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The Best Wix Templates For Photographers

Last Updated January 5 2024

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

To create a great photography website with Wix, use one of the following templates as the starting point.

These templates are designed considering photographers’ aesthetic and functional needs and are the base for many well-designed photographers’ websites.

In the collection, I have shared a whole range of photography templates for Wix (from Wix itself and third-party designers):

Choose one that fits your photography style and business needs best!

Charlie Knox: a Wix template.

Charlie Knox Wix Template

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Connor Kane: a Wix template.

Connor Kane Wix Template

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Elizabeth Bach: a Wix template.

Elizabeth Bach Wix Template

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Adam Kane: a Wix template.

Adam Kane Wix Template

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J. Alissa: a Wix template.

J. Alissa Wix Template

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Benjamin Diaz: a Wix template.

Benjamin Diaz Wix Template

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Zoe Marks: a Wix template.

Zoe Marks Wix Template

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Jack Banks: a Wix template.

Jack Banks Wix Template

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Lynn Dupont: a Wix template.

Lynn Dupont Wix Template

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Joe J.R: a Wix template.

Joe J.R Wix Template

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Wild Life: a Wix template.

Wild Life Wix Template

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Marc Berg: a Wix template.

Marc Berg Wix Template

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Charlotte McCoy: a Wix template.

Charlotte McCoy Wix Template

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Karina and Agnes: a Wix template.

Karina and Agnes Wix Template By Pixels Studio Design

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Freya Archer: a Wix template.

Freya Archer Wix Template By Blog Pixie

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Cindy Photography: a Wix template.

Cindy Photography Wix Template By Studio Zash

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Wilderness: a Wix template.

Wilderness Wix Template By Blog Pixie

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La Boheme: a Wix template.

La Boheme Wix Template By Blog Pixie

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Lover’s Lane: a Wix template.

Lover’s Lane Wix Template By Pines And Pearls Design

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Carley Mathews: a Wix template.

Carley Mathews Wix Template By Social & Styled

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Sutton Whitely: a Wix template.

Sutton Whitely Wix Template By Social & Styled

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Isabella Haat: a Wix template.

Isabella Haat Wix Template By Wix Website Themes

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Christ Anna: a Wix template.

Christ Anna Wix Template By AdvertFox

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Marie Louise: a Wix template.

Marie Louise Wix Template By BeyondMuse

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Beaute: a Wix template.

Beaute Wix Template By Studiozash

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Olivia Miller: a Wix template.

Olivia Miller Wix Template By YourDreamSite

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Claudia: a Wix template.

Claudia Wix Template By Studiozash

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Olivia Rose: a Wix template.

Olivia Rose Wix Template By Pepperko

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