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The Best Photo Gallery Website Templates

Last Updated February 28 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

This is a collection of the best photo gallery website templates. I have included templates for all top website builders, including Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, WordPress, and more.

Beaumont: a Squarespace template.

Beaumont has the clean and simple yet sophisticated design language of Squarespace that users love. It’s great for photography websites and other portfolio websites where the work’s photos (for example, art, graphic design, UI design screenshots, etc.) are the focus.

The Beaumont homepage doubles as the work section with its two-column, big portfolio item thumbnails. Individual portfolio items contain full-screen width images and a simple description as placeholders — but as with any Squarespace template, you can change it as you like. The minimal design—white background with black text surrounded by plenty of whitespaces—is reflected in all pages, including About and Contact.

Nevins: a Squarespace template.

Nevins is very similar to Beaumont in that its homepage doubles as the portfolio pages and has a simple photo grid to showcase work. The main difference is Nevins’ demo includes smaller thumbnails and three columns instead of two. Similar to Beaumont, individual portfolio items contain full-screen width images and a simple description as placeholders.

In addition, Nevins also has a blog page that’s labeled as “Behind The Lens” on the demo. It’s minimal and great for photographers who want to tell stories behind their shots or projects.

Reseda: a Squarespace template.

The Reseda template has a certain style: It has bold titles on one side and lightface descriptions on the other; the photos/portfolio items are arranged in an atypical fashion (i.e., not your typical grid); the design looks a bit cluttered, yet it is technically clean.

Its visual focus with neutral colors and ample whitespace makes it a great template for highlighting photography. Moreover, simple typography and clear categorization of collections contribute to the template’s modern and professional feel.

Matsuya: a Squarespace template.

Matsuya’s web design style is minimalist, with an emphasis on visual content. It uses a grid-based layout to display images in various sizes (sort of a masonry grid), making it a good choice for photo galleries. You can click on any image to see it in full size.

The monochrome palette helps keep the photos in focus. Plus, the simple navigation, with a clear menu linking to different photo categories, helps visitors go through the work with ease.

The template is ideal for creative professionals to showcase their work and includes social media links in the footer.

Connor Kane: a Wix template.

This Wix template showcases modern and minimalist web design. It emphasizes visual content with ample space, bold colors, and simple navigation. It’s ideal for professional photographers or visual artists who want to showcase their work in a gallery-like online space.

On the functional side, this template allows you to showcase your work front and center while giving visitors the option to explore further work under the particular presented project. Plus, of course, it has the usual pages: contact, about, and links to social media profiles.

Benjamin Diaz: a Wix template.

This vibrant and playful-looking template has a masonry grid layout that uses contrasting colors against a clean white background to draw the viewer’s attention. It’s demo work, of course, but if your photos are as good as the demo, your site will look as good as the demo.

I’d say it’s great for showcasing creativity and artistic flair. The unconventional placement of images and bold typography reflects an artistic and contemporary brand identity.

The contact information and social media links at the bottom, plus a simple and accessible contact form, make it easy for clients to connect.

Elizabeth Bach: a Wix template.

This template’s minimalistic background and gallery-style presentation make it a great choice for professional photographers who want to showcase their photo gallery front and center. Visitors can learn about each photo by clicking on it.

Cherished Frames: a Squarespace template.

Excito has strategically designed this ready-to-go template for photographers with their own dreamy style who want to showcase their work and increase their bookings.

It features beautiful soft colors, a captivating moving gallery on the homepage, a well-designed testimonials section, space to share about the photographer and their style, and of course portfolio pages. Plus, the CTA buttons are strategically placed to help visitors explore the full website and make bookings whenever they are ready.

Lylan: a Hostinger template.

Lylan is a simple Hostinger template aimed at photographers. It features a photography categories gallery on the homepage, and each category has a simple description and a simple photo gallery.

Mercer: a Squarespace template.

Mercer is an unnecessarily expensive Squarespace template for photographers. It’s not bad, it’s just simple - it has simple photo gallery, simple color palette, simple shop page, etc.

Sunzine: a Wordpress template.

Joe J.R: a Wix template.

This Wix template is a visually appealing design that highlights high-quality imagery with a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

It’s suitable for photographers, artists, and creatives to showcase their work in various categories, as the categorization in the template demo is straightforward and that would reflect in your actual site. Moreover, the cohesive color scheme and use of whitespace create a professional and polished look.

Marc Berg: a Wix template.

This Wix template has a sleek and contemporary design style. It featurEs a grid-based layout that showcases images with bold colors and clean typography. It’s highly effective for photographers, designers, or artists seeking to present their portfolio in a visually captivating and professional manner.

Jenah Photography: a Webflow template.

Jenah Photography is a Webflow template for photographers. It offers adaptable galleries, portfolios, sliders, and dynamic image grids to showcase your photography.

The template is designed to mirror your distinct artistic flair and comes with elegant and well-crafted inner pages. It is user-friendly and easy to use, even if web design isn’t your forte.

Kofi Art: a Hostinger template.

Koft Art is a template for artists and photographers who want to showcase their work in straightforward galleries.

Mitchel Photography: a Webflow template.

Mitchel Photography Template features a single, seamless page for your portfolio, a dedicated photography section, and a hero section to showcase your best work. The About section lets visitors connect with you, while the Selected Work section displays your most cherished projects. Lastly, the Collage section is a mosaic of your finest works.

The template also includes a Services section and a Pricing section right before the contact form.

Sprinter: a Webflow template.

Sprinter is an excellent template to showcase your creative projects. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, or blogger, Sprinter’s focus on aesthetics and functionality will empower you to curate a stunning portfolio that captivates audiences. It has customizable layouts, interactive galleries, smooth animations, and responsive design to showcase any creative project at its best.

Kipa: a Webflow template.

Kipa’s responsive design ensures that your photography website looks great on any device. Its elegant and minimalist layout puts your photography front and center, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need.

Crop: a Webflow template.

Crop is a stylish Webflow portfolio template for professional photographers, designers, and all creative people. It has multiple photo gallery layouts – choose whichever you see fit!

No Wedding Yet: a Webflow template.

Lynn Dupont: a Wix template.

Orable: a Wordpress template.

Orable is a WordPress theme designed specifically for photographers, models, artists, and anyone looking to showcase their photography. It’s perfect for creating a professional portfolio site and allows you to present your work in a stylish and impressive way.

Cassia: a Wordpress template.

Cassia is a modern WordPress theme designed for photographers and their portfolios. It features contemporary style, dozens of portfolio layouts and sliders, photo proofing, password protection, Instagram and video integration, and interactive fullscreen presentations.

Me Voy: a Wordpress template.

Bloom: a Wordpress template.

Photographer: a Wordpress template.

Anotte: a Wordpress template.

Linar Thoemke: a Hostinger template.

Niko Urban: a Hostinger template.

Gridd Store: a Carrd template.

Dark Portfolio: a Carrd template.

Apache: a Squarespace template.

Bold Babe: a Squarespace template.

Tuscany: a Squarespace template.

Velvet: a Squarespace template.