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43 Cafe & Coffee Shop Website Examples

Last Updated January 5 2024

Steve Benjamins

Written By Steve Benjamins

There are many web design factors that go into creating a successful coffee shop or café website:

But above all is the focus on the website’s goal(s) of helping the visitor.

A café website visitor wants to know the directions to your coffee shop, see the menu, order online, etc. Therefore, when building your café website, ensure you help them fulfill these goals as easily as possible (don’t make it a two-click process if one can do it).

For inspiration, observe these café and coffee shop websites — they get both functionality and design right:

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Screenshot of Cafecito Santa Fe, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Cafecito is a family-owned coffee house at The Trailhead. They serve Italian-style coffee drinks, Argentinian tea (called Mate), and other Armenian, Argentinian & Italian dishes.

The café’s website is both beautiful and functional. On the design end, it features excellent food photography, a soothing color palette, and nice font. On the functional side, the site has clear navigation, proper CTAs, and well-structured pages.

Screenshot of District Café & Bakery, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

District Café is a great spot for coffee in the morning or a quick bite to eat. It’s located in the heart of downtown, making it convenient for those who work in the area. The café website also has a selection of pastries and baked goods. District Café is a casual spot that is perfect for meeting up with friends or grabbing a treat on the go.

The website has beautiful professionally-shot pictures, all essential information, and an excellent (not PDF) web-formatted menu.

Screenshot of Culture Espresso, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Culture Espresso owns two locations in New York City (both loved by the people of New York). They serve inventive coffee drinks and fresh cookies & pastries.

This café website nails the vibe quotient a coffee shop website demands. It does so by showcasing natural pictures of their coffee, the people making it, and the people enjoying it with friends. The beige background color just adds to it.

Screenshot of Ginger & White London, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Ginger and White is a popular British café known for its range of delicious espresso coffees, teas, and pastries. The café has become a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee or a specialty cake, Ginger and White is the perfect place to find it.

The website features fantastic food photography from Jonathan Gregson (whose portfolio we featured in our photography websites collection) and Jenny Zarins.

Screenshot of Summer Moon Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Summer Moon Coffee company began in Texas and now has several shops throughout the state, and the southern U.S. What makes them special is their oak wood coffee roasting process. This unique method has earned them a reputation for a consistent, smooth, and delicious cup of coffee that will always impress.

This coffee company website is built with Shopify (an ecommerce builder) to sell online. Why? So that people who can’t visit their cafe locations too can enjoy their famous oak wood roasted coffee.

Screenshot of J5 Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with J5 Coffee Shop and Espresso Bar. They have a wide selection of coffees to choose from, and they’re all made with high-quality coffee beans. The coffee is known for being fresh, and the coffee shop website even lets you order ahead and grab your cup of Joe on the run.

Side Note: This website uses Squarespace Commerce (a website builder’s ecommerce feature) to sell online instead of an ecommerce builder like Shopify (that Summer Moon Coffee uses), and it works perfectly. If you want to build a cafe website and sell your coffee, we suggest you use something like Squarespace over Shopify because an ecommerce-first builder is an overkill + harder to use.

Screenshot of Republic of Pie, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Republic of Pie is a unique bakery and coffee house located in Hollywood. Unlike most bakeries, which focus on cakes and cookies, Republic of Pie specializes in pies and coffee. They offer a wide variety of pies that are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The bakery has a relaxed and casual atmosphere making it one of the best coffee shops in the area.

Screenshot of Grit Coffee Roasting Co., from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Grit Coffee can be found at one of its many locations in Virginia. The company started in 2008 and has continued to grow and expand ever since. Coffee fanatics can stop into any of their locations for a fresh cup of coffee or specialty coffee beverages. They can also subscribe and receive monthly orders of the coffee delivered right to their home as well.

Screenshot of Five Watt Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Five Watt Coffee is a coffee shop with four locations in Minnesota. Each shop focuses on great coffee prepared by baristas. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, with a mix of seating options, including tables, couches, and armchairs. As far as web design, we love the homepage of this coffee shop website for its bold headers and easy access to social media.

Screenshot of Oracle Coffee , from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Oracle Coffee Co is a great place to get your coffee, tea, and espresso fix in Oregon. They have a great selection of coffees to choose from, which regularly rotate between three different coffee roasters. The staff is friendly and helpful and even offers coffee for purchase to take back home for an afternoon cup of coffee.

Screenshot of The Sweet Spot, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

There’s no better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast from The Sweet Spot. The Sweet Spot Group consists of three identities that are called The Bakehouse, The Café, and The Bakery. Specialty coffees, a small business vibe, and friendly service make all three popular spots in the area.

Screenshot of Art Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Art Café is located in New York and is known for being a cozy place to get a cup of coffee and enjoy the arts of many kinds. For a coffee shop website that features art along with its beverage menu, the website design is surprisingly not over saturated with any one kind of art and utilizes a design template with white space seamlessly.

