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31 Beautiful Examples of Wix Websites

Last Updated September 9 2020

Written By Steve Benjamins

Wix is an unstructured editor— which basically means that there is a lot of flexibility to customize themes. You could even so go so far as to design a custom theme from scratch in Wix.

This is a collection of real-life Wix websites. We tried to find websites that showcase Wix well— beautiful themes, strong typography and bold photography. Some websites just used a common Wix theme while others are custom designed.

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1. Sama School Made With: Wix

Samaschool is a nonprofit organization in California. They focus on low income areas and provide education and training that will help them succeed professionally.

2. Match Media Group Made With: Wix

Marketing company that any online dating company can use to advertise their products and services. They work with a variety of big name companies such as Tinder and

3. Apollo Peak Made With: Wix

Beverage treats for pets.

4. Loom AI Made With: Wix

Loom Al is a group of artists and engineers that create super fun and personalized faces for use on your phone. They've actually won Oscars for their work, and are recognized for creating new and innovative tech ideas.

5. Mangomolo Made With: Wix

Mangomolo is a video production company with many years of experience in their industry. They offer several packages that will fit you and your business needs from basics to more complex.

6. The Grilled Cheese Factory Made With: Wix

Specialty grilled cheese restaurant and cafe. Located in Paris and is known for everything you'd expect such as fresh breads, fresh ingredients and unique concoctions.

7. Game: Hello Neighbour Made With: Wix

Hello Neighbor is a horror based game that was originated on Youtube. It is now available on Amazon, PS4 and XBox. Suitable for teens and older.

8. Total Sports Women's Race Made With: Wix

Women's race information that benefits breast cancer research. You can access results from the races, and decide which one you'd like to enter based on location.

9. Shoyou Sushi Made With: Wix

Sushi restaurant located in the Baltimore area. They offer a large menu and are known for some of the best, and freshest sushi in their area.

10. ProgressPlay Made With: Wix

Solutions for casino gaming operators that work on a PC as well as mobile devices. They also offer services for CRM such as Player Retention Services.

11. MonetaGo Made With: Wix

Technology solutions for businesses that simplify and organize your workflow. You can find products on Supply Chain Finance and Corporate Issuance. MonetaGo has a strong reputation in the industry being featured by Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal and more.

12. Faded Spring Made With: Wix

Faded Spring is a lifestyle blogger who is also a journalist and has a love for the arts. You can search and find articles on several different topics from wine storage to date nights ideas.

13. Baby Ariel Made With: Wix

Musician's website by the name of Baby Ariel. You can use this quick link to access her full site which includes a blog, videos, and information about upcoming projects like her new book.

14. Catrike Made With: Wix

Catrike is the maker and seller of 9 different models of trikes. You can search their site and find sellers near you. They also sell gear and accessories online.

15. Rashi Foundation Made With: Wix

Foundation for Israel's underprivileged children. This foundation has several different programs that stem from early childhood to preparing young adults for the workforce. They've been helping the youth since 1984 and have continuously expanded ever since.

16. Adam Grant Made With: Wix

Adam Grant is an author that specializes in psychology. You can purchase his three books, listen to podcasts and watch informational videos. He even has a link with an option to assess and learn a bit about yourself.


Learn about the Gardens of Moscow State University. A historical and beautiful location that you can visit and learn about upcoming events. You can even get married here for a magical and romantic venue.

18. Venkataramanan Associates Made With: Wix

Architectural design with an urban vibe based in Bangalore and Pune. Look to them for industrial, corporate, and residential design.

19. Lin-Manuel Miranda Made With: Wix

Lin-Manuel is an actor specializing in Broadway, and is also a composer and lyricist. He's been awarded for his ongoing work, and you can read about all of his projects on his site.

20. REVO Made With: Wix

Revo is a payment option service online or in store, with buy now and pay later options. They partner with several stores to create a flexible shopping experience for many different kinds of goods.

21. ebulletins Made With: Wix

Content subscription company that delivers appropriate content based on the industry you're in. Many professionals can use this service to ensure they won't be left behind with the constantly changing trends.

22. 3LB Seed Capital Made With: Wix

3LB Seed Capital helps you take your brilliant idea and develop it so that it's successful. An investment company that will guide you through developmental stages and create realistic expectations.

23. Trends Made With: Wix

Fashion organization based in Taiwan. They offer urban styles from a variety of different brands for both men and women. They merge fashion with art providing a fresh experience for their shoppers.

24. The Great Inflatable Race Made With: Wix

Inflatable race and obstacle events that you can register and be a part of. You can create your own personal events as well. The company partners with charitable companies to create a unique and inspiring experience that you can feel good about.

25. Byronic Photogarphy Made With: Wix

Byronic Photography is a black and white photography company based in Korea. They offer images for pets, families, couples as well as commercial services.

26. Aquilis Web Solutons Made With: Wix

Web based recharge solutions. They have four different apps that provide recharge services to their business clients. Each a bit different based on needs and location.

27. AchieveMore Made With: Wix

AchieveMore is a computer software and coaching solution for businesses. Instead of wasting time, you can hire them to sort it out and do the dirty work for you.

28. Instar Farming Made With: Wix

Instar produces sustainable proteins from the UK. Their formula provides far more nutritional value than basic food consumption such as more protein than beef and more calcium than milk. It's a simple way to make up for lost nutrients needed for optimal physical strength.

29. Beverly Hills Polo Club Made With: Wix

Luxury based handbags in Turkey. Beverly Hills Polo Club has a beautiful and sophisticated selection of handbags that include cross bodies and backpacks.

30. Third Coast Airsoft Made With: Wix

National Level Ops intense training experience focused on communication. Using a Milsim experience, players challenge themselves to an extreme mental and physical level.

31. Omlet Arcade Made With: Wix

A social network for gamers only. You can connect with other players that enjoy the same games as you, and communicate with them through chats.