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Weebly Pricing

Six important things to understand about Weebly's pricing.

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Weebly Pricing

By Steve Benjamins | Updated Apr 17 2022

Weebly offers five plans that run from free to upwards of $72 / month. Each plan includes ecommerce and phone support— which is pretty awesome.

In this article I’m going to explain which plan is right for you, discuss some ways to save money and explain Weebly’s pricing for domains and email.

Key Takeaways

  • Read The Fineprint

    Weebly often advertises the per month cost of annual plans— remember this is not the actual cost if you are on a monthly plan.

  • Excellent Free Plan

    Weebly has one of the best free plans of any website builder. It's especially generous with ecommerce features.

  • The 'Personal' Plan Includes An Advertisement

    The Personal plan still has a Weebly-branded advertisement at the bottom of your website. For this reason you may want to avoid it.

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Read The Fineprint

There is one important thing to know— Weebly advertises the per month cost of annual plans (see below). It’s important to remember the actual per month-to-month cost is higher.

Unfortunately almost every website builder advertises pricing in this way:

The $6 / month of the Personal plan is not the month-to-month cost. It's actually the annual cost divided by 12.

The $6 / month of the Personal plan is not the month-to-month cost. It's actually the annual cost divided by 12.

Note: Weebly was acquired by Square in 2018— and I will make mention of Square throughout this article. It’s important to remember Square is a separate company from Squarespace, a Weebly competitor.

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Free Plan

Weebly has one of the best free plans of any website builder. It’s especially generous with ecommerce features: no transaction fees, unlimited products, gift cards, in store pickup, Instagram and Pinterest integrations are all supported in the free plan. There’s even phone support with the free plan— no other website builder offers that for free users!

The main limitation is that the free plan does not allow custom domain names and includes this Weebly advertisement at the bottom of your website:

Free Weebly websites do include this advertisement at the bottom of your website.

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Annual Plans

Website builders want you to sign up for an annual plan— it signals a commitment that you’ll be a customer for a long time. It’s why they strongly incentivize annual plans with cheaper pricing and a free domain name (at least for the first year).

So choosing an annual plan can save money— for example, the annual Personal plan is 77% cheaper while the annual Profesional plan is 47% cheaper:

Personal Monthly $19.95 $9 / Month $127.95  
Personal Annual $72 / Year First Year Free $72 77%
Professional Monthly $19.95 $16 / Month $211.95  
Professional Annual $144 / Year First Year Free $144 47%

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Email & Domains

Like most website builders, Weebly is partnered with Google’s G Suite to power custom email addresses.

If you’d like to have custom email addresses on your domain ( I’d highly recommend G Suite. It’s the industry standard. Basically it provides the Gmail interface for your custom email address.

Weebly’s pricing on email is the standard G Suite price:

Annual Billing $50 / €40 / £40 / A$66
Monthly Billing $5 / €4 / £4 / A$7

Domain names on Weebly are more expensive than you would find at a domain name provider such as Namecheap. Weebly charges $19.95 / year for a domain name, while Namecheap costs around $15 / year.

On top of that, Weebly charges $10 / year for domain privacy and Namecheap includes domain privacy for free. What is domain privacy? Domain names are required to have someone’s contact information publicly available— domain privacy allows you to anonymize that information.

The upside of buying your domain name through Weebly is that everything just works automatically— no configuration necessary. But if you’d like to save money, this tutorial outlines the steps for connecting a Namecheap domain name to Weebly.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

All Weebly website plans include unlimited bandwidth but only Professional and Performance include unlimited storage.