleasing, this wedding photography website is superbly functional and informational.

On the functional part: The fonts are readable; the layout is effective; the visual hierarchy is perfect (i.e., everything is where you’d expect it to be); the navigation is simple; the muted color palette, combined with strategic pops of colors, enhances the visual experience and helps put focus on the photos; the galleries are well-formatted and well-categorized; all sections have relevant CTA buttons; there’s enough whitespace; the footer has a well-formatted list of important links; etc.

On the content side: Obviously, photos are central — there are individual photos with sections, thumbnails for featured galleries, thoughtfully laid out gallery pages for different weddings, etc. Plus, there’s plenty of text describing Cody, the photographer’s style & approach, captions for different galleries, great testimonials, an FAQ section answering key questions, a blog surrounding wedding photography, and more.

Screenshot of Andrew Heeley Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Andrew Heeley Photography caters to unconventional and alternative weddings. Yet, and smartly so, Andrew has kept the website’s look and feel conventional:

I specifically like two things on this website:

  1. Aesthetics: Andrew uses a simple, readable font and adds the flair where needed with eye-catching underlines. Also, the website’s color scheme is beautiful — the brown, yellow, and background whitish-yellow colors combine gorgeously.
  2. Copywriting: The writing on the website (be it the homepage copy or stories on the blog) is straightforward and effective — something his potential clients would enjoy reading and have no difficulty understanding. Example:

All in all, Andrew’s wedding photography website is a solid inspiration for your business site.

Screenshot of J. La Plante Photo, from the wedding photography websites collection.

J. La Plante Photo is a beautiful wedding photography website that mesmerizes visitors with its captivating aesthetics. Specializing in capturing love stories through the lens, this site takes viewers on a visual journey like no other.

The website’s use of parallax scrolling creates a stunning effect, immersing visitors in a dreamlike ambiance. As you scroll, images gracefully transition, revealing glimpses of heartfelt moments and tender emotions. The seamless and fluid navigation enhances the overall browsing experience, adding an element of enchantment to each click.

Beyond the mesmerizing visuals, J. La Plante Photo’s website proudly showcases a plethora of credentials, awards, testimonials, and all other “social proof” elements. These accolades serve as a testament to the photographer’s talent and recognition within the wedding photography industry.

The website’s design effortlessly balances elegance and simplicity, allowing the photography to take center stage. With a sophisticated color palette and tasteful typography, the site exudes refinement and sophistication, perfectly complementing the artistry of the captured moments.

Furthermore, the thoughtfully organized galleries allow visitors to explore a diverse array of weddings and love stories. Each gallery showcases the photographer’s ability to capture the uniqueness and beauty of every couple’s journey.

Screenshot of Andy Gaines Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Andy Gaines’s wedding photography website emanates quirky and friendly vibes. The website design captures the essence of their unique approach to capturing special moments. With playful colors, whimsical fonts, and creative illustrations, it exudes a joyous and welcoming atmosphere.

The homepage greets visitors with a burst of energy, showcasing captivating images that tell heartwarming love stories. Cleverly placed CTAs to various wedding albums take visitors on magical journeys of romance and celebration.

The website’s user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation, making it a breeze for couples to explore the range of services offered. Couples can easily find package details, testimonials, and an engaging blog with entertaining anecdotes and photography insights.

The Andy Gaines website is not just about photography; it’s an experience in itself. Every element, from the eye-catching aesthetics to the whimsical charm, reflects their friendly and approachable personality. Couples are encouraged to reach out for inquiries and chat about their dream wedding, fostering a genuine connection and trust. However, some typography (primarily the heading font) is slightly overpowering for the eye.

Screenshot of Cody Kurtz Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

If I had to give only one tip to make a successful photography website, it’d be: put your photos front & center — that’s what people want to see! The Cody Kurtz Photography website is a great supporting example of it.

