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23 Good Free Website Examples

Last Updated March 2 2023

Juhil Mendpara

Written By Juhil Mendpara

You can’t build great, scalable websites for free. But you can definitely make good, presentable websites at zero cost.

This is a collection of such good free websites.

What are free websites?

When people say “free websites,” they mean either of two things:

  1. A website that gives its content or features for free. For example, Instagram is free; Site Builder Report — the site you’re reading this information on — is free; etc.
  2. And the definition relevant to this article: Free websites are websites made without investing any money. For example, websites like the ones below.

I went through hundreds of websites made using top free website builders. Here are a few of them that accomplish the website goal without looking cheap/free:

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Screenshot of The Funny Farm Restaurant, from the free websites collection.

The Funny Farm Restaurant is located in San Jose, California. They serve, as they claim, crazy good food!!

This website is a perfect example of what a free website looks like.

It’s like many other good restaurant websites, but it’s free and basic: It accomplishes the typical restaurant website goal of allowing online ordering and showcasing the menu, directions, open hours, etc. It doesn’t quite communicate the brand and dining experience, though.

Screenshot of Vanessa Angel, from the free websites collection.

Vaness is a UX/UI designer from Munich. She specializes in human-centered strategy, web design, mobile app design, and front-end development. Her tools of choice include Webflow, FIgma, Miro, and Marvel.

This website is an overall solid UX portfolio site.

Screenshot of Destinetodance, from the free websites collection.

This is Keanna’s personal/portfolio website. It’s a clean one-page website about her and her works — she is a dancer who has performed at Disney World, Atlanta G., and Turkish Olympiad.

Screenshot of Crumb Girl Sweets, from the free websites collection.

Crumb Girl Sweets is a local bakery serving Santa Fe/ABQ area. They offer wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and other baked goods.

This free website is decent (with nice colors and fonts), but I would’ve loved to see what visitors want at first glance: The actual cakes! The website hides the cake image in the subpages, which you should never do: Always show the star of the website front and center.

Screenshot of Taishi

This is a minimalist graphic designer/UX designer portfolio made using designers’ favorite tool and one of our favorite free website builders - Webflow.

The website undoubtedly is an excellent free website, but it’s important to note that Webflow is primarily for designers and hard to learn for non-tech people.

Screenshot of Makayla Peterson, from the free websites collection.

Makayla Peterson is a dancer and a choreographer. Her training includes ballet, various modern techniques, tap, jazz, hip hop, African, and soca dance.

Through her website, she showcases her skills and portfolio and gives visitors information about upcoming events and a way to contact her for any dancing/choreography inquiries.

Screenshot of Elliot Sterling, from the free websites collection.

Elliot Sterling is a graphic designer based in Willoughsville County. This is a stunning single-page portfolio/personal website made with the new Canva Websites builder.

Screenshot of Byrå Design, from the free websites collection.

This is a Webflow template demo website, but it seems hosted on the Webflow free plan. It’s not a “real-life example of a free website”, but it showcases the quality of website design you can have for free with Webflow (if you know web design and coding).

Screenshot of Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle, from the free websites collection.

Another example of a stunning website that likely didn’t require any money to build and host but needed a lot of expertise and time.

This website is from Carlos Toledo, a Product Designer from Florianopolis, Brazil. He is focused on designing and developing amazing web experiences, and this website developed using Mapbox Studio, Mapbox GL JS library, and Webflow is proof of that.

Screenshot of Will & Meggie

This is the wedding website of Meggie Salomonsz and William Morley. It’s a good wedding website — with the right balance of aesthetics and function — hosted for free. Though, building this website could’ve cost money if they hired a designer or bought a theme for this.

Screenshot of Zach & Mel, from the free websites collection.

Another wedding website with great pictures, a good color scheme, and essential pages. (They probably didn’t need people to RSVP so it doesn’t have any CTA)

Screenshot of Filip Rzepka , from the free websites collection.

A website by a filmmaker based out of the Czech Republic.

Screenshot of Avox Architects, from the free websites collection.

Avox Architects is a young architectural firm that is aiming to get their projects out there and use their new website to showcase their services and portfolio, in order to reach potential customers.

Screenshot of Emma Stoner Photography, from the free websites collection.

Emma is a portrait photographer based in Kansas City.

This simple, free photography website does the central job of telling visitors who Emma is and showing them her work.

Screenshot of Anurag Bajpai , from the free websites collection.

Anurag is a graphic designer and photographer. He has a simple personal-cum-professional website his potential employers can visit to see his work.

Screenshot of Dylan McBurney Photography, from the free websites collection.

This is a very straightforward single-page photography website made with the Carrd free plan. It has a simple bio, photography portfolio, and links to important social media and email — i.e., it covers most of the fundamental things a photography website should have.

Screenshot of Gbemi Ipaye, from the free websites collection.

I like this website for two reasons:

  1. It’s well-designed (for the platform it uses).
  2. It shows how you make a good online presence if you don’t have money to invest in a website: Gbemi hosts his UX case studies on Behance (a popular platform among designers) and links to the Behance page so potential clients can see his work there. (Mailchimp Sites is a very limited platform for showing UX case studies well.)

Screenshot of Restaurant | Picasso

Another restaurant website. Well designed using the free Wix website builder.

Screenshot of Lewis, from the free websites collection.

Mrs. Lewis is a high school business educator. She shares activities, lessons, and resources for her students on this website.

(I think this website is a perfect example of a free website where an ad covering a part of the page doesn’t matter. No one would care about the Wix ad at the top of this website)

Screenshot of LilacsWrath, from the free websites collection.

A simple art portfolio site by a 19-year-old artist.

Screenshot of KIMBERLY MALLEK, from the free websites collection.

Kimberly Mallek offers Fortune 500 companies a creative ​vision to translate outstanding creative ideas into real-time solutions that add value to a company’s bottom line.

Screenshot of Sunnydayz, from the free websites collection.

A good personal website showcasing the art and poems of the website owner.

Screenshot of Art and soul photography , from the free websites collection.

Art and soul photography is by Angel Porch. She excels at clicking pictures of newborns and families. As one of her many positive Google reviews mentions, “She has a special way with babies and children, which comes through in her [photography] work!”

When Does a Free Website Make Sense?

Website builders aren’t scrambling to give away something for free…there’s always an end goal. And to achieve that end goal, website builders put ads on the free websites, limit features for building a great website, don’t allow custom domain names, etc.

A free website makes sense if such limitations don’t affect your website goal.

To make it simple for you: Think about a free website if you have a (direct or indirect) personal connection with your visitor. But if you plan to make any professional connection or need more-than-basic features, investing in a professional-looking website is better.

A few examples:

When a free website is fine:

When it isn’t:

The Best Free Website Builders: Summary

We have a comprehensive comparison of the best free website builders.

Here’s the list of the top ones — these are the ones the above free websites use:

  1. Square Online - Has a minimal ad and a clean free subdomain.
  2. Webflow - The most powerful website builder free plan. Has a steep learning curve.
  3. Carrd - Great for a one-page website. Gives almost all features for free.
  4. Google Sites - Basic, but the only free website builder that allows you to use a custom domain.
  5. Jimdo - Simple and straightforward, with a minimal ad.
  6. Wix - The most customizable, easy-to-use website builder. It has considerable limitations, though.