Screenshot of Tiago Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Tiago Coffee shop and kitchen is located in Los Angeles and is dedicated to serving up amazing coffee and food options sourced locally. From classic coffee drinks to innovative breakfast ideas, there’s something for everyone at Tiago Coffee. Locals and tourists love visiting for the great coffee and having the option to relax on the outdoor patio.

Screenshot of Common Grounds Waco, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Common Grounds is a coffee shop in Waco, Texas, that is known for its relaxed atmosphere and strong cowboy coffee. The coffee shop has an indoor and outdoor seating area with plenty of tables and chairs for customers to enjoy their coffee. They also have an eclectic gift shop and an online store.

Screenshot of Foxy Loxy Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Foxy Loxy Café is a popular coffee shop in Savannah, Georgia. The café is known for its delicious coffee, baked goods, and tex-mex menu. The coffee shop combines its food and beverage offerings with art, entertainment, and special events like weekly bonfires. It’s known as one of the best cafes in Savannah.

Screenshot of La Café Potagar, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Le Café Potager is a restaurant and coffee shop in France that provides a relaxing atmosphere. The menu features fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and coffee products from the Mokxa artisanal roasting workshop. The coffee shop website design offers a user-friendly experience that makes it easy to order carryout and delivery orders right from the homepage.

Screenshot of The Blue Swimmer Restaurant & Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Blue Swimmer is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed meal overlooking the beach. The restaurant is casual, with a menu that features breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices. Breakfast can be served on the water with a fresh cup of coffee. The wine, fish, and seafood are always delicious for lunch and dinner.

Screenshot of The Local Restaurant & Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Local Restaurant & Café is a great place to eat and grab carryout in the heart of downtown Toronto. The restaurant is casual, and the menu is diverse, with something for everyone. The Café portion features freshly roasted coffee products, breakfast, and bakery items.

Screenshot of GH Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The GH Café is located in Montreal. Their café and coffee shop focuses on sustainability throughout the entire flow of their business. The web design is unique compared to other websites yet has excellent functionality creating a user experience that is both attractive and simple to navigate.

Screenshot of Marina’s Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

If you’re looking for a great place to have a quick bite before your flight, look no further than Marina’s Café at San Francisco International Airport. They have a variety of hot and cold drinks on the menu, as well as breakfast items and pastries. Marina’s Café is a popular spot to grab something within the airport at either of its two locations.

Screenshot of Hygge Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

At the Hygge Café in the UK, they are all about creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Their menu features traditional coffee and espresso drinks and freshly made sandwiches. The website shows just how popular this coffee shop is with all of its raving customer reviews.

I love the animations on this website. I don’t like that they use PDF menus instead of web-based menus — that’s an extra click & download for the customers, and it’s frustrating.

Screenshot of Blackbird Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Blackbird Café is a small coffee shop business in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts. The café is known for its fresh breakfast and lunch options and amazing coffee drinks. They also offer a variety of baked goods, including cookies, muffins, and scones. In addition to serving delicious food, the café aims to create a cozy and welcoming vibe for its customers.

Screenshot of The Campus Grind, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Campus Grind is a coffee shop located in the Bayboro District. It’s a place where people can come to study, relax, and socialize. The web design of this college coffee bar is simple. It focuses on the menu and high-quality photography, which visitors will appreciate.

Screenshot of Tofino Coffee Roasting Company, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

At Tofino Coffee Roasting Co, they take coffee roasting seriously. Located in the heart of Tofino, British Columbia, Tofino Coffee Roasting Co. is a small-batch roastery specializing in organic coffee. They believe that great coffee starts with great beans, which is why they only source the highest quality coffee beans from around the world.

It’s a company website more than a coffee shop website. It has a café page, though.

Screenshot of The Elk, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Elk is a specialty coffee shop that opened up in New York City. The coffee beans are roasted from local Parlor Coffee. Their brewing process allows for the flavor of the coffee to be more complex and nuanced for their customers. The Elk also has a general store for customers to browse while they sip their coffee.

Screenshot of Roots Café, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Roots Café and Coffee is a great place to get your coffee fix in Brooklyn. The staff is known to be super friendly, so you always feel welcome when you visit. The shop, as well as the café website, is charming and simplistic. It’s easy to see they combine art, company, and dining together nicely and are thus one of the best cafes in New York.

Screenshot of Blue Door Coffee Co, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Blue Door Coffee Co is a local coffee shop in Wisconsin that is quickly gaining popularity due to its excellent coffee. They have a commitment to quality coffee and giving back profit to charity and those in need. Their values and high-quality service have been growing the coffee shop consistently since 2017.

Screenshot of I Deal Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

I Deal Coffee of Ottawa has a beautiful, interactive web design featuring its coffee shop menu and restaurant. In addition to their specialty brews, you can also dine on fresh food that is made from scratch. Furthermore, you can dabble in their bar menu with plenty of bar and wine options.