The elegant and minimalist design allows the stunning wedding photos to take center stage, evoking emotions and narrating heartfelt stories. The careful curation of a soft color palette enhances the romantic ambiance, creating a dreamy atmosphere that resonates with couples planning their big day.

Navigating the website is an intuitive experience. The user-friendly interface guides visitors seamlessly through the different wedding galleries, each displaying a unique love story captured through Cody Kurtz’s lens. The use of white space ensures a clean and sophisticated look, providing visual relief and allowing the photos to shine.

Screenshot of Anée Atelier, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Anée Atelier’s photography, as well as the website, exudes elegance and sophistication. With a captivating white background adorned with gold font, the website emanates a sense of richness and purity, setting the stage for an enchanting visual journey.

The design effortlessly harmonizes with the artistry of the photography, creating a seamless and immersive experience. The combination of pristine aesthetics and an intuitive layout ensures visitors can navigate effortlessly and immerse themselves in the breathtaking portfolio.

Screenshot of Rayne Films, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Rayne Films is primarily a wedding videographer who also does photography. Therefore, the website is also structured like that — for instance, you’ll see the navigation link to “Wedding Films” before “Photos” — and that’s visual hierarchy done right.

The website is pretty typical (which is good) — it has easy navigation, nice galleries, testimonials, a contact page, an about page, etc.

I particularly like the clear descriptions of the packages. For example, the hero text tells that the packages start at $3,495. Then the “Wedding Films” page has all the packages listed with clear descriptions about what’s included, how it’d look, etc. — see here:

Screenshot of Mei Lin Barral Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Mei Lin celebrates the beauty of queer weddings and the joy of including four-legged companions in it with gorgeous photography. And the website for her photography business is as gorgeous as the photos itself.

The website’s aesthetics radiate elegance and inclusivity, with a nice, earthy color palette of greens and browns + beautiful typography. Striking imagery showcases the photographer’s exceptional skill in capturing the love and emotions shared between couples and their beloved dogs.

The website’s layout is thoughtfully designed, guiding visitors through the captivating galleries and heartwarming stories. Contact form, CTAs, categories, social proof, everything is on point.

There’s one thing that can be improved on the functional point: Link the logo to the homepage. Currently, nothing happens when you click on the logo; I clicked on the logo to reach the homepage and was disappointed.

Screenshot of Chasewild, from the wedding photography websites collection.

The Chasewild site exudes a sense of elegance and romance, beautifully showcasing their artistry and passion for capturing love stories. With a thoughtfully designed layout and stunning imagery, it transports visitors to a world of heartfelt moments and enchanting celebrations.

The use of a soft color palette and a charming font adds to the website’s allure, evoking emotions of joy and anticipation. Navigating through their gallery feels like exploring a visual love story, enticing couples to embark on a photographic journey that perfectly encapsulates their special day.

Screenshot of Kylee B Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Kylee B Photography’s website radiates with charm and creativity. The aesthetics are a colorful and quirky feast for the eyes, capturing the essence of unique love stories.

The website’s design and layout are expertly curated, offering a delightful and seamless browsing experience. Each photograph exudes a sense of wonder and captures moments that are anything but ordinary. With a playful and imaginative touch, the website stands out in the world of wedding photography, promising to turn cherished memories into vibrant works of art.

Screenshot of Studio LNRD, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Studio LNRD’s wedding photography website seamlessly transports visitors into a world of love and celebration by keeping photos front, center, and everywhere else.

The homepage offers a glimpse into the photographers’ talent, showcasing the ability to artistically immortalize precious moments. The portfolio galleries expand on the showcase with big, beautiful, full-screen pictures.

Screenshot of Corbin Gurkin, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Corbin Gurkin’s website is a visual masterpiece dedicated to wedding photography.

With a focus on aesthetics, it transports visitors to a realm of timeless romance and enchantment. The website showcases a stunning collection of wedding photographs. The captivating design, combined with a sophisticated color palette, enhances the allure of each image. Seamless navigation allows easy exploration of different wedding galleries and the artist’s portfolio.

