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17 Examples Of Inspiring Creative Director Portfolio Websites

Last Updated April 6 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

The best creative director portfolio websites let creativity shine. Design subtlety is key — allowing impressive projects, campaigns, and visuals to take center stage.

While creative directors are known for their innovative thinking, it’s important not to let the website design overshadow the work.

A well-crafted portfolio website balances simplicity and originality, ensuring the user experience remains smooth and engaging. Think of it as a virtual exhibit—a clean, elegant space where your creative achievements can truly shine.

Analyze the creative director portfolio websites below to spark inspiration for your own online showcase.

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Screenshot of Amy Osburn, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Amy Osburn is a seasoned creative director based in Los Angeles. With expertise across various industries, she is currently at Old Navy. Amy excels in crafting unified concepts, managing diverse teams, and mentoring young creatives while driving business results.

Screenshot of David Reid, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

David Reid is a Hong Kong-based designer with a strong background in UI/UX, branding, and product design. Currently the Head of UI/UX at I.T., he has also served as creative director and Art Director at Grana. Holding a degree in Graphic Arts & Design from the U.K, David dedicates his free time to archiving record artworks.

Screenshot of Kele Dobrinski, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Kele Dobrinski is a Northern California-based Freelance Art and Design Director with a diverse background in ad agencies and startups. Passionate about storytelling, Kele excels at finding creative ways to communicate brand narratives across various mediums.

Screenshot of Tom Seymour, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Tom Seymour stands out as a versatile creative director, blending digital expertise with a flair for storytelling in projects for renowned brands like Google Creative Lab, Nike Oregon, and Wieden + Kennedy London.

Screenshot of Rachael Desztich, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Rachael, a creative director from Los Angeles now living in Belgium, excels in fashion and lifestyle branding with a holistic approach. With 15+ years of experience, she focuses on visual branding and strategic efforts to achieve client goals while embracing personal growth and self-development.

Screenshot of Rachel Guest Creative, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Rachel Guest is a seasoned creative professional with a decade-long experience in advertising. Starting at McCann Sydney, she worked with MasterCard and Coca-Cola. Later, she joined The Many in Los Angeles, collaborating with clients like VH1, Google, and Los Angeles Tourism.

Screenshot of Marcus Styles, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Marcus Styles is a creative director excelling in graphic design, web design, and photography. Marcus’s passion for fashion empowers busy adults to elevate their wardrobes and boost their confidence. Recognizing the need to make a lasting impression in today’s fast-paced world, he reimagines wardrobes with a bouji touch that reflects clients’ exciting lives.

Screenshot of Marga Peces, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Marga is a versatile creative director and designer who loves working on projects that promote education, culture, social change, and social awareness.

With experience in various industries such as advertising, non-profit organizations, cultural institutions, schools, and record labels, she excels at leading teams and collaborating with diverse minds to bring ideas to life. Marga has managed both in-house and agency teams and worked on numerous brands, budgets, and media projects, showcasing her adaptability and versatility.

Screenshot of Simon Koay, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Simon is a creative director, illustrator, and designer based in Sydney. With experience in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi, Colenso BBDO, and BMF, he has earned Gold and Bronze Cannes Lions for his work on Tourism Australia’s Aussie News Today campaign. Simon is also a talented freelance illustrator, having worked with clients such as Nike and Smart, and has published a children’s book.

Screenshot of Kate O

Kate has designed websites, ads, and photoshoot sets. As a creative director, she has helped build brands, campaigns, and fully executed shoots from start to finish. Her client list includes big names like Google, Fitbit, Visa, Apple, and Levi’s,

Screenshot of Leon Brown, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Leon Brown is a London-based creative director, currently leading design teams at SaaS purchasing platform Dashboard Icon Vertice, and previously at enterprise cybersecurity platform Tessian.

Screenshot of Heidi Porter, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Heidi Porter is a hands-on creative director with a passion for the work. She excels in strategy, design, and leadership, and is skilled in brand consulting, logo design, print design, art direction, and more. With a focus on evolving the consumer experience and driving change, Heidi is committed to producing quality work and inspiring others to do the same.

Screenshot of Ephraim Joseph, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Ephraim Joseph is a creative director at DEPT®, based in Paris, France. With 16+ years of experience, Ephraim has worked with many bold brands, including eBay, Shutterfly, and Guerilla Wanderers. As a designer at heart, he is passionate about building and nurturing a creative-led culture for his team to thrive.

Screenshot of Emilie Druss, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Emilie is a freelance creative director, art director, and designer based in the USA. Her portfolio design is similar to Alex’s — in that she also uses a two-column grid to showcase her work.

Screenshot of Copy Clare, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Clare Barry is a creative director at Lions, the company behind the prestigious Cannes Lions awards.

Her website is also featured in our copywriting portfolios collection. Here’s something I wrote about the site, analyzing it:

The writer’s homepage has just six words (excluding the header & footer) through which she describes her professional self straightforwardly and accurately: “I write down ideas for money.”

She describes the reason for the tagline in one of her monologues: “I’m a copywriter, so this is true — generating ideas is my actual job. People pay me because I basically make something out of nothing. If you haven’t got a name, I’ll give you one. If you haven’t got a brand, I’ll build you one. If you haven’t got an advert — I’ll think of one.”

Besides the snappy yet creative homepage, all other pages are equally well-written. For example, the Hire Me page reads, “Well. It appears you’re in need of some wordsmithery. EMAIL CLARE@COPYCLARE.COM”.

Overall, the website is simple, and the minimal words (in an excellent font) are at the center of it.

Screenshot of Vibe Copy, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

James Schlesinger is the creative director, account director, project manager, marketing director, brand strategist, head of new business, finance director, office manager, copywriter, and probably more at Vibe Copy. He is a former actor, so this totally makes sense:

Screenshot of Drew Collins, from the creative director portfolio websites collection.

Drew started off as a web content editor and moved up the ladder as a copywriter, senior copywriter, and associate creative director. Now, he is the owner and creative director of bond creative + branding, a creative services, and marketing studio. You can see all the work he has done throughout the years on his portfolio website.