Screenshot of Vice City Bean, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Vice City Bean is a popular coffee shop with several locations throughout Miami. Visitors can find delicious baked goods and coffee roasted from several different popular and reliable suppliers throughout the United States. The café also has catering options available too!

Screenshot of Regent Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Regent Coffee is a unique and wildly popular coffee shop in California. All of their coffee drinks have roasted flavors of whiskey, as does their cold brew. They’ve received several awards for the specialty flavors and always fresh, small batch orders.

Screenshot of Greater Goods Roasting, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

This Texas coffee company has been voted as the best coffee in Texas. Small batches from around the world, each with unique flavors can be packed and shipped right to your door. Or, buyers can stop in one of the shops and even order ahead if they are in a rush. The company also prides itself on giving back to non-profits and their community.

Screenshot of The Missing Bean, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Missing Bean is a coffee company in the UK that offers several different methods of sales. They have five different café locations, a wholesale menu and a subscription service as well. Visitors can also purchase merchandise, and place last minute same day delivery orders too!

Screenshot of The WestBean Coffee Roasters, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

There are four WestBean coffee café locations in trendy San Diego California. Each shop has it’s own special identity and style, as well as breakfast and light lunch options if you’re hungry. This coffee company also has a wholesale menu and subscription options for its coffee drinkers.

Screenshot of The Coffee Movement, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Bryan Overstreet, the owner of The Coffee Movement, noticed the communal vibe and celebratory nature of coffee culture in Australia while working at a café in Sydney. He noticed how it contrasted with the transactional nature of American cafés and decided to bring the vibe back to the States. His mission materialized into The Coffee Movement, which is not only a café but also a consulting that offers café & barista training.

Screenshot of Denver Biscuit Company, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

From the name, you might think Denver Biscuit Company is a company that sells biscuits and is out of Denver. Only the ‘company is out of Denver’ part is true. They sell everything from coffee and burgers to orange juices and cocktails at their multiple locations (in Denver and outside).

Screenshot of Campos Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Campos owns two café locations in Australia, one in New South Wales and one in Queensland. And the Cappos website has information about both locations.

The primary goal of the website, though, is to sell its coffee online, as apparent from the CTA to the Shop page on its homepage.

Screenshot of Coffeebar, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Coffeebar is inspired by the Italian coffeebar culture. It sells coffee online, plus there are numerous Coffeebar locations across California: Menlo, Reno, Truckee, Olympic Valley, and Redwood City. You can find directions to all locations, see their menus, and learn about the people there from the Coffeebar website.

Screenshot of Colectivo Coffee, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Colectivo Coffee has MANY cafes across Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. You can find information about all locations on the website. Moreover, you can shop their exclusive roasts from the website. They also have an app for curbside pick and in-cafe pick-up.

Screenshot of Parakeet Cafe, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

The Parakeet cafe website features some nice food photography and website copy. On top of that, they have nailed website navigation: You can easily find directions to any of their cafe locations, see menus, and go to the shop page from the navigation bar.

Screenshot of City Place Cafe, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

City Palace Cafe is a family-owned deli offering a large selection of sandwiches plus salads & breakfast fare.

The City Palace Cafe website is straightforward and is a great example of a simple cafe website that covers all bases. It has nice photos, simple copy, simple fonts, easy navigation, and well-placed CTAs.

Screenshot of Lula Cafe, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Jason Hammel started Lula Cafe in 1999 in Kedzie Boulevard, Chicago. It’s one of the most popular cafes in the neighborhood and boasts 2500+ reviews, averaging 4.6/5, on Google.

The cafe website does a good job of presenting the essentials and the secondary: The cafe menu is well displayed, the food photography is nice, they have embedded a Google Map to get directions, and the navigation to all of it is simple.

Screenshot of Aromi, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Aromi is an independent café in the heart of Cambridge (the business operates in three locations). The cafe serves authentic Mediterranean food and famously has a cheerful Mediterranean atmosphere. It’s famous for its Sicilian sourdough pizza slices, focaccia, arancini, & cannoli.

Screenshot of Caffe Umbria, from the cafe & coffee shop websites collection.

Master Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri is behind Caffè Umbria, a full-service wholesale coffee roaster company based in Seattle, Washington. You can buy the company’s coffee blend online or visit one of its coffee shops in Seattle, Chicago, Miami, or Portland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in a café website?

Start with what most people want to see: Menu, Contact details, Directions/Address, and an ‘order online’ button (optional). On top of that, a cafe website should have an ‘about’/’our story’ page, links to social media, etc.

What is the purpose of a coffee shop website?

A coffee shop website helps provide potential customers with the information they want to know. For example, they can know about your coffee house’s location, menu, story, etc., through the website. If you want to sell coffee online, an ecommerce website also facilitates that.

Besides, a website is an excellent branding tool: you can showcase coffee photos, types of coffee you serve, customer testimonials & other social proof, and more. Also, you can add an online loyalty program to your website to attract recurring customers.