Overall, the website’s artful presentation creates an immersive experience, leaving couples captivated by Corbin Gurkin’s ability to capture the essence of love and the magic of unforgettable moments.

Screenshot of David Bastianoni, from the wedding photography websites collection.

David Bastianoni’s website showcases his remarkable wedding photography. The captivating imagery throughout the site captures the beauty and emotions of each wedding, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. The seamless navigation and well-organized galleries make it effortless for couples to explore his portfolio and envision their own special day.

Screenshot of Motta Weddings, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Motta Weddings’ website greets with lovely imagery and a romantic color palette that sets the tone for the entire experience. The use of elegant fonts and carefully curated design elements adds a touch of sophistication, perfectly complementing the timeless memories preserved in each photograph.

Screenshot of Guy Collier Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Guy Collier Photography’s website design exudes elegance and romance. With a harmonious color palette and proper use of whitespace, it showcases their portfolio in a mesmerizing way.

The homepage welcomes visitors with a slideshow of stunning images, drawing them into the world of cherished moments and heartfelt emotions. Navigation is seamless, allowing couples to effortlessly explore various galleries and learn about the photography style.

Screenshot of John and Joseph Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

John and Joseph’s wedding photography website showcases a captivating aesthetic. With stunning imagery and a modern design, it immerses visitors in the world of exquisite wedding moments.

The site doesn’t have the typical hero section. While we recommend showing the photo front and center, simple text that focuses on Harper’s Bazar calling you among the “Top Wedding Photographers in the World” might not be that bad of a idea ;)

Screenshot of Wayfarer Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Wayfarer Photography is a stunning wedding photography website that captivates with its aesthetic charm. The website’s design exudes elegance, complemented by captivating imagery and a pleasing color palette. With intuitive navigation, it effortlessly guides couples on a journey to discover the artistry and beauty captured in every moment of their special day.

Screenshot of Haese Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Haese Photography is an exquisite wedding photography website, capturing timeless moments with artistry. Its aesthetic design boasts elegance and creativity, enticing visitors to explore captivating galleries. With a seamless user experience and a beautiful color palette, the website reflects the photographer’s passion for preserving cherished memories with a touch of artistic flair.

Screenshot of Lieben Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Lieben practices wedding photography, newborns, families, and more. Her gorgeous portraits have been featured in Bridal Magazines for other brides to swoon after. She books up sometimes up to 18 months in advance, so you’ll need to grab her services quickly!

I am not sure, but her beautiful photography might have been featured on one of the wedding websites we came across.

Screenshot of Brandi Toole, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Brandi is based in New York and works as a wedding photographer. What started as a side job as an assistant at a studio, became an eye-opener for her true passion in life. Now 7 years in, she can’t imagine doing anything else but wedding photography.

Screenshot of Kayla Fisher Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Kayla is an Arizona-based wedding photographer who hopes to push the boundaries with each and every couple she works with. She is willing and loves to travel for work and views it as a non-stop educational journey that’s a whole lot of fun!

Screenshot of Cassandra Ladru, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Cassandra is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, also working in fashion and editorial. Her style is romantic and timeless, and has been featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Screenshot of Danilo and Sharon, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Sharon and Danilo Vasic are a married photography duo based in Europe. They both have experience in fashion and advertising, which overflows into their portfolio of weddings and editorials.

Screenshot of Adam Bird Photography, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Adam is a wedding and portrait photographer in Birmingham, England. His work has a wide variety of vibes, from mystical to fresh and romantic. You can visit his store and purchase presets for use in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Screenshot of Frank Gomez, from the wedding photography websites collection.

Frank Gomez is a wedding photographer serving the San Fransico area. He’s got a classic style and has been working for 30 years with a hefty amount of experience. You can also check out his blog and learn new things that might benefit you in your search for a photographer.