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28 Examples of Agency Websites

Last Updated January 5 2024

Written By Steve Benjamins

Agencies come in all shapes, sizes and industries. There are design agenciescreative agencies, travel agencies, web design agencies and a whole lot more.

The best agency websites have a clear brand. Is the website interactiveMinimalist? Is the typography bold? Or is it light and airy? The answers to these types of questions will add up to a sense of brand. 

And of course, a good agency website should also showcase past work— it should be clear and obvious how to discover case studies.

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Screenshot of RyuCreative, from the agency websites collection.

RyuCreative is a boutique style marketing agency in Los Angeles. The female ran company has successfully assisted several different companies in PR, Social Branding and Creative Design.

Screenshot of Gretel, from the agency websites collection.

The Gretel Agency supports brands in all areas of art direction, design and content. Smoothing out the kinks for new brands or recreating those that need it, they have helped a variety of different brands become more successful.

Screenshot of Candy Black, from the agency websites collection.

Candy Black is a boutique style company assisting brands with all things visual design and communication. They have worked with clients from around the world and have a hefty history of clients and successful projects.

Screenshot of Babylonia, from the agency websites collection.

Babylonia is a photography and video agency that got its start in 2012. You can view their long list of talent, and find professionals that specialize in specific industries such as food and beverage photography.

Screenshot of Jazz Around Midnight, from the agency websites collection.

Jazz Around Midnight is a Paris booking agency for live music. They book talent for many different events that are in need of entertainment such as classical music, DJ’s, pianists and bands. Their clients range from private weddings to hotels and corporate events.

Screenshot of Explorateur Travel, from the agency websites collection.

Explorateur Travel is a travel agency discovered by Jennifer Jacob. Her team of agents focus on creating luxurious travel experiences full of culture and fun.

Screenshot of NL PR Agency, from the agency websites collection.

NL PR Agency hosts creatives in the fashion and design industry. It is home to a variety of professionals that make the creative fashion world go round’ and connect them with who they need to succeed.

Screenshot of Insider NYC, from the agency websites collection.

Insider NYC features a team that can organize just about anything you need ranging from event planning to travel. They even help with smaller scale tasks related to family life, such as finding childcare options.

Screenshot of Fluent Design, from the agency websites collection.

The Fluent Design agency specializes in interior design and architecture. Their specialty is improving spaces for tenants which include dental offices, restaurants and theaters.

Screenshot of Hallam Internet, from the agency websites collection.

This digital marketing agency offers a full scale approach to their service list. More than just getting the word out, they dive deeper into brand support all around and have earned awards from big names like Google.

Screenshot of Lamb Creative Group, from the agency websites collection.

Lamb Creative Group is a PR agency that has won many awards for their skills in event planning, marketing and design. Their continued success falls on their ability to build and maintain relationships with their clients as well as their customers.

Screenshot of Snowlocals, from the agency websites collection.

Snowlocals has been seen in Ski Magazine and JetSetter for planning epic ski excursions specifically in Japan. The travel agency has a trusted reputation in planning amazing trips for ski fanatics.

Screenshot of Maycreate, from the agency websites collection.

Maycreate is a marketing, design and advertising agency offering a huge list of services for brands looking to connect with customers. Professional photography, full marketing campaigns and merchandise design are just a few examples of their services.

Screenshot of Helios IT Services, from the agency websites collection.

Stetson Blake created Helio IT Services, an agency made up of himself and other freelance professionals. Their services combine marketing and advertising with product design and development for an approach with engineering roots.

Screenshot of Codepillar, from the agency websites collection.

Codepillar is an agency focused in servicing the mobile industry and the brands within it. They host a large team of experienced engineers, entrepreneurs and creatives developing tools and ideas that help brands flourish.

Screenshot of Talk Fast Social, from the agency websites collection.

Talk Fast Social is a marketing agency focused in the social media world. The agency is made up of creatives that offer management, design, branding and growth. They have great reviews for their services as well as their fun and laid back style.

Screenshot of Pack Up + Go, from the agency websites collection.

Pack Up + Go isn’t your basic travel agency. Customers take a survey and based on their answers, an entire trip is planned that is a total surprise. Perfect for those that love the unexpected.

Screenshot of BBH, from the agency websites collection.

BBH stands for Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the last names of the three men that started this creative agency in London. With several offices now on a global level, their creative projects land in communications, transformations and entertainment.

Screenshot of Kubix Media, from the agency websites collection.

Kubix Media is a digital service agency that works with a ton of different clients on a global level. Website needs, marketing and streamlined sales support are provided by a passionate team of creators.

Screenshot of BolsterHire, from the agency websites collection.

BolsterHire is an agency that connects companies to talent on a global level. Its creators come from a similar background in freelance work that connected them virtually. BolsterHire helps streamline the process overall.

Screenshot of 22., from the agency websites collection.

  1. is an Australian based talent agency that has clients such as musicians, authors, broadcasters and more. Sean Anderson is the agency creator that strives for big deals and proactive management for their talent.

Screenshot of White Cap SEO, from the agency websites collection.

Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of any successful brand. White Cap SEO provides major growth for their clients with statistical proof. They are also highly experienced in ecommerce and boosting the sales of those that hire them.

Screenshot of The Eastside Co., from the agency websites collection.

The Eastside Co. is a real estate agency selling luxury homes in Los Angeles. Their sales team is seasoned in gaining the trust of clients and providing an exciting and professional experience from start to finish.

Screenshot of Proventus Employment, from the agency websites collection.

This clean-cut, easy to read website represents an employment agency called Proventus Employment. Their company maintains professionalism in placing employees and then following through with checkups on those placed successfully.

Screenshot of 69 Entertainment Brand, from the agency websites collection.

The 69 Entertainment brand can provide next level attention for new songs, albums and events. Not limited to one specific genre, their marketing tactics and management process have helped more than a few in the music industry.

Screenshot of HueCap Agency, from the agency websites collection.

HueCap Agency is a New York based recruiting company that puts the right professional with the right position. All of this being done in a progressive way with diversity, virtual work flexibility and more.

Screenshot of Aurabeverages, from the agency websites collection.

Aurabeverages is a hospitality agency that sets the bar high for food and drink services. Industry professionals offer high-end training that creates a special ambiance for guests. They also create menus and provide marketing and advertising services too!

Screenshot of Contingent Management, from the agency websites collection.

Contingent Management provides services for suppliers as well as clients. Staffing and workforce management on one end and classes and payroll on the other with solid proof in their client list and their success.